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Another DOOM character, done by request from a number of people from [link]. As with my imp drawing, a little dissapointed with the scan, really isn't picking up on the fine details. As soon as I get a decent scanner, I'll re-do them and post them up.

Done on layout paper with a range of pencils/charcoal pencils.
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I think you're selling yourself short, the scan looks like it got it just right. And it's an excellent sketch. I like his pose. Mae govannen.
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Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Just took a look at your DooM drawings. Been playing Doom and it's ID software brothers since I was 4 years old. I want you to know you've done them all justice.

Keep doin' what ya do. Some colored versions would make me squeal with glee.
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disappointment!? I think not, that drawing kics ass.

The hell with the fucking printer, this drawing is going to my favorites for sure. :jackdirt: as soon as i get done screwing my chick, :lol: ok seriously, its definately going in my favorites

PS: I have a drawing of a cyberdemon if you don't mind coming to my gallery and taking a look at it. the picture is called "The Showdown".
Quite impressive..! The detail on this is simply amazing..
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Nice but erm.. The metal leg and frame is supposed to be on the opposite side the Rocket launcher is, other wise the Cyberdemon would either snap on half or become immobile because of the weight on it's body all on one side, that is why if you look carefully you can see it has a large hydrolich leg on the nother side, this is because it is heavy enough to weigh the Cyber demon down with out falling to one side or breaking the rocket launcher off..

But anyways, still I love it, the detail in the drawing is incredible and you still deserve some major credit so good job and keep that in mind. lol :D
lol, thanks for the comments. My philosophy on drawing the doom creatures is a simple one. Basically I try and copy as little as possible, only using the very basic characteristics of each creature...I then let my imagination take over. So with the cyberdemon it was, big muscular creature, part machine, part organic, rocket launcher for one arm and a big bad assed horned demon head (lol), so I use that as my starting point. Then my creative juices take over and the result is what you see.
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i agree with that philosophy very much.
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Ahh, the pic looks much better now. Good job there :-)
(Thought I'd just pop in and put in a few more words of encouragement)
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Great details and awesome pose, though there are two things that bother me so far:
1) he looks kinda fat.
2) the lower parts of his legs and the hooves look much too thin/small to be able to support the cybie's weight.

Other than that it's absolutely brilliant.
Yeah, looking at the feet now, I think they do look a bit small for his bulk, I think it may have something to do with the fact that I was trying to show part, or all of the hooves submerged underwater, and as for his love-handles, again, I agree, bit out of place with the rest of him being soo developed...but it's all a learning experience...thanks for the comments.
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doom.......... wow that takes me back.
Some great work in your profile bud. I like your style.
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thanks that means alot. i should have some more work in soon (need to find someone with a scanner) if your interested.
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