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DnD NPC Character Design - Commission

Character: design, pin-ups, and sheets

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Obelix Asterix Idefix

Pencil and Graphite

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She-Hulk Says 'Boo!'

Color Pencil, Marker, Water color, and Mix M

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Big Sticks

Inks: Traditional Inks, Digital Inks, and Ink Wash

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devils boys!

Sketch art, doodles, and warm ups

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Marine - 2020 version

Black and White, Monocromatic

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Queen Amina

Painting, Airbrush, Oil Pastels and Dital painting

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Black History

Digital colors

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Sailor Moon challenge


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commission

Cover Art and Splash Pages

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The Thief of Tales 6-15

Sequential art: Panels, Strips, Splashes

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Beasts, Monsters, Creatures, Critters Animal

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Mix Crafts1

Vehicles, Ships, Cars,and Crafts

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White Queen

Female: Pin-ups, drawings

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GAVIL Schwertlaufer FCG 20

Robots, Mechs, cyborgs, and Tech armor

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Lightning Strike

Landscapes, Scenery, and Enviroments

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Temple District

Cityscapes, Architecture, Urban Setting

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old Dofus 3 Background test

Interiors, Backgrounds, and Scenes

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Rosgladia: Map V2

Maps: Cities, Countries, Planets, Galaxies

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FFVIIR: cloud strife weapon

Weapons, Items, and Accessories

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Darknet2020 - Bruiser (animated)

Animation and Sprites

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Indy , T rex and Spino

Sculptures, Figurines, Dolls

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3-Dimentional art, video game art,

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Photography, Manips, Cosplay, Costumes

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Design: Logos, Typography, Graphic Design

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How I Draw Eyes

Tutorials, processes and stock

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Casey oh Casey

In a pub located on the outskirts of a forgotten about ghetto. Casey asks woman "hi, how are you?". Woman answers "not so good, don't you remember me?". Casey responds "nope". Woman aggressively replies "we have slept together for crying out loud!". Casey, now embarrassed says "oh yea, I remember, well was I good." The woman laughs. Casey misunderstands the laughs, and in his ignorance believes he was good. Casey then asks "so why aren't you so good?". Woman with a look of sarcasm quickly answers "if you were recently diagnosed with herpes, HIV, syphilis, and an STD that could only be described as a  genital dismembering disease woul


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