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I'm longing for summer so much! Flowers, cute dresses, ice cream and be able to go and swim in the river.
I got my longboard this week, I'm so excited to try it out. Unfortunately I gotta wait, queen Elsa hasn't melted all the snow away just yet x)
So I tried to ride it in our living room instead, our dog chased me back and forward haha, he's so cute.
I browsed through some summer photos from last year when my friend Linn decided to buy the biggest heart
balloon ever! We had so much fun, I hope we can go to that market again this year ^^

Yours truly :iconlubplz:
Hello ^^
It was ages ago since I made drawing. A complete drawing and not just a scribble.
I've had a bit of a non-creativity period but finally I have more ideas than I have time haha ^^
A lot of things has happend in my life reacently. For example I've gotten a drivers license and a summerjob which 
makes me really happy!
I've graduated from High school, 3 years has gone so fast. It will feel so weird not going to
school this autumn. I miss my classmates, truly amazing people :heart:
I have no ideas what I'm gonna do once the leaves turn yellow. Time will tell :)
Take care! :iconlubplz:

Hello ^^
My friend :iconpuzefiz: and I decided to make a feature together with cute artworks that we really liked :D
Have a nice day everybody!


Commission - Whimpered by fayntcommissions :thumb166082310: 132. by emichii
:thumb343986144: Willow by Durnais No worries by PointlessMu
Me Wantz NOW by hoschie Danbo's in Sweet Heaven by Lady-Tori Herr Hildezart the pyromaniac by hoschie
Dorian - part 4 by richmodis APH: Child England by PandaleonSaa What's sweet by bebefromtheblock
:thumb58888321: Furry critter by markstewart :thumb346674879:
Hello! ^^
My friend :iconpuzefiz: has gotten her own DApage! I knew you were gonna love this website my friend :D
Make sure to check out her art!
Take care! /Julia :)

Inspired by nature by Puzefiz
Dumle ^^ by Puzefiz
Gift for dad ^^ by Puzefiz
Dumle ^^ by Puzefiz
Hello ^^
My drawinghand is okay again and I'm really happy about it, it has felt much, much better - yaaay! :happybounce:
Now I can draw as much as I used to do again but I still try to be careful so It doesn't start to hurt again.
This is an oilpainting I'm working on at school, I haven't painted with oil in a long time so I think it's very fun to try again ^^
I thought I show it here just for fun. Feel free to give critique, I really appreciate it :)
Merry x-mas everyone!
/Julia :iconlubplz:

Hello! I know I haven't been very active lately. The thing is my drawinghand has started to hurt when I draw and write. It doesn't hurt much but It get worse if I draw and write a lot so I must take a break from drawing for a while :(
It sucks, I have time and have gained a lot of inspiration lately. But it'll be better after enough rest and exercise, there's other fun artthings to do besides drawing that my hand doesn't starts to hurt from :happybounce:
  It's not a very long time until christmas. Are u excited? I am :D

Have a nice day!
/Julia :iconlubplz:

Hello everyone! ^^
I just wanted to say that I'm going to start to submit something new in my gallery. I've started to make mobilephone skins for a project att school so I'm gonna show my designs here. I hope you like them ^^
Have a nice day! :iconlubplz:
Some very beautiful drawings, paintings and photos :heart:

Starry Night by Yoshishi-chan + Pressure + by akirakirai
Japan painting by Hybedox Sami Girl by vastarantakettu Clover by XxXreaLIESxXx
- hold me right, you idiot by Sanagii A Gothic Romance - BJD - 1 by Sarah-Vafidis
Invasion by Thilu Sparkle Sparkle by goRillA-iNK
Little Red Riding Hood by ann-emerald Commissions1 by GuppeeBlue m y s t e r y by Question26
:thumb325414257: Pray for Rain by MyLifeThroughTheLens Eye by Arek-OGF
Hi ^^
This is some things I've drawn at school this week. I'm thinking about painting an aquarelle painting of a hebrew girl with a lamb and this is an idea sketch of it :)
The other drawing is something I'm working on and I think I will submit it on DA when it's done. I'm practising at drawing realistic bodies and this is a man only with muscles so I can learn how they look like and where they are placed :)

Take care! :iconlubplz:
Hello! It's been such a long time since I was active on DA. I have much things to do right now, but on the bright side I have this much inspiration! *stretch arms very far to show how much* :happybounce:
I really want to improve my drawing skills. Especially when it comes to draw realistic bodies so right now I'm practicing to draw muscles . I'm almost finnished with a drawing of a man with only muscles. I think if I'm gonna learn to draw realistic bodies I must learn how the muscles look like. And when I know that the shadowing of the skin will improve when I know the bodyshapes ^^
I also wanna learn to draw clothes better. I wish I could lock myself inside my room for a week with nothing but pencils, paper and good music and draw, draw, draw :)

Take care!
/Julia :iconlubplz:
Hi! ^^
Autumn is soon here and I'm very happy about it. Autumn is my favourite season of the year. The colours are so incredible beautiful. Which season is your favourite and why? :)
The photos are from 2010 and 2011, I'm looking forward to take some new this year. Have a nice day!


Hello! Now my brother finally has gotten his design he has been waiting for :happybounce:
He wanted something with ghostrecon so I made this. The skull is the ghostrecon logo but I made it with my own style. The copyright of the original logo goes to the respectful owner. And now the stockcreators! Thank you for letting me use your works :)

Cubed Seamless Pattern 07 by FantasyStock by :iconfantasystock:
:thumb185195771: by :iconcreepiest:

Here's a link to my brother's youtube :)
Hhi! This is the sakura design I've made for my dear friend Madeleine. I hope she likes it. I might submit the painting here on DA later some day :)
Have a nice day!

Hello ^^
Here's a sneakpeek of the latest portrait I'm going to draw. There are some things I need to draw better and I'm working on it. If you see something I should draw better, feel free to give critique. I really want to improve :happybounce:
The portrait of the anonymous boy if finnished! I'll submit it tomorrow ^^
Have a nice day!

Kiriban prize - Summoner by redsama Scarlett Johansson by FaabsVazLop
Aphex Twin - Schottkey 7th Path by mikopol Karna, an OC by rriee Cherry Blossoms and Gong by kgemeni
Violin by NitTata Sleeping Beauties by Yenni-Vu Commission - Itachi and EnmaKatsuki by redsama
Tulips by CyberMirror :thumb302269507: :thumb311353662:
dragonfly by proxi-mity The Secret by Lukyanovart Frog by Alina-Kurbiel
Hello :D
Today my family have come home from a very fun trip i USA. The Americans are very kind and polite! ^^
We've done a lot of fun and exiting things and seen a lot of beautiful places, but It's always nice to come home after a long trip. During our vacation I acctually manage to make three drawings. I will submit them tomorrow, right now I'm too tired :XD:
   I am also going to try moving my blog here and make a journal skin. I've never done that before so I hope It'll work, I think it's going to be fun. I'm also going to continue drawing the comissions and make a mobilephone skin. I've much inspiration right now, It feels like my brain is filled with paint and sketches haha. I hope I  manage to make everything I want :)

Have a wonderful summer! :dance:

Hello world!
I'm not drawing anything at the moment, all though I have portrait comissions to make. I have a lot of things to do on my freetime and 4:th of June my family and I are going to the US! I'm very excited! :D
This means I will not submit any drawings for a month. Who knows, maybe I have something to show when I come home. I'm almost finished with one portrait :)

Take care! :iconlubplz:
It was a long time ago since I made a feature. Summer is about to arrive soon and I'm really happy about it! Here's some wonderful summer photos :D

summer rain by cocainacola Juice by Feasted me by nuph
hit me like a ray of sun by yumenonikki :thumb255079150: Children are source of life by piink-chamallow
Ocean Grove Beach by nicnackk Summer in a Pot by Memmarte :thumb217531843:
It's Summer by wihad :thumb69705073:   Sandcastle by Hasumomo
self made lemonade by Rona-Keller :thumb303518341: Little Chicken 4 by sageata
Here are the winners of the spring contest held by :iconphotography-showers:. Congratulations! :)

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:
Warm Sun by gregorland
Hello ^^
I've created an artblog - - I'll show sneak peeks of drawings and paintings while I'm working on them before submiting them on DA. I'll also write a little about my daily life and other things. I hope you like it :)

This is some art I'm working on:

:bulletyellow: A quite big aquarell painting for an manga exhibition at May 7:th. If there is time, I'll make 3 more A4 aquarell paintings as well. I hope I make it, not so much time o.o
:bulletyellow: My friend Minna and I are making a slideshow about our dear friend for Until the end crew's danceshow at May 11:th.
:bulletyellow: A graphite drawing of my friend Emma's Cat
:bulletyellow: A graphite portrait of an anonymous boy
:bulletyellow: A graphite portrait of my friend Frida T
:bulletyellow: A youtubedesign for my dear awesome brother William
:bulletyellow: A youtubedesign for my friend Maddie

Take care! :)