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Return of the Scaly Rex

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An adult and juvenile(about 5 years old) Tyrannosaurus rex. This is the first time in years I've drawn a tyrannosaur without feathers. After many more primitive tyrannosaurs, even large species, were found with feathers, it was thought likely that T.rex and other derived tyrants had them as well, either for display or warmth. Recent skin impressions from T.rex and other tyrannosaurs suggest, however, that these animals were mostly scaly and feathers would have only been present on the neck and back, if at all, in adults. Young tyrannosaurs may still have had a covering of downy feathers to keep them warm for at least the first part of their life.
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it probably had like REALLY small feathers in some regions like the arm region which is the only one we do not know, so it would be more African elephant-like. nice work thou
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Your scratchy and sketchy style really captures an energy.. gorgeous!
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It's one of those situations on where "We were right along." Sort of.