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Peace Among Hell's Kings

By MickeyRayRex
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A male Tyrannosaurus rex and Dakotaraptor; the two apex predators of the Hell Creek ecosystem of the Late Cretaceous, share a rare moment of peace as the two predators wonder out of the forest onto the plains in search of prey. The mutual tolerance between the two large predators may be due to a mutual symbiosis between them; the as both carnivores search for food they rely on each others keen eyesight as well as the rex's impeccable sense of smell to find it, and work together to either take the prey animal down or drive away the other predators and take over the carcass; sharing the spoils. This teamwork can be seen in individuals who do not have packs of their own species to hunt with. Of course this behavior only occurs when a lone Tyrannosaurus and Dakotaraptor are in need of food and are by themselves unable to secure a meal. Otherwise the two predators avoid each other, and when they do meet, usually only one animal walks way alive.
Setting: South Dakota, 66,000,000 B.C.
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Mar 6, 2016, 9:08:39 PM
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This would make a badass movie.
scyther500's avatar
Imagine that; the two most stand-out predators in Hell Creek working together. Wouldn't that be a sight to see.
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Woah, it's not very often that you see paleoart showing theropods coexisting peacefully side by side without them trying to murder one another the moment they see each other. This looks nice :) (Smile) 
MickeyRayRex's avatar
Thanks! Yeah that was my plan after all! :)
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Is the tyrannosaurus arm really small; or its just tough luck ? :D

Very great work; it's so rare to see a peaceful theropod paleoart; besides the ones who are depicting spinosauroids
MickeyRayRex's avatar
Thanks! I dont think they look too small. And yeah I mean predators aren't always trying to kill each other.
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You're very welcome ! Awesome works :nod:

Very Indeed; I even watch wolves & puma's - Eurasian Tigers & wolves tolerate each other in front of a carcass
Dontknowwhattodraw94's avatar
Nice peaceful paleoart. It's something different to see these two guys not trying to kill each other :)
MickeyRayRex's avatar
Thanks! :) Again, something I've never seen before!
TheAsianGuyLOL's avatar
Finally a symbiosis between the two and not killing each other lol. Nice work!
MickeyRayRex's avatar
Thanks! Yeah Ive never seen an image of Trex and Dakotaraptor coexisting peacefully, or even a Dakotaraptor with an adult rex! Usuallyits just shown attacking young rexes.
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