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Living Tank by MickeyRayRex Living Tank :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 46 0 Mo by MickeyRayRex Mo :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 32 7 Asiatic and African Lions by MickeyRayRex Asiatic and African Lions :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 51 2 Return of the Scaly Rex by MickeyRayRex Return of the Scaly Rex :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 53 2 Andrew the Diplodocus by MickeyRayRex Andrew the Diplodocus :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 62 3 Dynamoterror and Invictarx by MickeyRayRex Dynamoterror and Invictarx :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 86 5 Serpent Heads by MickeyRayRex Serpent Heads :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 80 3 Coryphodon by MickeyRayRex Coryphodon :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 54 2 The First Giant by MickeyRayRex The First Giant :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 122 4 Megaloceros giganteus by MickeyRayRex Megaloceros giganteus :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 97 2 Gorgon by MickeyRayRex Gorgon :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 63 1 Spiky Bonehead by MickeyRayRex Spiky Bonehead :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 56 78 Desmo by MickeyRayRex Desmo :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 65 2 Elasmotherium by MickeyRayRex Elasmotherium :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 67 8 The Death of Blue Babe by MickeyRayRex The Death of Blue Babe :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 89 3 Short-Faced  Suckler by MickeyRayRex Short-Faced Suckler :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 69 4


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My first ever real successful drawing of my kitty cat Mo!
Asiatic and African Lions
Male African lion and Asiatic lion. The Asiatic lion is slightly smaller than the African subspecies and also has a less developed mane, a larger tail tuft and a fold of skin running the length of its belly. It is estimated that there are currently around 600 individual Asiatic lions left in the wild and all are found only in the Gir Forest in northwest India. Both African and Asiatic lions are threatened by hunting and poaching, habitat destruction and conflicts with farmers.
Return of the Scaly Rex
An adult and juvenile(about 5 years old) Tyrannosaurus rex. This is the first time in years I've drawn a tyrannosaur without feathers. After many more primitive tyrannosaurs, even large species, were found with feathers, it was thought likely that T.rex and other derived tyrants had them as well, either for display or warmth. Recent skin impressions from T.rex and other tyrannosaurs suggest, however, that these animals were mostly scaly and feathers would have only been present on the neck and back, if at all, in adults. Young tyrannosaurs may still have had a covering of downy feathers to keep them warm for at least the first part of their life.
Andrew the Diplodocus
Andrew the newly discovered juvenile Diplodocus uses his narrow, toothy snout to strip choice ferns while a much larger adult guzzles a mouthful of horsetails with his broader, less-toothy snout.
Happy New Year everyone! This past orbital cycle around the sun has really been crazy for everyone I think. Personally it was probably one of if not the worst in my life for me and my family, but I've pulled through, and we'll pull through whatever challenges this next year faces! I'm especially excited for all the discoveries and achievements to be made in the realms of zoology, paleontology and environmental conservation this year!

As for what you can expect from me this year, here are some things to look forward to:
-The completion of my illustrations of all the major living mammal families(as well as some extinct/ancestral families, call it "honorable mentions" perhaps!)
-Illustration of all the major families and orders of living birds. With 10,000 known extant species, this will probably go on through the year.
-Art from BioTopia; the largest and most scientifically advanced zoological park in history where animals living and extinct roam together to give people an understanding and appreciation for the natural world and where research and technology come together to resurrect the past, inspire the present, and preserve the future!
-Art from the Neoterranic Period, 50,000,000 years after the Anthropocene and the extinction of humankind. 
-More reconstructions of prehistoric animals as well as depictions of living species.


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Colin McElroy
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am a nerdy college guy with an extreme passion for animals of all kinds, especially extinct ones, and a talent and appreciation for art.

What you can expect to see from me:Dinosaurs and paleoart, wildlife art, biblical pieces, speculative evolution works, and perhaps fan-art.

If you love animals(dinosaurs included), have a kind, accepting heart, aren't afraid to be creative or weird, and aren't a douche, lets be friends!

The only real reason I am good at art is because I love animals and have always loved animals.

God and Christianity are important to me, yet I accept the theory of evolution as fact. It's not that hard, people!

I believe that all living things are connected, both spiritually and physically through evolution, and that my way I can please God is to help animals.

My all-time dream is to create my own exotic animal sanctuary so that I can save abused, abandoned and neglected exotic animals and give them natural homes that thy deserve.

Two things make me incredibly angry, abuse and neglect towards animals(especially animals in the exotic pet trade like keeping tigers and lions as pets!) and creationists blatant disregard of paleontological, geological, genetic, and archaeological evidence against their literal interpretation of the book of Genesis.

Any girls out there that wanna draw dinosaurs and rescue tigers with me?

If you don't wanna read the description these stamps sum me up pretty well!(NOT MINE, I JUST USED THEM!)
No more arguments about this by G-manluver Evolution Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb343626740: Bile is Vile by TipsyDigital :thumb458087760: :thumb435647352: DA Stamp - Anti-Hunting 01 by tppgraphics We are not Trophies stamp by AzureHowlShilach Dinos had feathers. by Pristichampsus evolution IS real by propertyofkat Biology and Evolution by i-stamp Zoology stamp by Nothofagus-obliqua Save the Rhinos by TipsyDigital Okapi Stamp by katcombs God's NOT dead stamp by Nilopher :thumb411583228: FNAF fan stamp by dazza1008 :thumb475578001: The light side of life by TheSallySaga :thumb434664706: I like animals by Ottoenlotte Palaeontology Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love Parasaurolophus by WishmasterAlchemist I Support Earth by pjuk I love Tyrannosaurus Rex by WishmasterAlchemist :thumb81003312: :thumb174932566: :thumb169061513: I love Okapis by WishmasterAlchemist I love Numbats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Irish Elk by WishmasterAlchemist Jurassic Park stamp by Blue-Fox :thumb426906812: OF COURSE stamp by omegaflash4 I LOVE COOKIES - Stamp by Freaky--Like--Vivi :thumb83057702: Angel Stamp by Dbzbabe good pizza stamp by Dabombman Adopt Don't Shop Stamp by xXRoconzaXx

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