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Thank you for making this post. I very much like incest content/posts on deviantart.

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:D You're welcome! I'm glad there are other people who agree with this topic, or at least they want to talk about it.

See yoU! :)

Would you be open to chatting/messaging on here? I’d like to talk more maybe:):)

Thank you friend!

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You can talk with me using the dA Chat. It will be OK in 2:30 hours, please? I'm a little busy.

Ah cool! Sent you a message friend.

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Here's the thing: in most incest literotica, the woman is either MILF material or unbelievably hot (older/younger sister, young-looking aunt, or cute cousin) and the guy (usu. a DILF or younger/older brother) is almost invariably hung like a goddamn horse. Would people still get off on it if the brother and sister (most of it, I find) involved were a couple of 300-lb sweat hogs and the guy sported a set of avg. to undersized wedding tackle? There's a reason we call it "fantasy". Sure, I like to tease it in my work infrequently... but I think I'd have a different attitude towards such things if I actually had a sister. I severely doubt she'd be the blonde, pouty-lipped, slim-hipped 34DD chest-sporting sex goddess these sort of writers seem to favor, either.

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Yes, I have noticed that, and that's a feature I kind of like a lot :D

Yes, like any fiction, Porn romanticizes a lot to make an attractive product to audiences.

Thanks for the commenT!

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Yeah.... No. I still think incest is wrong
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This is a very insightful commentary!
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Thank you, dear friend! :hug: It's a giant compliment for me ;)
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Also, I started writing a story about two of my characters (a sister and brother....who are fraternal twins!) and their....forbidden love. No, it won't go on dA, all the SJW would jump on it immediately! Like ficticious characters are the same as real people (if I found two actual fraternal twins of opposite sex and forced them to love each other that way, I'd be the type of messed up jerk who quite frankly deserves to be fried at 25,000 volts!)
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And don't masturbate to Sonic Fanart, closet furry.
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The fact that your little sister raped you doesn't weakens my statement.

Next time try not to act like a bitch.
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I got a better idea: fuck your mother so I can masturbate, seeing my fetish for incest.

Go back to watch "Dora the Explorer" and "The Backyardigans": with that attitude, you will get soon gangbanged on this site.

Lick my balls!
Just Swindon things
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Indeed: I fucked your mom, the trans of your dad (I was the one who made your mother pregnant), your sister and your brother.

Here's my farewell bukkake: .l. .l. .l.

Bye, bitch! Blocked.
Here here, so many truths that people need to remember, and this is coming from a dude who has an open mind for all sorts of incest, in fiction that is. In real world? Well if someone knows the drawbacks and are full grown adults, then it's their choices, if they don't affect me, I don't have much to harp on.
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I'm glad you have that way of thinking. Thanks for your comment!
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¿Sabes?, yo esperaba que también explicaras el porque el enfoque en onee-chans.
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¿Cómo? ¿A qué te refieres?
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