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Cave Scavanger

Sorry for not posting any new creatures in the last months. I've been busy and when I had some spare time I spent it on my main art project, which seems to be a never ending story. . . anyway, here's something new, definately not my best work, but better than nothing . . .

Hope you stay patient for better stuff ;-)
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Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
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I've been busy, too and had to replace my computer. This looks a little front-heavy, Mick, how does it keep from tipping over forward? It can't use its forelimbs for support with those delicate sensory or feeding tendrils sprouting from them. If those three (six, if they are mirrored on the other side) sack-like areas behind the massive skull contained a lighter-than-air gas such as helium or hydrogen, that might help. If the creature was also very tiny so that its actual mass was also minimal, like that of a large ant, that would help, too. 
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Lets say this creature doesnt make really sence, it was just random 😅
awesome, i like to think that blue phallic-like part of its barlowe-esque cephalon to be a sensory organ for the creature to perceive in the cave.
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Wow you guessed right 😎
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this is not something I'd want to run into in a dark and secluded cave! XD awesome design though!
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Oh thank you 😀
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you're welcome ^^
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Damn, that is one weird looking critter.
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Yes and thanks 😅
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I need a new word for a greater level of "peculiar"
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Maybe 'bizarre'? But it sounds better in german: 'absonderlich' 😅
Steechy's avatar
yeah that would work
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This looks amazing! :love:
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Thank you 😘
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