The War of the Underpants

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Greetings, my dear audience! I’m mickeyelric11, and today I bring you exciting news: I have lost my virginity!, I don’t mean I had sex, but that an asshole and deviantART fucked with me.

            A couple of days ago, I got my very first report because of a “politically incorrect” fanart, and then I had it removed. Therefore, I’m going to tell you the whole story in this journal. So, get a comfortable chair, make some pop corn, and prepare to palm your face in shame for others.


            I’m pretty sure many of you still remember my “controversial” work I made about Mabel Pines, right? I’m talking about my Toy Girls piece: “Toy Girls – Collectibles Series 10: Mabel Pines”. It was a remake of the character from “Gravity Falls” for my project of Toy Girls, but, in that occasion, I was tempted with a risky theme: a panty shot. No, I didn’t draw Mabel in a sexy pose, masturbating, or naked. The scene only depicted her being hit by a gust of wind and having her skirt lifted. That was it.

            Even if I’m sick to death of the Extreme Left Wing, and how they hide their desire of censorship as fighting for the rights of the oppressed, I totally understand that sometimes it’s important to either limit our opinions, imagination and creativity, or even used censorship if it’s necessary; after all, all extremes are bad.

            Like I have said in the past, I’m totally against sexualizing children in media: it’s gross, creepy and plain stupid; and even illegal. Therefore, since the beginning, I found this as a very dangerous idea to share. However, a deep part in me told me to go on with this fanart. After all, art is there to challenge audiences and give a second thought to taboos.

            So, I made the drawing, vectorized it by Photoshop, and uploaded in deviantART, ready to turn the other cheek; only having an initial discretion warning as a shield. However, what happened next surprised me a lot: the work earned a good reception.

            I didn’t receive any insults or threats because of it, the piece was favorited a great number of times, and even the comments published were about telling me I was overreacting and that the piece had nothing wrong. Even better: one of the most popular comments there was about seeing more innocence in the work than sexualization. Oh my God! I was speechless after all this; and I totally regret not having saved those beautiful comments in screenshots.

            As an honorable mention, another user commented me how censorship with works like this was actually double-edged sword: for covering something irrelevant, it just augmented the perversion factor. Curiosity and mystery are the universal spices.

            Therefore, all this totally made the fanart worth the effort, and I don’t regret having published (or even making it). It made me realize how smart is my audience, and I even learned a lot because of it. I was so happy for having followed my instinct.


            However, I knew the war was far from over. In the past, I got my first experience with a Social Justice Warrior because of a way more innocent work (yes, I’m talking about the incident with Penny), so, I was totally sure that an idiot won’t take long to arrive.

            As a result, I was ready with the Block Button and warming up my fingers for the harshest sarcastic replies, not for constructive criticism, but for trolls and cyberbullies’ comments.

            However, what came instead took me for surprise:


            On March 18°, I received a notification from the deviantART Staff with the next information:


 TWotU I by mickeyelric11


            The message asked me if my fanart was sexualizing and underage character, and begged me to read the deviantART Policies in order to see if I had to edit the image so it could still be up.

            Therefore, I did that, and, after carefully reading all the rules, especially the ones dealing with kid characters, I decided that the image didn’t violate dA rules in any way. I have to add also that the message gave me the benefit of the doubt, and the choice to consider my work either appropriate or not.

            To not let this little ember to turn into a giant fire, I contacted deviantART as soon as possible through an e-mail in order to ask for the forgiveness of my work. And no, I didn’t make things worse by insulting or making a tantrum. I acted within respect and maintained composure. And you can see that here:


 TWotU II by mickeyelric11

TWotU III by mickeyelric11


            I had to send two messages, because I stupidly forgot to send the screenshot with the notification in the first one.

            After this, I decided to continue with my life, having faith in easily winning this little issue.


            However, tragedy stroke again, and I got this another notification in my Correspondence, and a note, all from the deviantART Staff. Here you can see the note I got:


 TWotU IV by mickeyelric11


            So now, the friendly warning became into an executed action, and my fanart was put in hold. The note finally revealed me that this all was caused because of a report, but I still had the right to defend my fanart, so I did.

            I write another polite message to the Staff begging for my work to be pardoned, and I listed the reasons why it didn’t break any of the rules of the site:


 TWotU V by mickeyelric11


            Then, I received a reply telling me my situation was being judged, and I was more relieved, however, now I had to wait day after day to see the final result.


            But then, something came to entertain me a little. What happened was that I may have discovered the dumbass who reported me the work, and for the worst reason.

            You see, a little after receiving those messages from dA, in my notifications, I found this comment in my Toy Girls Gallery:


 TWotU VI by mickeyelric11


            Apparently, one of my watchers, from which I never suspected anything fishy before, wrote me a pretty stupid message “thanking me” for having deleted the Toy Girl of Mabel Pines with the Panty Shot, because he considered “unnecessary”. He said how he “pledged” for the removal of my work for being “offensive”. And to top it all, he even ask for God’s forgiveness to anyone who favorited the image. No, I’m not making anything up: he was that stupid.

            I was actually very happy for this message. Instead of being totally clueless about the culprit, now I had a little hint.  Alright, I didn’t have solid proof of him being the one who reported the work; that’s why I censored his name. However:

    a)      How did he know my work was removed?

            Yes, I’m pretty sure many of us give a view to our Favorite Folder once in a while. But still, why was he so aware of the presence of my fanart if he found it offensive? If there’s something more stalking than an obsessive fan, is a hater.

    b)      What did he mean with the “Pleaded” part?

            I’m Mexican, so I looked for the meaning of this word, and what I could found was that it was when you either declare yourself innocent or guilty in a court, or when you ask for something.

    c)      Very good timing he had when he sent me that message, just a day or two after my work was removed.

    d)      When I replied him accusing him of being the one who made the report, he didn’t even try to deny it. He just said “OK”, and so my words still remained.


            Even if I still give him the benefit of the doubt, I’m pretty sure this dumbass thought that, when he pressed the “Report” Button, a note would be sent directly to me to think about my sins and reconsider, instead of the obvious: warn deviantART about my work, and removing it so no idiots would be offended by it.


            After all that, it was just matter of waiting. Every day I was sure to check as much my deviantART Account as my e-mail for new messages, with the hope of commons sense finally earning victory.

            However, this time, I lost the battle.

TWotU VII by mickeyelric11

            I finally got a new message in my Correspondence about the issue, but this time telling me to go fuck myself. One of the members of the dA Staff reviewed my case, but this person decided to keep the work deleted, seeing that my fanart violated the Site Policies, which, I have already pointed out, it didn’t.

            No, I didn’t make a tantrum or sent multiple poisonous messages to the site as revenge. I had to swallow my pride and accept defeat.


            Because here in Mexico we have Liberty of Speech, I’m going to say right now what I feel about this: it sucks fucking balls!

            I’m mad about this, but also very disappointed. My work, made in an Ecchi Tone, spiced with satire, was transformed into a disgusting and horrible thing because of the report of a stupid brat, and the site didn’t help me.

            First, let’s repeat it again: the work featured a panty shot, but it didn’t attempt to make Rule 34 in any way. Mabel wasn’t masturbating, she wasn’t in a sexy pose, she wasn’t wearing sex shop lingerie, or doing any sexual stuff; and obviously she wasn’t even naked. I did a running gag in Children Animes in that fanart. If I put the “Mature Tag”, it was precisely to avoid any troubles, and warning any sensitive jackass from seeing the work.

            Also, yes, it was an underage character, but it was a FICITONAL character. If I had used a real kid, then OK: I accept the site penalties and the legal consequences. However, my “victim” here was a bunch of pixels joint together to form an image.


            However, let’s point out the most obvious problem: the Double Standard Fallacy.

            First, even if it’s a big taboo to show the Feminine Body in media for children, especially of underage characters, it seems like Masculine Nudity and Undergarment are totally fine to demonstrate. I mean, we have so many female characters with skirts more magical than Harry Potter, but there’s no problem to show butts of men and boys, or having male kids in their underwear, mooning someone, etc. Yes, let’s not promote child porn while putting this boy totally naked in public.

            Second, I’m not the first person to ever put a girl showing her underwear in this site; and I’m not going to be the last one. In all the years I’ve been here, I have stumbled with so many fanarts depicting girls exposing their underwear, and even worse: sometimes in an obvious fetish tone. Therefore, I wasn’t the only idiot who committed this crime, but one of the few reported by a Social Justice Warrior Wannabe.

            And Third, and the most important, in devainART there’s even worse stuff than what I did.


            I have made Naked Drawing in the past: of Pearl from “Steven Universe”, of an OC of friend of mine, and of Vambre from “Mighty Magiswords”. And yes, all of them were for Rule 34 Purposes; especially the one of Vambre. I let my hormones go wild and satisfied my sexual desires. Therefore, I don’t blame other people if they also make Fetish Works. So, I have seen a lot of Vore, Characters Shitting on Diapers, Feet Licking, Sexbending, Bestiality, or even character plain fucking; and yes, many times featuring underage characters. However, they still manage to be uploaded.

            Seeing this better, more than me screwing up, I just feel like the student caught passing notes in a class with spitballs, “Kick Me” Signs and wedgies. If this isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what it is.


            In a nutshell, my work can’t be back as it is. I totally hurt the feelings of a jackass who won’t dare hunt real criminals in the Deep Web, and that’s the final veredict.

            OK, so my works was removed, and I couldn’t do anything to save it in the polite way. So, after all this, what I’m going to do?

            Easy: the very exact same thing, but WORSE. I lost this battle, but not the war. Don’t worry, I will have my revenge, but without breaking any rules.


            The first thing I’m going to do is to reupload my work of Mabel, however, to please the dA Staff, and the imbecile who reported me, I’m going to censor it. They just want panties out of the fanart, and that’s what I’m going to do: where’s the sexualizing of minors in drawing a girl being hit by a gust of wind. I worked too much in that fanart to just dump it as garbage.

            Also, remember when I said about not being sure if I was going to ever make another Panty Shot fanart again. Now it’s all clear for me: I’m not going to draw another Panty Shot Fanart…but TWO. I’m not going to say when or how, but, only for spite and caprice, I’m going to walk the tightrope again two times more. Don’t worry, I won’t go to Rule 34 Territory in neither of the fanarts. I just wanted to make a Panty Shot work, and I’m going to do that again, twice.


            If you thought You Tube was the only unfair site on Internet, this proves otherwise. No, I don’t blame dA for any of this, and I don’t want to start any attack to this site and to all the great people working on it. This is a private site with its own rules, and it has to take care of its Public Relations. However, after seeing the good feedback from my removed fanart, I’m more than convinced that this was an injustice, and I’m not doing anything wrong in fighting back in this way.


            However, to the little bastard who reported my work: FUCK YOU! You attacked me from behind, and therefore, I won’t have any respect for you from now on. I opened criticism to my work since day one, and I even gave the option to delete the fanart myself if it caused more harm than good, but it’s obvious you didn’t read anything from my old description. Fuck you to the Hell and back! .l.


            And again, even with all this, I don’t regret having made this fanart. Like I have said since the beginning, it was an experiment to see what was going to happen, and I loved the results. I wasn’t only congratulated, but I got so much experience because of it. It was like when I finally decided to upload a Naked Drawing in deviantART, or when I made my very first Incest Work; speaking of the latter, I want to make another one.


            Well, it’s everything for today, guys. Now I just give you the Comments Section to tell me your opinion. Don’t worry: even if you don’t agree with me in an aspect, or in a whole, I still want your thoughts. I won’t report you ;)


            I’m mickeyelric11, and see yoU!

© 2018 - 2021 mickeyelric11
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ffejgao's avatar
If bare chested Spartans are allowed, then Mabel can have a panty shot. 
Clownmask-Clock-411's avatar
Now you understand how Shadman felt. Sorry bro.
nemoleeexe's avatar
Oh. I remember you doing art about it... It has been so long since I have found out about it.

Also, that guy was just being both an asshole and a troll. You know, what you posted, there was just little wrong about it. And yet, he reports it? For Underaged Sexual Content? Just like I said... "I think that nudity would sexualize a child more than what you drew." Let's say a girl just like... I dunno, Kacey Rich, has her skirt blown up by the wind? And to add on top of that, Kacey Rich is actually in an app called "Bowmasters", making her someone from a piece of fiction used for entertainment. This seems to correlate to what you drew of Mabel Pines. And, I know, as I said in the comments on that exact page, it doesn't sexualize a girl at all. It's just one simple thing, yet the guy was all in about it. When will he learn that just because a skirt flips way up in the wind, doesn't mean that it is sexualizing a minor, whether she's wearing shorts underneath or not? I mean, come on.

Don't worry, I promise you won't get suspended for drawing any more upskirts. There are a bunch of users that have drawn stuff like the art where you drew Mabel Pines with her skirt up. Yet, I never seen these users get suspended, as the next day or 2, they continue to contribute to Deviantart. Besides, I know that you didn't do for fetish, but by your own imagination. I don't even see that you even have that fetish IN THE FIRST PLACE. 

You know, to sum it up, sometimes there is a situation where you cannot avoid exposure of a girl's underwear. Either you think of it, or it's just situated as this. And you then figure out that you have to draw it. I know you were tempted to do it, but that's what you felt like doing with your Mabel art.

And also, you are going to draw two artworks just like the Mabel one? You see, I... I have nothing against this. Especially since it's nothing like Rule 34, which I am glad upon. Speaking of drawing these two arts, I'm pretty much going to think that one might be of Estonia in the webcomic called "Scandivania and the World". Because I just realized, that in a SATW Fanfic that I am currently still writing on, I introduced Estonia hanging from a tree branch upside down, with her hat on and hair upright and her skirt flipped over, exposing her white blue-striped underwear. You can find the link to the fanfic right here:….

Anyways, I am bummed out that the artwork got deleted. Can't wait for you reuploading it.
mickeyelric11's avatar
Yeah: I fell that it was a long time ago too ;)

For the comment he left, I think he was actually doing me a favor: he was acting like the best friend in an Anti-Drug PSA. Yeah, that was what angered me the most. I was expecting an insult or threat from a troll or SJW; but never a report.
Precisley, one of my friends commented in my wokr that the fanart projected more innocence than any sexualization.

Well, I'm still planning in realising my other two Panty Shot Fanarts, but I will be more cunning at the time of uploading them on Internet, in order to prevent any other report from a sensitive idiot or a troll.
And yes, I'm aware of that. My fanart wasn't the only, first, or either last one in its concept. I was just pretty unlucky to have it reported.
Thank you for saying that :hug:

Actually, that was my main idea behind the fanart: to criticize the over use of the Magic Skirt Trope, and how the abuse of it actually reveals th intentions of the creators to arouse audiences.

Never heard of tha character, friend, sorry. For the moment, I'm pretty sure of one of the characters I'm going to use.

Thank you for your comment and good wishes, dear friend! A big hug since Mexico!
nemoleeexe's avatar
Glad you remember.

I don't understand. Why can you say that someone angered you do a good favor? Was it because he reported your artwork? It is good artwork by the way.

I know I am repeating myself, but I think it is a good idea to post it on Deviantart. I mean, there are plenty of artwork like the Mabel one you drew just recently (that got deleted.).

The overuse of the Magic Skirt Trope is actually used a lot to shield kids from "sexual content". Just what is sexual about that content? I mean, it's just simple, like a skirt blowing up. I mean, even cartoons from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s neglect this trope!

And also, look up Scandivania and the World, as well as SATW. To know about the character, search up SATW Estonia. Trust me, it works for me.
The-Psychid's avatar
I can't remember if I've made this kind of warning on another one of your entires or whatever, but my own two cents on this situation is going to be long as fuck.  Also, some parts may seem out of focus; this tends to happen with me, especially when I'm commenting on editorials as long as this.

First and foremost, I'd like to take the time to say that I'm sorry you had to go through all this.  I'm not gonna lie: When I first saw that submission, the fact you were actually going through that route, even if you told us everything you wanted us to know in the disclaimer, I immdiately thought: "Um, what are you doing?"  Nevertheless, I wasn't tempted to report that deviation; not even remotely.  Your reasons for why you went that route aside (which I understand, if I may add), I wasn't at all tempted because, in fairness, you did put a "Mature Content" filter on it.  Unless it was something that was really crossing the line, it wouldn't make much sense to report something that already has a "Mature Content" filter, now would it?

As for finding the culprit who presumably reported that work: I actually did notice that beforehand.  You most certainly have every right to be upset at that user for what they did to you, behind your back.  And out of curiosity's sake, I've checked out the "comments" section of the "Toy Girls" gallery, to see if you called them out for what they did to you.  But to my surprise, they bawwwleted deactivated their account.  ...You know, speaking of "SJW wannabes", you've mentioned something about an "incident with Penny".  I'm just curious; what exactly happened with that?

As far as fetishes go: I think I've seen my fair share of the fetishes you've mentioned.  But I'm not all that appealed by them, mostly because I think they're revolting, meaningless, or just plain weird (especially the diaper and fart fetishes, though I know you didn't mention the latter).  And I hope you can forgive me for saying this (I probably wouldn't; but with you bringing up the whole "fetish" topic, I'm gonna say what I know I've told you enough times before: I have a bit of a fetish for the exposure of the female midriff/navel, in which I'm assuming it's like JIMENOPOLIX's.  However, this is not to say that, should I ask for any future requests for Toy Girls, I would ask you to draw them with their bellies showing.  The only time this would happen is if the midriff-bearing outfit to any character was canon (that, and if you'd accept it, of course).  ...Yeah, sorry if I ended up bringing up something related to a subject you'd rather not talk about; I swear, I felt it was unavoidable. ^^;

...Ooh, you're gonna make two more "panty-shot" submissions?  This should be interesting.  I have just two questions, though: Will they be for the Toy Girls series?  And even if it's not, would we be getting hints as to whose those two characters would be?

Welp, that's my two cents on the whole situation.  Hope everything's going okay for you. :huggle:
mickeyelric11's avatar
Don't worry: I love long comments :)

Thank you, Colin! :hug: After all this shit, what makes me smile is all the solace I have gotten from my audience. Thanks a lot!

It's OK, Colin: I'm totally fine when people don't like what I do. And, like I said many times, I knew some issue will come for picking this theme, and I was preparing for it; but I never had any idea it will appear in the shape of a report. I'm glad you acted like that: you understood why I made that fanart, you didn't insult me or attack me for that, and you didn't try to take it out, limiting yourself to ignore it.
Exactly: it's like slipping on a wet floor with the infamous triangle yellow sign on it.

Yes, I noticed the same: the the coincidences are even bigger. Maybe only dA perfectly knows who reported my fanart, but the hints are too clear to ignore.
In a nutshell: it was a stupid SJW warrior who got pissed off because I "called" Connie, from "Steven Universe", "ugly". You can see all the issue here:
How idiots bitch around on Internet?    We all have heard this concept: TROLL. There are a lot of descriptions for this word, but, in a simple context: a bully on Internet. Now I think plenty of people will say that that's actually a cyberbully, but, the difference between these two words is so thin that it doesn't matter. So, let's leave it in an idiot, and an idiot was what I found this yesterday.
    It was a really interesting experience, so I have inmortalized that moment in this image (the last two messages don't have the right time, but that is not important for the moment). Here you have it:
    How idiots bitch around on Internet
    I think you remember my "Toy Girls" project, and one of those works was Connie from "Steven Universe", Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 22: Connie Maheswaran, and

Oh yeah! I missed that one. I think, for dA and SJW's, everything is fine as long as you don't show the underwear of a fictional girl character. Irony!
Nah, Colin! As long as you don't cross the Legal Line, it's totally OK for me. Actually, I have made Toy Girls with the characters exposing their belly buttons, and not really being that cannonical XD

:nod: But I have to change my strategy, seeing I was hit with another report (therefore, I had to delete the reupload of Mabel...along with the evidence of a new troll I faced yesterday). Don't worry: I'll put the coverage of this new fight in a journal pretty soon.

Thank you, Colin! A big hug for you too!
The-Psychid's avatar
Yay, featured comment! :woohoo:

Oh; I remember that, actually (the incident with your Toy Girl of Connie)!  I totally thought this was a different "Penny" you were talking about (as in a Toy Girl of a character named "Penny"); oh, how I can be so naive. :iconfreechmenplz:

Yeah, I did see that report, actually.  And now I can't help but wonder: After all that's happened, are you at all worried about having your account suspended if you did try to make those two "panty-shot" submissions? :fear:
mickeyelric11's avatar

It's OK, Colin. It was an eternity ago.

Don't worry, Colin. I'm angry, but not stupid. I'm still going to make those two Toy Girls, I'm just going to find another way to put them online: it's not illegal what I'm doing, and there's nothing wrong in it. However, I'll tell that later, in the future Journal I'm working on.

For the moment, I have to focus in the April 10° Work ;) Bye!
SmithCompanyArts's avatar
This is grade A bullshit!! 
Instead of fixing their site and dealing with asshole trolls and art thieves. They do this? 
mickeyelric11's avatar
Totally agree!

Art theft don't summon lynch mobs Shrug 
Raakone's avatar
Did the same jerks get the plug pulled on your latest version of that picture?

Do those idiots think they're heroes because of this? Does this somehow protect children? I don't think so.

I wanted to comment, but.....I couldn't, gave me a message that the pic stopped existing.

And I've seen countless cartoons (the Brazilian Turma da Monika/Monica's gang), comics, animes (Panda Go Panda, anyone?), even live action shows that showed young girls giving a "flash" (Brady Bunch in the 70's), and guess what? The world didn't end, and there wasn't some kind of magical spike in perverts!

I liked your funny message on the censor thing. Yes, one could imagine either (the message on it was "panties or commando?" And the commando option wouldn't necessarily mean sex...maybe it's a comfort thing!)

Sadly, right now we're way too sensitive. I read now in Japan even, everywhere they're preferring to just give girls bicycle shorts. A bit too reactive.
mickeyelric11's avatar
I don't think so, Carlos. My old suspect actually deactivated his account yesterday, and, precisely that day, I got into a fight with a troll who belongs to Kiwi Farms, AKA, a Hatred Forum. I actually have some honorable mentions in one of their threads dedicated to spitting insults to users in deviantART; I even read some comments condonign a rape threat. I'll explain all the fight soon in a journal.

Social Justice Warriors and Trolls work on basis of revenge and wrath, Carlos. They just want to see people suffering in order to get fame and glory. The people they "defend" are put at the second level.

Yes, I know. I stupidly deleted it after I read the new notification of report, being incredibly frustrated. Because of it, I threw to the garbage all the evidence of the attacks from that troll. Luckily, that same dumbass, and another user from that horrible forum, saved two screenshots of the comments, and I'm going to use them against them.

Funny enough: in a pathetic way of scaring me, that troll told me he reported me to the FBI. If that dumbass' logic was true, getting in jail for drawing the underwear of a little girl, prisons all over the would explode XD XD XD

:giggle: I'm glad you liked the joke.

Well, I really can't give my opinion there.

Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, Carlos! A big hug since Mexico! :hug:
Raakone's avatar
I heard of KiwiFarms, ironically they're known for being against certain trolls and annoying people, such as Sonichu and Len Shaner, but they have no problem acting that way themselves.

Sadly, SJWs are the ones who don't really want change, they just want to pretend they're the ones behind it. Some of them latch onto stuff they know nothing about, ESPECIALLY if they know nothing about it, or they try "one size fits all" solutions. The Looney Tunes character was dropped for a long time, because of people claiming he's an offensive stereotype of Mexicans. The people who led the movement to get that character yanked.....were not even remotely Mexican! And then there were those who cheered about the Cleveland Indians baseball team dropping their mascot, but that was their only concern.....that the actual "Indians" (or Native Americans, or First nations) have many reserves that seem like fourth world countries, rather than part of the USA, and that these people are really not cared about at all by the government....the SJWs couldn't care less. So now it makes sense if it was SJWs complaining about your picture, because it's something so easy to rail against.

The old suspect may still be around, just under a different user name. Many trolls do this, when they feel the heat, they deactivate, and start a new one. Other times, to make themselves appear more popular, they may also have "sock puppet" accounts, who act as imaginary yes-men to the troll.

Reporting you to the FBI? That's a very common tactic used by dumbasses everywhere. I'm sure the FBI has way more important stuff to tend to than the undergarment of a FICTITIOUS girl being shown.

I once came up with an idea for a story I never wrote, called "Think of the Children", where in the future in the USA, they're so determined to "protect the children", a new political party gets into power on that platform, then they start doing things like requiring all dresses, skirts, and nightgowns have attached bicycle shorts of colors determined by "experts" to be "unsexy", then they require all children to wear jumpsuits, before eventually requiring that children not be raised by their parents, but in "safe spaces" by eunechs. Also, depictions of children, even fully clothed, are outlawed, and the government can declare someone a pedophile to get the general public to lynch them.

The joke was really funny on your new version.

What about more "established" characters who were always or usually showing undergarments....whether it's cartoon characters like Little Lulu (has visible....they're kind of on the border of Bloomerland and Pantystan), anime characters like that girl in Panda Go Panda, or even live action stars (Shirley Temple, and one of those girls in the Brady Bunch, frequently flashed their undies, and wore rather short dresses/skirts, but it did not start outrage!)
stephdumas's avatar
An suggestion then I thought would be to also post on another websites like Fanart-central. 

But if you had heard the news about ex-Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider and an episode of Victoria where Ariana Grande was wet and soaked as seen in this clip posted on Youtube.… It's unbelievable then most of his unorthodox stuff passed under the radar as I mentionned in a journal entry.
  From EC-707 to Dan Schneider and Chris Savino 2This is a short and quick follow-up to a previous journal entry itself a follow-up a other previous journal entries. From EC-707 to Dan Schneider and Chris Savino 
From Chris Savino to Zcat6 and Dan Schneider
The truth about Hollywood
That episode from Victorious titled "Survival of the Hottest" where Ariana Grande received water but not in the "You Can't do that in Television"(YCDTOTV)* way and from what I read on the trivia section, that episode aired on Ariana Grande 17th birthday. We can see clips of that moment on Youtube and now it's had been turned into a meme. If we go in a uproar about

Edit: It gived me an idea for a meme.

Edit #2: The Wayback Machine saved comments of your fanart but it don't show the fanart itself.…
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Maybe, my friend. I was thinking in getting a Tumblr Account, but I have heard horrible things about the users from there.

Just read all the stuff you sent me about Dan Schneider, and wow! I really despised the works from this guys, except for "Kenan & Kel", but I didn't have any idea of these accusations. He looks indeed creepy in those photos, and the jokes in his TV Shows really don't leave a good image of him, but I think I will wait until there's official evidence about his crimes. I mean, even with all the heads which have fallen with the #MeToo Movement, False Accusations are timeless.

Oh, yeah! I also noticed the disappearance of EC-707. I really don't have a definitive answer about his issue. Even if I don't have anything personal against this guy, I can't deny how he obviously made fetish material with underage characters.

Thanks for the meme! :hug: It made my day!

Really?! :la: Thanks a lot, my dear friend. I will save them in screenshots right now. Thank you! A big hug since Mexico!
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You're welcome and feel free to post it in a future journal entry if you like. :) 

And you can also save stuff on the Wayback Machine at under "Save page now". However it won't save mature fanarts, Youtube clips. Another Archive site I know to save stuffs is
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:) Thanks again, Stephane :hug:
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You're welcome!:) 
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It's Becuase adults don't want to see her Fanny.

Unless your Kevin spacey or Harvey Winstine, I know someone in the comments will be offended 
Well, gee, that's a lot to take in.

Not sure whether to agree with you or not.

On the one hand, yeah, there was nothing sexual implied. I mean, even I wonder myself why skirts exist at all as one can easily see or peek underneath them, so you'd think girls would be more careful of what to wear in public for any circumstance.

On the other hand... well, is it really necessary to reveal that detail? It's art/cartooning. You can get away with what's visible and what isn't. You can choose what to show and what not to show. And I know it was your choice to show the panties, but it was also an option NOT to show it.

Maybe it's the fear of possible fetishization of the image. Though, again, you just pointed out that it was someone who thought you were sexualizing a minor. But still, as I learned, "better safe than sorry".
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It's OK, Cesar. I really like when I get second opinions, and I'm not prissy to disagreeing :)

Exactly: it was an Ecchi Joke, I admit, but I didn't want to arouse anyone. You're totally right about the skirts stuff. The same issue happens with bloused with a lot of cleavage: women show a lot of boob only to get angry when some man stare to them XD

Well, it was the main idea, and reason, behind my fanart: I was inspired to make a panty shot work in order to make fun of the overuse of the Magic Skirt, and the Double Standard with Male Nudity. But, indeed, I have picked the latter most of the time when I made work with skirt lifitng, like I did in the Toy Girl of Wendy from "Fairy Tail", with Keiko from "Yu Yu Hakusho", or with Debbie Reynolds from "Clarence", because the reaction was way funnier than showing the underwear.

Precisely, that's why I had my doubts about making this fanart to begin with: I was pretty sure I will attract a lot of controversy, especially from Social Justice Warriors. And that's why I'm angry with this issue: it's not only that he didn't like a girl showing her panties, but had to use the Sexualizing Minor Card too.

I agree with that posture too. With Dross Rotzank, I have learnt that causing controversy in purpose is a pretty childish and pathetic move. However, seeing the history not only of art, but also of media, especially TV, I know it's important to overcome limits and challange taboos and audiences. That's why I finally decided to go on with the fanart.

Thank you for your very long comment, Cesar :D I love them a lot!
I see.
That is pretty true.
Perhaps it's the fact that they just wanna look their best or feel comfortable this way but don't want a whole ton of attention drawn to just that.
Kind of the same idea I thought when seeing midriff-baring girls, how they like showing off their tummies and belly buttons but hate it when all the attention is drawn to them, kind of like this one Animaniacs skit called "Belly Button Blues" (I never thought a cartoon show would address such a topic) where the teen wears a belly shirt, and they can't stop talking about her belly button, and it gets her so angry that she turns into a giant monster and destroys the house. :XD:
I guess in order for it to have worked, it probably should've been anime-inspired, where some girl thinks nothing can go wrong with the outfit she's wearing, then a gust of wind comes in, blowing her skirt up, and her panties show, and her whole face lights up red with an over-the-top expression, realizing it was such a bad idea. Not to mention perhaps making the character older. THAT probably could've worked. But instead you went for a more cutesy art style which seems to be more safe and general than suggestive.

Not to mention even anime shows and creators are aware of all this fanservice-y stuff that they address it themselves.
Well, yeah. But as is with other art; it's subjective, where the art could have one meaning or message, but it's also left up for others to interpret. And some interpret it as sexualizing minors because that's all they see: young girls with shots of their panties being exposed. You may say it was supposed to be something "natural", but others see it as an excuse for a suggestive view or something. Especially after the controversies with big name celebrities recently. So it may also be a matter of bad timing as well.
I see.
You're welcome, I guess.
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However, when we see this matter better, it's actually with any kind of corporal image change: dying your hair in an odd color, getting a tatto, wearing any kind of sexy outfit, using and odd hat, etc. People may want to be out in public with those feature, but they easily get upset if stared a lot or if they are noticed.
Oh, yeah: Katie Ka-Boom :giggle:

That sounds more like a comic, but I really like your idea. And yes, I agree with that: if I would have did that fanart with a young women, like Vambre, this wouldn't have happened.
I'll take that as a compliment :)

Yeah! XD

I couldn't agree more.

Well, maybe that could have influenced the problem in a way.

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