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Extraterrestrial Food Chain

Hi guys,

after i wanted to draw a future-bat-predator (but failed), I designed this extraterrestrial food chain. Made a lot of fun, damn, really! Unfortunately there was not enough space for adding arrows to show the predator-prey-relation, so I will just describe it:

a. in nearly every ecosystem photosynthetic organisms are the "producers", - here we have some simple "algae", which feed the first level of the food chain

Level 1: these creatures feeds on the algae, while bigger critters feed on them
b. Kescherwurm (scoop worm), a primitive invertebrate
c. Glitzernde Scheinqualle (sparkling pseudo-jellyfish), a small shore animal, produces a beautiful luminescent light at night

Level 2: contains the first smaller predators, their hungry, but nearly harmless for human beings ;-) (they all feed on b. and c., sometimes on a.)
d. Schlammsucher (mud browser), filters mud 'til it finds little worms or algae
e. Geisselschlange (scourge snake), not really a snake, but a highly aggressive invertebrate with poisonous scourges, you although could say "scourge of the ecosystem"
f. Kuestensegel (coast sail), a fast being, patrolling along the coasts of its world, uses its sail for regulating its temperature (see Pelicosaurs)

Level 3: contains predators about as big as a fox. They hunt b., c., d., e. and f. and are really succesful.
g. Violettes Sprungfederbein (violet elastric string leg), moves by hobbling with its forelegs, or by catapulting itselve with its namegiving hind legs (specially while hunting)
h. Wiesenschreck (grassland shock), the most annoying creature in this compilation, hyperactive, aggressive and it never gets filled or satisfied
i. Weisser Moloch (white juggernaut), a relative of e., nearly feeds on everything, even on creatures of the next higher level by spitting a paralyzing gas on them

Level 4: contains predators as big as a wolf, lion or bear. There quantity is smaller, but they're really succesful hunters, which terrorize the lower levels.
j. Schweinewolf (pig wolf), sounds like a pig, hunts like a wolf! - they live and hunt in packs, and despite their ugly look they're really caring parents
k. Unterarmschwinge (forearm pinion), a big flying predator, there's something special about the wings: in their evolution the hands totally degenerated, ulna and radius bones spreaded and got covered by flexible, but tough skin (I would be happy to hear your opinion, if this evolution could be possible)

Level 5: contains the king and the queen, the top predators of the entire ecosystem! They have no enemies and the two species don't compete, cause they hunt at different times of the day! (like birds and bats)
l. Feuerroter Hornnacken (blazing red horn neck), the king of the day, as big as Allosaurus (12 meters), really fast and effective hunter
m. Himmelblaue Keulenzunge (azure cudgel tongue), the queen of the night, as big as Megalosaurus (9 meters), hunts with sonar and slays the prey with its tongue

Phew! Thats enough for this week! Hope you like my food chain, even if it obviously not contains bigger herbivores. Of course I want to know, which creature you like the most! My favourites are h. Wiesenschreck and j. Schweinewolf. So, please comment and keep on watching! :-)
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this is a really unique idea!
Darknessisrising-Oi's avatar
I like the little Schlammsucher :3
kingcarnagh's avatar
best thing ever! you are a GOD of art and i praise you! haha! i love all things alien, and THIS satisfies my hunger! well done!
MickMcDee's avatar
thx^^ everytime nice to be compared with god :icongodplz:
Tarturus's avatar
Interesting food chain.
My favourite creature would probably be the azure cudgel tongue.
Sivatherium07's avatar
Are any of these herbivores? Or is it one of those food chains like in Anarctica where the seals eat fish eat krill and the krill eat planlton?
MickMcDee's avatar
like in antarctica! everything eats everything! :turbopoke:
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hey um can you make me some awsome looking cryptid coloring pages from like bigfoot to chupacabra and other awsome stuff as soon as possible and make them to where you can color them in and stuff at the most can i have10 different?
MickMcDee's avatar
i would do that, but i have no time . . . work completely confines my creativity
cryptidhunter's avatar
oh sorry didn't know
cryptidhunter's avatar
hey how do you you get the pencil to work in deviantArt it wont work
MickMcDee's avatar
there is a pencil to work in deviantart? you dont need this, take a real pencil!!! :painter:
cryptidhunter's avatar
hey how do you change your for your name picture
MickMcDee's avatar
i do not know what you mean . . . sorry
kmathel94's avatar
Sounds epic!!!!
OblivionJunkey94's avatar
Love the aliens you come up with keep up the good work
MisterSali's avatar
Very creative :) you have some really interesting concepts. Keep it up.
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