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Alien analogy - Leaves


Hello again,

sorry for not posting anything new in the last month - I was very busy (and did not have good ideas for new creatures). But I thought about a cool concept for a while. I always wanted to show alien lifeforms compared to each other, different worlds, but same evolution. Think I will do some more pics for this project - there are so many possibilities!

Let's start with 'Leaves'. The pic shows five different creatures from five different worlds. Every one of them had to evolve an organ able to gain energy from sunlight.

The one at the left is a quite normal plant, the only difference to earth plants would be the shell-like stem. It can hide its leaves inside that 'shell' to resist extreme sunbursts or to escape from herbivores. 

The next one is a really weird animal. This creature is sessile like an anemone and evolved an elongated tongue. The flesh of the tongue is filled with simple one-celled plants which live in symbiosis with the animal.

The one in the middle is a shroom which was able to capture chloroplasts from plants and to attach them to its body. It’s quite similar to earth’s lichen but can grow much larger.

The next one is really special, its an organism from a world I designed a few years ago. All lifeforms living there are gigantic one-celled organisms. I called them MAcrobes (obviously a mix of macro and microbe) and they can get big enough to disturb you. But the shown species is peaceful. It has a huge slime-filled tank which obtains thousands of chloroplasts and a few tentacles for self-protection.

Here’s a link to the biosphere:…

The last one on the right is the weirdest one of all. To be fair its not even a lifeform but a biological machine, constructed for the exploration of new planets. Who constructed it? Well, maybe a civilization able to manipulate organic material or maybe other machines did it . . .


Hope you like it!

Next time I’ll show you the analogy of fins . . . maybe.


So, leaves up and please comment!

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Wow, it's been a while since I've looked at your DA. OTL

Awesome work of them! I love the vibrant colors~ :D
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Oh thank you 😁
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I would rather study this than actual science
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Ok cool 😅 are you studying?
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Impressive study, like extra-terra bio-engineering... you must be a star traveler!😀
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This is so cool, great designs!
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Thanks a lot^^
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my fav is the microbe plant and the biomachine plant, they are unique-looking, all of them are great.
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Thank you really much 😀
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