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Itsuki Minami: Boing! Boing! Boing! by OCTOPUS-SLIME Itsuki Minami: Boing! Boing! Boing! :iconoctopus-slime:OCTOPUS-SLIME 37 0 ~Kara Reed || Ref 2019~ by NaughtyBearPuff
Mature content
~Kara Reed || Ref 2019~ :iconnaughtybearpuff:NaughtyBearPuff 44 2
LVX pentagram and hexagram by AzoSama LVX pentagram and hexagram :iconazosama:AzoSama 429 61
This is over...~ (Spread this pls)
Already DeviantArt should do something to make feenly38 leave this platform and get off Youtube as well
It has already been shown that feenly is a narcissistic whore, a racist and a homophobic
They also take 10-17 year-olds as fucking fucked-up pedophiles when he's 20 years old and is capable of doing shit like that.

(Original screenshots) 
We have already had the sword on the wall for a long time and he just does not want to give up when we have already killed him more than 5 times
he has called a liar to :iconalduthecat: when he got real evidence (cheak his new video)
he has called a hacket to :iconbrony-fanfics: because he can code...hack is no coding
he has called to me a comunist just for be a latinamerican, and he is racist to Costa Rica because he things that we do army to North Korea, which is fake
he has called a whore to :ico
:iconcristianthecatpony:CristianTheCatPony 13 27
Sass by NemesisPrime92
Mature content
Sass :iconnemesisprime92:NemesisPrime92 90 8
Best-Snapshots Vol.#71
:star: Best-Snapshot Of The Week :star:
Don't Tell Our Mommy
By woxys 

:star: Other Submissions :star:



                    Muscari by Aenea-Jones
Asian Small-Clawed Otter - Aonyx Cinerea by Yuukon
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 21 31
Progressive Saturday Night (v.205)
cover by :iconbatsceba:
Please enjoy a selection of the latest photos of street galleries
 if you like what you see, +favlove this article
and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well ;) (Wink) 


I will make you hurt

:iconbatsceba:Batsceba 23 11
Sci-Twi: too short by ChuyRyu Sci-Twi: too short :iconchuyryu:ChuyRyu 343 10
DuckTales - The Return Of Magica DeSpell
And now It's finally time to finally see Magica once more In her former glory and deadly beauty once more ever since the Ducktales Remastered Game but now this rematch Is about to begin and  serious one at that!
:iconthegr8demonking:TheGr8DemonKing 1 0
Pokefusion Requested by DisneyBrony2012 by Blueart14 Pokefusion Requested by DisneyBrony2012 :iconblueart14:Blueart14 7 5
SxC meet Aslan, pt. 1
Spyro and Cynder meet Aslan, the Great Lion: Part One
SYNOPSIS: Two-three years have passed since Malefor's defeat by the courageous efforts of both Spyro and Cynder, whom by now have officially become life-mates.  As of recent, something has been troubling Cynder as she kept having strange and bizarre dreams, most of which involved the adult form Malefor enforced upon her when he had brutally enslaved her.  Spyro, who deeply loves Cynder, never left her but remained by her side to comfort her in such desperate times she endured.   This lasted for two-three weeks when an anonymous message came to both Spyro and Cynder which stated these words: "Dearly beloveds, it has come to my attention that one of you is greatly troubled by something you both fear and dread.  But fear not, for I, Aslan have the answers you seek involved with your dilemma.  If you wish to find me, there is a portal, found near the edge of Warfang
:iconholycross9:HolyCross9 29 46
Beset by seandunkley Beset :iconseandunkley:seandunkley 142 9 Gyurza and Subzero by I-GUYJIN-I Gyurza and Subzero :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 222 2 Even bullies have standards by Gloverboy23 Even bullies have standards :icongloverboy23:Gloverboy23 20 10 Stay close behind me. by rrward
Mature content
Stay close behind me. :iconrrward:rrward 44 10
Always and forever mine
Beloved, you are not alone. I know all about rejection. I face it every day as people choose to sin, choose their own waym choose other gods they think will get them where they want to go.
It hurts to work hard only to be passed over, to love only to be set aside. My Son was rejected by many he came to save. But man's opinion could not set aside my purposes; the rejected stone-my Son-became the cornerstone of a new house I was building: the household of faith. And you, my precious child, are a part of it.
Come to me and lay your hurts down. I will never reject you. You are mine.
:iconheavencalling:HeavenCalling 14 1


I still wish Sunset Shimmer is my girlfriend
*pulls out my Colt Pyton and takes out one single round and swings out the cylinder and places the round in the revolver and spins the cylinder and swings it back in to the empty chamber and glares at Melissa Cuphead and the rest expect for Mickey Alice and the other ones and points it at them* why do you still bully Bendy as for you Melissa why bully Sophia hm? CelestialDragonSun
Spread this
Pray for an end of Mingi
If you guys keep harassing one of my friends I'm calling the cops I'm not joking around
I'm probably going to get alot of hate because I defended Haleyc7995 but I don't care if I do as long as I kept doing what a Christian is supposed to do defending others

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I think I'm in love with Rio Kazama


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Michael McCrea
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Jake is a young kid who loves Martial arts and kickboxing


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