My Ghost Days and My Summer Plans

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            Hello, everyone! It’s me, the Master of Cuteness, mickeyelric11, and I’m going to talk about two themes in this journal: my mysterious absence, and my plans for these three months.


            Well, first of all, a big apologize for my disappearance from this site. I know many of you don’t mind, but I still owe an explanation to my watchers and casual viewers.

            These last weeks, I didn’t only stop my regular publications, but I also haven’t replying the comments I have received from you. I’m sorry for that. Therefore, many of you have realized I pretty much stopped everything about “Toy Girls”, including The Shelf and Arts & Crafts Series, the requests, and even commissions I have got. The only exception was the Mulan Toy Girl, but that was because I have it already made in my computer, so I just needed to write the very long description for it.

            Before all this, I already gave you the announcement of this hiatus in Toy Girls for a particular reason: I was working in my sequel of my Pokémon Fanart. Months ago, I finally got the inspiration to make a picture featuring my team from my copy of “Pokémon Soul Silver”, again pasted over a real photo. And, so I did.

            I took the photo of the background long time, ago, then, I started the hand-made drawings of the characters, and I even redrew many of them on Illustrator. I swear I made a great advance on it. However, I decided to stop all of these for two reasons: one, I dried out of inspiration after a block, and two, I wanted to make another picture instead.

            Like many of you saw, a couple of weeks ago I published another Naked Fanart, this time featuring the main character from the upcoming series “The Hazbin Hotel” masturbating in a closet. It was like with Alex De Large: the inspiration just came. So, I spend some day developing the drawing, and published it. So, it looked like I was back in action for the Pokémon Work…until I got another Inspiration Struck…for another Nude Pic. And yes, I’m talking about the Beach Drawing featuring Autumn Dunn from “Growing Around”. I have been so horny these last weeks XD

            But, even with all this, the main reason why I was so absent from this site, only giving it a watch to see the updates, is because I’ve been working in my family’s business these last months, helping my mom with the chores there. Maybe I have Internet and my cellphone there, but it’s not so comfortable to reply all my comments with my phone, and I’m also busy with the work.

            Oh, also, since three months ago, I started to go to the gym, seeing how I’m putting on weight too fast. I love to go there, and it makes me so much good, but it takes time out from my schedule.

            Therefore, if there wasn’t a freelance work to complete or errands to do to take out more hours, I had to use my spare time to focus in the making of my present projects…and in sleeping. God, how much I hate to need to sleep!


            Alright, so, here’s basically all my reasons why I haven’t been so active. Now, the next question is: what I’m going to do right now.


            First of all, the very next duty in my gallery is going to be my Journal about the Second Winner Theme from my Voting Poll: The Channel Awesome Controversy and the #ChangetheChannel Movement.

            I’ve been procrastinating this for a long while; Hell, it even took so long to bring the first one. At difference from the other 3 themes, this was the less timeless subject, seeing it’s my point of view about this Internet Controversy. I know it’s been just two months, but Internet moves way faster than other medias. Even if part of me tells me this subject is a little too old, seeing it’s been weeks since any relevant event, I think is still worth talking. Also, even if news are way more interesting while the success is still fresh, we can still analyze a theme after the end of the war. I mean, one of the best descriptions about the Paige Paz Incident was a You Tube Video time after the end of the main problems. Also, this helps me to not have my opinions being suddenly turned down for any surprise action.

            I admit I’m doing this more to finally get rid of this compromise, because I’m way more interested in bringing the journal about Why I didn’t Like “Coco”, and also to focus in my regular projects.


            While I write this journal, I’m also going to go back to Toy Girls. I still don’t think I’m going to get back at the series as normal, because, right now, I have two priorities: Collectible Series Works, and the Commissions.

            Like I have said, if you don’t want to wait for months to get your request, you can pay 200 points and have it in a month. Therefore, a couple of people have already done that, and nowadays, I’m compromised with one or two commissions…which I haven’t even started.  For this users, I’m really sorry for this! I’m going to get back to these and have them ready for June 30° or before. An apologize again!

            Then, we have the Collectibles Series. Seeing this is summer, I’m working in two special Toy Girls for this season, aside of the one for this June 25°. Spoilers, one if a remake of one of the winners from the Third Anniversary, and the other is the First of thw two new Panty Shot works I’m going to make in vengeance for the deletion of the Toy Girl of Mabel. Don’t worry, I’m not going to play bullfight with deviantART: I’m going to make an account in another Art Site, not only for the Panty Shot works, but also for the regular fanarts, in order to expand, and for the most controversial pics like the one of “Stress Relief”; I actually got a warning for that. I can’t promise they will be up soon, but I’ll do my best.

            About the Month Collectibles Series Toy Girl, it’s going to be Toph Beifong from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, which is the next on the last from the winners of the Voting Pool. Oh, and I almost forget: I have a fourth Collectibles Series Toy Girls. This one will be the first to be on, seeing I have already the hand-made drawing, and I just need to finish the Photoshop Treatment.

            After all this, I will focus back again at the regular series of Toy Girls, but I will need to vectorize some works, and even start others, so, I’m really sorry, but you will have to wait. Again, this is only a hobby for the moment.


            What about the “Pokémon Soul Silver” Project. Now I’m sounding pretty stupid, but, I’m not in the mood for it right now. I’m stuck with two characters I don’t find the way to draw, and my time is so little. Sorry!


            Well, it’s all for today. I hope I could answer your questions, I’ll try to reply at your comments the best I can, and see yoU!


© 2018 - 2021 mickeyelric11
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IronRaphRa's avatar
To be fair, there could be more to the Change the Channel story; I think some other Channel Awesome members besides Doug knew about Justin Carmical's history as a sexual predator.
ffejgao's avatar
Don’t worry señor. I’ll be very patient.
The-Psychid's avatar
I do remember you telling me that you were both dry of inspiration and focused on your upcoming Pokémon project, when we chatted on Twitter once and I've asked you about the #ChangeTheChannel controversy.  What I'm saying now is close to the same as what I've said there: I understand how you feel, as I'm trying to focus most to all of my attention on my story.

I also said that I did find a new beta-reader who's able to send stuff back to me in a timely manner.  I've completed the first chapter, and I'm almost done with the duel for the second.  I probably would've gotten more done, but I'm juggling that with work, being distracted with me coding templates for a future wiki to be associated with it, and other stuff like community band practice.  ...Now that I've gotten that bit of self-advertisement out of the way; long story short, I know how you feel in that regard, and you're not alone.  Best of luck in your Pokémon project, and your other stuff!

Speaking of which: I know your journal about the whole #ChangeTheChannel situation comes next, but I, too, am looking forward to your reasons of disliking Coco the most.  And I know that when I confessed my liking towards the 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls, you did say that you wouldn't care about my likes or dislikes, at least as far as entertainment goes.  But I still wanna warn you in advance that part of my comment towards that future journal will be a bit angry and intense; because by God, am I gonna have something to say about that movie!  (Please don't ask me what it is; it'd spoil the surprise.)

As far as paid Toy Girls submissions go: I know that I've paid 500+ points for my request of Mira Yukiko from said story.  But I'd still like to let you know that I might bump it for a later date, as the person who agreed to commission it for me is busy with stuff of her own, and I don't know how long it's going to take.  I'll still keep you posted, though.

I think that's all I have to say at the moment.  On that note, I wish you the best of luck with what you're doing, both here and in real life.  See you later! :huggle:
ElTruckador's avatar
Ah, I understand, Mickey. At least you're back now! :dummy:

To be honest I didn't know you were on a break. I had sent you a note a while back and I had no response. Then I had seen that I favorited all of your cutesy deviations and that you hadn't been posting for a while. And it occurred to me that you were absent.

Again I do understand and it's all good, my friend. :D