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Alien fish

Hello again,

planned to make a compilation of convergent evolution in alien oceans but the result did not satisfy me. But I really liked some of the sketched creatures so I decided to put them into another compilation. These "fishes" are not related to each other and were sketched randomly. Adding line to line til the creature is done without concept . . . sounds weird, but makes fun. Its a nice way to get really freaky organisms like the one at the top right.

Hope you like
See ya
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Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
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It’s so weird, and I love them. I think it’s a good thing to think of it this way, if deep sea fish are strange just because they evolved in the deep sea, how weird is going to be a different planet’s fish? It’s gonna be pretty weird. Great job!
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i love the extremely weird fish-like aliens, i can imagine these being the true forms of the humanoid fish-aliens from the anime Tsuritama.
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How is the coloring done? Digitally? Or is it a colored pencil? Or maybe the pens ink smeared a bit? What tools do you use?
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Picasa 3, simply coloured digitally, then added comic-style
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Really? That's a very simple solution. It looks really good. You seem to be good at keeping things basic, which is great because you can then concentrate all your and effort on creating instead of the fringe stuff and postprocessing etc.
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Yes it is. I dont like spending much time on post production ;-)
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These are so bizarre, I love them! It's really fun to imagine them swimming around.
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Oh thanks^^ would like to see that too...
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That's how I make creatures, but less than half of them are any good.
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just a thing of time, the more you do the better you become
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I can imagine seeing this in a alien aquarium.
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 would be even cooler to see this in an earth aquarium. Imagine them swimming right next to your TV... :iconfishplz:
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or maybe an intergalactic sushi restaurant.
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I'm not really sure if they are tasty . . . especially the one at the top right . . . i do not want something like that in my stomach XD :iconvomitplz:
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maybe they would be tasty if they where deep fried.
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I want the last one.
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really? its the one i thought I mucked a bit, i prefer the one at the left bottom. But, if you like it: :iconyeahplz: thanks a lot^^
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