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            Hello, everyone! I’m the Master of Cuteness, mickeyelric11, and here I bring you the Journal of the Winning Theme from my Voting Poll. I’m going to talk about the other three themes I offered later, but this will come first.

            Before I begin, I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of the most controversial journals I have ever made for deviantART. I’m not someone afraid of controversies, and I really don’t care pissing off idiots, extremists, trolls or Social Justice Warriors, but I have to be aware when something may summon the wrong people.

            I have talked how over sensitive many are over themes like Racism and similar products, I have shitted in trolls I have fought with, and I couldn’t be more insensible when I talk about the media I don’t like. However, I consider this a level above.

            Even if many people are aware of this already, this time, I’m going to go deep and in detail about one of the most notorious aspects of myself: I’m not against Incest.

            Haters gonna hate, not everyone will agree with me, but I’m aware of the risks, and I still find this path worth the walk. If you want to listen to me, then come with me, and you’ll be in a world of taboos:


            You know? It will sound crazy, but I owe a lot to one of the trolls I had to face. No joke!

            Remember my Second Journal about Dealing with a Troll? Thanks to my fight with that user in particular, I finally had the courage to say to all of you that I’m NOT against Incest. Because I had to explain the whole issue, this was a detail that must be established since the gecko.

            What a surprise seeing that, instead of insults and threats, I got a positive feedback in general. I even discovered that a great friend of mine here in dA has the same posture.

            Thanks to finally letting this out of my chest, I decided to start making Incest Fanarts, some in a romantic way, and others going into comedy instead.

            I have to clarify that this wasn’t my first attempt of an Incest Work for Internet. Years ago, I made an AMV for You Tube shipping Hayley and Steve Smith from “American Dad”, featuring the song “Everytime We Touch”. It was a bad experience, in a nutshell. The Thumbs-Down Bar grew as crazy, and I received a shit ton of insults from everybody. So, this totally uninspired me from making another Incest Fanwork for a long while…until I made those fanarts.

            However, this time, the reception was the entire contrary. I didn’t only get so many Favorites in those drawings, but also many Praise Comments from the audience. Did the times change or I just used the wrong page? Anyways, nowadays, I’m totally open with my posture. I’m not against incest, if I see Incest Material about Big Sisters and Little Brothers I smile, and I support real life Incest Couples as long as they stay away from Inbreeding and Illegal Territory: Violence, Sexual Abuse, Rape, or Child Abuse.

            However, even with all this, I really never had time to say why I have this position with respect to Incest, and I find it as a pretty interesting idea to say why. So, that’s what I’m going to do today.


            Since the beginning, let leave this in clear:

            Here, I’m not demanding anyone to change his/her mind. I’m just going to share with you my way of thinking. If you agree with me, great; if not, OK: let be bygones to be bygones. So, here we go:


            First of all, what is Incest? Wikipedia says:

            Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives.[1][2] This typically includes sexual activity between people in a consanguineous relationship (blood relations), and sometimes those related by affinitystepfamily, those related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage.


            In short, it’s sex and romantic feelings between relatives, including blood and in-law family: parents and their offspring, siblings, stepbrothers and/or stepsisters, aunts/uncles and nephews/nieces, grandparents and grandchildren, people with their family for affinity, etc.

            However, before continuing, I want to explain more of my posture, seeing the examples given here already have a horrible tone that I want to dissipate as quickly as possible:


            When I say I’m not against incest, I only refer to OVERAGE (AKA, emancipated adults) people in a consensual relationship, as much as straight as homosexual. Therefore, no, I don’t give any support or approval with Sexual Abuse (groping, rape or anything else similar) done by a relative, or pedophilia. Again, I draw the line in Criminal Activity.

            Also, no, I’m against Inbreeding too.

            Let’s dissect these two points now.


            About the part of not consenting crime, yes, I’m aware that Incest is actually illegal in so many countries, and the reasons behind them have many solid points.

            Aside of being a very timeless taboo, the main reason to outlaw incest is, in fact, to prevent inbreeding, something I’m in opposition to.

            Even if many of us aren’t scientists, it’s a pretty well known fact that mating with direct relatives is a very bad idea. The idea behind sexual reproduction is to create offspring with the best from both parents, in order to make new generations which have to be stronger and fitter to survive, creating slowly the process of evolution. So, if two living beings of the same species, but very distant and highly different in Genetic Material, have children, these new humans, animals, bugs or plants will have two big pools of Genetic Features from where to choose, and they will be able to avoid way easier any Genetic Disease or Disorder, seeing many of them are recessive and need both the mother and father to share the same material for it.

            Thanks to this, we are way better human beings from millenniums ago, and we made domestication possible. That’s the reason why you get the best Pokémon by breeding.

            So, when two people, animals or plants mate with direct relatives, the odds of creating offspring with some Genetic Disorders get higher; not absolute, but indeed more probable. If we have to quote examples, the two most famous cases can be the European Royalty Inbreeding and the Purebred Dogs Controversy.


            First, we have the very old costume of Monarchs practicing endogamy in order to keep the Bloodline pure; something as old as the Egyptians. The consequences were unforgettable. For example, when the famous Tutankhamen mummy was examined, scientist realized that not only the pharaoh died pretty young, when he was 19, but also he was the equivalent of Circus Freak, with so many deformities and health issues, and a pointed cause for it was the Incest Practice of Egyptian Monarchs. The same with European Royalty: not only recurrent practice of this reached a point where practically all European Monarchs were related, but many of them presented severe health issues because of inbreeding.


            Then, we have the Purebred Dogs Issue:

            Since I was little, my mother told me that crossbred dogs were way better than purebred ones, and it was until my teen years that I realized why. It wasn’t only that crossbred dogs were way cheaper, or even free, but also the practice of Purebred Farming Process can be so terribly done if the people behind it don’t have enough knowledge and common sense.

            In order to make offspring with the similar features of the breed, many puppy farms, and similar business, resort to inbreeding, which, of course not, only results in many puppies with genetic disorders, but even the whole breed can be tainted in such a unfixable way.

            What’s the most embarrassing aspect of this? Many scientist and dog experts find the Dog Breed concepts as superficial and weak in arguments as Hollywood Animation Classification. They consider them something way more subjective than scientific. Yeah, pretty awkward!

            So, after all this, why am I even supporting this to begin with? Easy: I don’t. I don’t support inbreeding in any way, shape or form. It’s a risky action with horrible consequences for innocent beings. What I actually support is the Love Part.


            If I have learnt something with all the Left-Wing Activity on Internet, is that what two people do behind a closed door, with consent, and being both overage, it’s no one else’s business. If there’s no violence or direct harming done, then nobody has the right to break anyone’s romantic/sexual relationship apart. Why is Incest the exception?

            If two adults want to spend the rest of their lives together, or just the next half hour in bed, then I don’t see why we should stop them if they are going to keep an environment without violence or risks of any kind.

            Therefore, let’s analyze the next issue: Why Incest shouldn’t be practiced?


            First card: Inbreeding.

            Like I have said, yes, it’s a terrible idea to have offspring between two close blood relatives. However, like I said too, that’s not what I support.

            Like other human beings, I find acceptable the Sexual Relationships with protection: condoms, pills, diaphragms, blood tests once in a while etc. Not only to keep pregnancies away, but also to protect the people in this from STD’s. After all, I’m pretty sure a brother and a sister, or a couple of cousins, can know what a condom is for, and even purchase one to use it.

            Yes, we have the “Better Safe than Sorry” Part: What happens if they don’t do that? Sadly, this has happened.

            The most infamous cases of Practiced Incest normally come along some serious degrees of inbreeding, like the hated Colt Incest Clan in Australia; the offspring of four generations of incest resulted in children with severe health conditions that it looked like a Horror Film.

            However, this is the issue: not using Sex Protection is a universal thing. Straight couples have ditched condoms since they were invented, and many stupid homosexuals don’t seem necessary any kind of protection, seeing the lack of pregnancy risk. Not using a condom, or not taking other procedures against pregnancy or STD’s, it’s more a question of Intelligence than Sexuality. Yes, the pills may fail, or the condom can break, but that’s why we have more than one Contraceptive Method and STD’s Awareness Protocols, like Blood Tests and being careful with whom we have sex with.

            Of course, I’m aware that, if these two relatives want to marry, or at least live together, they may want kids. What can they do? Easy! Even if we take away Adoption because of the legal issues in some places (I’m going there), Surrogate Parents is completely available: Sperm Banks or a woman that may want to rent her matrix for Artificial Insemination. Also, we can’t forget that some couples don’t want children at all.


            Second Card: The Rise in Rape Risk.

            I know: there are so many idiots in this planet. I’m pretty aware that when in someplace where Incest is outlawed, if it happens to have the ban lifted, many disgusting creepers would see this as a green light to sexually abuse that relative they always wanted to, even if he/she is underage, and we would have so many people in a high risk. Also, let’s sum all those stupid stereotypes of sex which apologize to sex violence, like a girl in miniskirt is a Free Sex Coupon, nude selfies are the equivalent of a bullfighter shaking his red cape in front of a mad bull, or that men always want sex 24/7.

            An example related to Incest:

            In France, since Napoleon I, all the Laws against Incest were abolished, and they kept that way for a very long time. Yes: Paris wasn’t kidding when it calls itself “The City of Love”. However, on January 2010, the laws regarding Incest were edited, to redefine the concept as rape or sexual abuse on a minor by a relative or any other person having lawful or de facto authority over the victim, while they still kept legal the Sexual Relationships between two consensual adults. I’m pretty sure this was done for a genuine, and horrible, reason.

            However, two issues with this:

            Guys, those Rape Risks always existed. Rapists don’t commit those crimes because they think they have permission: they do that in spite of the law. Actually, almost all criminals in the world work under that basis: what they are going to do is wrong, they know they are going to do wrong, but they are still going to do it anyway. Rape by a Relative is old as time, and the Law against Incest really couldn’t prevent them old, but have served to punish them.

            Secondly, I’m not fighting for this in the slightest. It doesn’t matter if it happens in an Incest Couple, or Homosexual Couple, or even in a Straight Couple: rape is rape, and pedophilia is pedophilia. No matter the flavor, those two are crimes that mustn’t be condoned. In Incest, these wouldn’t be exception, but crimes to be punished by Justice.

            Would legalize Incest may boost Rapes by Relatives? Probably, again: there are so many idiots just looking for a loophole. However, here’s the thing: legalizing Homosexual Marriage may have inspired some men and women to commit sexual abuse against people of their same sex, even to underage people; just a thought. After all: Prison Rapes is a brick joke in black comedy.

            Also, like with the previous point, Rapes are caused more because of the sanity of the culprits, and not for their sexuality itself. More than forbidding incest, it would be more important to instill the Respect of Human Rights to people since youth, and condemn Sexual Crimes since the gecko, and warning people as soon as possible of them, without making them paranoid, of course.


            Third Card, and one of the bluntest: It’s ILLEGAL.

            Yes, before resolving any problem, we have to not only realize we have one, but to know which it is: Incest is outlawed in so many parts of the world.

            According to Wikipedia, here there is a list of some nations where Incest Couples are a big “No, No”: Canada, Chile, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc.

            Then, we have these nations where it’s legal, as long as it’s consensual and keeps people under the age of consent away, and some putting the foot down in marriage: Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Spain, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, etc.

            Then, we have countries where it’s not black or white, and Incest Laws have some parts they allow, and others they don’t, or where it varies depending on the territory of the nation, like United States or Hong Kong.

            Yes, the Law, if it’s not from a Bloody Dictatorship, is there to help us, and we must follow it in order to have a better city, state, country, etc. Also, like I have said, Incest has been outlawed for good reasons and good intentions. But, we mustn’t forget: the Law is something which is always evolving.

            Since the Code of Hammurabi, all societies, as much by their own as together, have developed the norms, rules and codes to tell people how they have, should or must act in a culture in order to keep anarchy and chaos away. However, during this evolution, we got rules that aged pretty badly, norms based in taboos which expired, codes that needed longer and more specific descriptions in order to kill any damaging loopholes for justice, etc. And yes, Sexuality Laws aren’t an exception.

            For example, once upon a time, Marriage was basically an Economic Procedure in order to benefit the wealth of the joint families: love was in second plane. Oh, and speaking of marriages, before some serious changes and destructions of taboos, you better didn’t even dare to marry someone from a different race. Yes, it wasn’t only for Status, you literally couldn’t marry a white woman if you were a black man, or a Spanish lady if you were an indigenous in New Spain. Oh, and we can’t forget one of the most famous cases of Outlawed Relationships: Homosexuality.

            Yes, my dear kids: millenniums ago (Hell, only some decades ago), you couldn’t even think about having a Romantic Relationship with someone of the same sex (let alone to marry him/her). Gay and Lesbian Couples were as prohibited as murder; I think even more. You can bet you could be put in jail if you were caught, however, even until this day, you could pay with your life for following your heart “in the wrong way”. And again, this taboo didn’t just lose its status of “Crime” a couple of years ago: it’s still outlawed in the Modern World. The discrimination, persecution and hatred may have declined, but they aren’t over yet. Thankfully, the smartest, and most benevolent, people, nowadays, defend, without any doubt, Homosexuality, Transgender People and all the members from the LGBTQ Community.

            Why do we support homosexuality? Easy: because, today, we know sex goes beyond love, and love goes beyond sex, and all of them go beyond status. We have grown way more empathy towards other people and we can realize how cruel and stupid would be to separate two people who love one another just for taboos and personal opinions.

            So, why is it OK to outlaw Incest nowadays in so many countries in the world?

            Again, if two overage adults are in love, or want to have sex, and they happen to be blood or in-law relatives, and they aren’t committing any form of violence or infidelity, there’s no reason to act like White Knights, keep them apart, and demonizing their love for the “Greater Good”.

            After all, media has over and over trying to teach us to not destroy true love for selfish reasons, or for what we consider “right”, without forgetting how much it promotes love as way more valuable than any hatred. However, in real life, we have to flip the bird to all this because…?


            Fourth Card: It’s Disgusting.

            Yes, maybe it’s the shallowest of the reasons, but still it is a big factor in keeping Incest as a taboo: the plain idea sounds gross. The mother fucking the little boy which she used to change his diapers; the old man having as a couple his adult granddaughter; the siblings who used to bath together now living as husband and wife; the cousins which got too close, etc.

            OK, once again, let’s start with the less favorable point for me: even if I support incest, I don’t find appealing all of them. No, this time I’m not talking about punishing rapes and sexual abuse of children, but about me jumping in the Gross Bandwagon.

            Do I find some Incest Relationships disgusting? Of course! Forgetting the ones from the Illegal Territory, I really find awkward the Incest between parents and their adult children. The Incest between grandparents and grandchildren looks more like a joke to me than something plausible; even if it has happened in real life. And I feel the same with Aunts and Uncles with Nieces and Nephews. When the parts are separated for many generations, things get gross, and even creepy, for me.

            Also, I’m also indifferent to other kinds of incest, like the one between cousins and In-Law Relatives. I mean, if a man marries the widowed, or even divorced partner, of his brother, or sister, I really don’t see the problem: there’s no adultery, or even probability of inbreeding, there.

            To be honest, the only kind of incest I find incredibly appealing for me is the one between siblings, and not all.

            If you know me enough, I’m a big fan of Big Sisters and Little Brothers Relationships, and, yes, I’m a total sucker with Incest Couples featuring them. The day I find a mainstream work with a Big Sister and Little Brother Incest Couple, I’m going to squeal so high I’m going to break all the windows around. What about the other kinds of siblings? Brothers Incest, yuck; Twins, indifferent; Step Siblings, not into it either, but I find it as the most innocent case; Sisters, OK.

            Here’s the irony: for how strong the Taboo against Incest is, we have actually condone a lot the Incest between Siblings, especially in media. It’s pretty popular in a lot of fictional works, like in “Game of Thrones”, it’s a very used topic in Shipping Fanarts, and even Pornography has the Sisters and Twin Sisters Incest as one of its strongest genres. So, the taboo isn’t as universal as we thought.

            So, after all this paragraphs, I come up with saying I just adore a very specific kind of incest. Therefore, does this mean that I’m totally OK with outlawing the others? No. Does this mean I hate the other kinds of incest? No.

            Even if I only love the Big Sister and Little Brother Incest, that doesn’t mean I exclude the others when I say “I’m NOT against Incest”. Even if the others go from “Meh!” to “Fucking Gross”, I only put the foot down with rape, abusive relationships, and sexual abuse of children. Again, if it’s about two adults starting a romance, or sexual, relationship after the Age of Consent, and the atmosphere is full of respect, solace and consent, GO AHEAD!

            Even I say “Disgusting!” too, I won’t jump in the “Breaking Up” Bandwagon. For example:

            Do you know what the Legal Love Relationship I find the grossest is? An old man dating a young woman; and even having sex with her. Even if it’s true love, I find it incredibly disgusting. So, am I going to stop any old man having a date with a young lady? Only if the man is an abuser or wants to rape her, if not, then they can do whatever they want: my opinion is worth a fuck.

            Oh, and BTW, I really don’t find interesting Gay Couples either. I’m a total fan of Lesbians, but Gay Sex is not something I would browse.

            And yes, this is my biggest issue with the intolerance against incest: It’s based a lot in the “Gross” Factor”, like with homosexuality. If some extremist Conservative, or even Left Wing, people find a Love or Sexual Relationship as an abomination, you can bet they  are going to fight with nails and teeth to destroy it for “the greater good”, some saying “God doesn’t like it”, or “It’s against the law”, or “You are sick”, or the worst: “You are evil!”.


            With all this, do I want you to change your mind in this mere second and accept Incest with open arms? No. So, why am I doing this then? Easy:

    1.      To share my opinion with you. It’s my right as a human being, and the laws of my country allow it without the risk of going to jail.


    2.      To invite people to think and debate.


            If you don’t like something, or you are even against, it’s OK. More than your mentality, the only danger here are the actions you may do because of them. However, whenever we want to dislike, hate or condemn something, it’s way more important to have a good reason for it, and asked ourselves once in a while “Why?”.

            Like the “Wayside” books used to say: “You need a reason to be sad, but you don’t need a reason to be happy”.

            When you want to fight for, or against, a cause, before doing anything, the least you can do is to double check all your thoughts, postures and personal opinions to see if your actions would do more good than harm, or if they are, at least, worth the effort.

            I cannot ask you all to agree with me in everything. I’m totally against it, and thinking different is the base of Democracy. Instead of ordering you to write down here “I agree”, I want to know your personal postures, as much as if you are in favor or against Incest. More than a “yes” or “no”, I would really love to read your reasons behind your answers. That’s part of the gimmick.

            If you happen to support, or at least don’t care for, Incest, that’s great. If you are against, don’t worry: I won’t stop speaking to you, insult you, or block you. Feel totally free to say why.

            However, here’s the main clause: with this work I’m inviting people to debate, not to fight. No matter your posture, you will have to write here within respect. I won’t tolerate insults, threats or any attacks. If you don’t have the maturity to do so, then turn 180°, and go check something else that feeds your authoritarian delusions.


            Loud House - Lincoln is bewildered Loud House - Lincoln is bewildered I’m mickeyelric11, and see yoU!

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This is a very insightful commentary!
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Thank you, dear friend! :hug: It's a giant compliment for me ;)
Raakone Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2019
Also, I started writing a story about two of my characters (a sister and brother....who are fraternal twins!) and their....forbidden love. No, it won't go on dA, all the SJW would jump on it immediately! Like ficticious characters are the same as real people (if I found two actual fraternal twins of opposite sex and forced them to love each other that way, I'd be the type of messed up jerk who quite frankly deserves to be fried at 25,000 volts!)
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The fact that your little sister raped you doesn't weakens my statement.

Next time try not to act like a bitch.
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I got a better idea: fuck your mother so I can masturbate, seeing my fetish for incest.

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mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I'm glad you have that way of thinking. Thanks for your comment!
XUnlimited Featured By Owner May 7, 2018
¿Sabes?, yo esperaba que también explicaras el porque el enfoque en onee-chans.
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
¿Cómo? ¿A qué te refieres?
XUnlimited Featured By Owner May 8, 2018
Que porque la preferencia de hermana mayor-hermano menor.
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Ah, muy buena pregunta ;)

Pues, me encanta mucho el concepto de, que en una pareja, sea la mujer la que tenga el rol del guardián, a diferencia del clásico Caballero en Armadura y Damisela. No, no me refiero tanto a que la mujer sea una idiota agresiva y mandona, como Asuka Langley o Akane Tendo, sino a que me fascina mucho el hecho de que muchas hermanas mayores adopten el rol de Segunda Madre, por lo que procuran proteger al hermano menor, aunque él sea el varón.
Además, me encanta el hecho de que un muchacho actué, a la vez, como el protector de su hermana mayor, aunque él sea el más joven y con menos experiencia. Lo veo como una gran forma de evolución en la personalidad, y un aspecto muy grandioso de la Caballerosidad.

Además, a mí me parecen más atractivas las mujeres mayores que yo, por un par de años. Estoy consiente de que la mayoría de las mujeres vencen en madurez a los hombres de su edad, y una mujer más grande sería una dificultad mayor, pero el concepto me atrae mucho. Además, creo que todavía sigo asqueado de "Memorias de una Geisha". Como dije en este artículo: detesto las parejas románticas de anciano con mujer muy joven.

Y pues, analizando los demás tipos de hermanos: jamás tuve un hermano varón o un gemelo de cualquier sexo, por lo cual no me identifico mucho con esas relaciones; también añado a las parejas de hermana y hermana. Aunque tenga una hermana menor, la verdad, tampoco me importa mucho los hermanos mayores y hermanas menores. Quizás se deba al hecho de que, en la ficción, está muy explotado el cliché de la hermana menor mucho más madura e inteligente que el primogénito varón, lo cual llega a ser demasiado molesto.

Y para cerrar, una relación incestuosa de hermana mayor y hermano menor desafía dos estándares a la vez: además de enamorarte de tu propia familia, se rompe el cliché de un hombre saliendo con una mujer más joven que él. En mi opinión, eso le hecha más chile al caldo ;)

XUnlimited Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
¿Y en el caso de que la hermana mayor tiene una personalidad infantil?

Muchas gracias :aww:
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
¿Qué bueno que preguntas?

La verdad, me encanta en general los personajes femeninos con una actitud más jovial, relajada y energética, eso es lo que precisamente hace tan grandiosa a Star Butterfly.

En cuanto a las hermanas mayores, eso era lo que me gustaba tanto de Dee Dee: en lugar de ser ella la regañona y Dexter el niño problema, tenían los roles invertidos, lo cual hacía su relación más interesante.

De nada :)
XUnlimited Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
Ambos argumentos de la actitud de la hermana mayor suenan contradictorios.
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mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Can you explain your statement, good sir?
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And this is proof enough you're an asshole. Thank you, motherfucker!

I shit in your dead, and I block you here. Bye bye! WINNER! WINNER! WINNER! WINNER! WINNER! Bendy Finger Bendy Finger Bendy Finger 
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Funny you pointed that part.
In an article I read here in dA, also defending Incest, explained that, even if ti exists, the risk of Genetic Disorders for First-Time Inbreeding is way lower than people think: at the same level of Consuming Alcohol during pregnancy.
And, yes, I believe what you say, and I consider it pretty terrifying: it's one of the reasons why I really don't want children.

Exactly, also, nobody can give a concrete prediction of how the newborn will come out.

I'm so sorry for that, friend. I hope you are OK. Also, very sweet you don't hold any grudge against your parents: it wasn't even their fault,  actually. The Atomic Tests in your country were out of their hands. I send you a big hug since Mexico! :hug:

Indeed: Inbreeding gets the worst after a couple of generations, not neccesarily at the first try. However, I'll keep myself, in this case, in the "Better Safe than Sorry" territory, seeing Adoption and Surrogate Parents as a better option, but I respect your opinion.

Bye! A pleasure talking with you.
Painfulldarksoul Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well my mother did decide to live there, even if she had other options, scarce as they were.
RedandBalck Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
I don't take people seriously if they use the term"social justice warrior" unironically.

You have a problem with justice or society?
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No. That's not what "Social Justice Warrior" means:

"Social Justice Warrior" is a peyorative phrase used to tag people who fight against "injustices" on Internet though Social Media, but targeting the swallowest of problems, and normally having an Extremist Left-Wing Ideology. Their popular themes are Racism, Cultural Appropriation, White Washing, Minorities Treatment, etc, but without having a clear an realistic concept of any of them, doing their actions more to get fame and recognition than actually helping people, and looking for contradictory goals like Censorhip and Authoritarian Opinions. This translates in trolls and cyberbullies who work under the basis of "The end justifies the means", and very inspired by wrath and revenge.

A classic example are all the people who harrassed Paige Paz because of her "racist" works, which weren't, nearly driving her to suicide.
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If I could be honest right now, I'm surprised that the journal option of why you're not against incest was the big winner.  For all the times I've peeked back at the results, I saw that it was in the lead at one point, then it was in last place in another.  But with the incest-themed journal winning, all I can say is wow.

But it's only appropriate I give my two cents for what you've written in the journal itself.

I can't remember if I've told you this much, but should I comment on journals as long as this, please forgive me if whatever I say seems a bit out of focus when compared to your journal content.  Frankly, I'm the one to blame for that; comprehension isn't really my strength.  I sucked at it back in elementary school, and I still kinda suck at it even today. So please, bear with me on this.

What I am able to comprehend, however, even when your first revealed it in your journal where you expressed how you were dealing with another troll, was that even though you were for incest, you'd still be appalled by relationships that cross legal boundaries, including inbreeding, rape and pedophilia.  I just want to understand one thing, though (again, I suck at comprehending things this long): The only kind of incest you'd actually support is the one between the older sister and younger brother (so long as it doesn't cross any legal boundaries, at least)?

But as far as your fanart depicting that kind of incest is concerned, I'm partially curious as to which kinds actually would count as "incest".  (And feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about any of them.)  For this part, I'm actually looking at two of your fanarts depicting the same relationship, Miles and Loretta from Miles from Tomorrowland.  I don't think the one you made for Siblings' Day 2016 would count as "incest".  This is because, as I've stated in the other fanart I'll get to later, I doubt a kiss on the cheek would count towards sexual interaction of any kind.  But for Fly Me to the Moon, I can see that, yeah, this would count as incest, because it shows Miles and Loretta kissing each other on the lips.  (And if I might say, Fly Me to the Moon is probably one of my absolute favorite deviations made by you.)  I guess what I'm asking is, in your honest opinion, which kind of BSLB interactions would count as incest, and which ones wouldn't?

But another question that comes to mind is if you'd prefer BSLB incest couples whose relationship setup is well-written.  I ask because there's actually a review by Bobsheaux entitled Holly & Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure.  Yep, Holly and Hal Moose have a BSLB sibling relationship, but Bobsheaux was a bit turned off that the alleged incest between them was implied.  However, it's unknown if any incest between Holly and Hal actually was intentional or not (probably not).  I say this because, when Bobsheaux gave his closing thoughts to the movie, he felt like Holly and Hal Moose were originally intended to have started out as best friends who'd eventually realize their true feelings for each other, when production for the movie began.  But the Build-a-Bear Workshop (the company that produced this, their one and only movie) didn't want that kind of dynamic because it would conflict with the "innocent" theme of their products, yet they still left the quote-unquote "romantic" tension between those two siblings.  So yeah, if this actually were to be an "incest" couple, it'd be one whose setup wasn't written all that great.

I can't help but giggle at the Lincoln Loud emoticons you put towards the end of the journal.  That reminds me: No rush or anything, but are you still going to make more Loudcest works in the future (at least when things have calmed down, anyway)?

Before I sign off, I just wanna gloat and say that when my sister drove me to work in January 2017, I remember us kissing each other on the lips.  It felt kinda wierd, actually.

Can't wait to see the next three journals!
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I was surprised too. It actually was stuck in a tie with other theme for a long time, until I asked a friend of mine to give the final vote to finally close the pool.

OK, let's see:

Don't worry: this is just for fun!

Of course I am: maybe I would like to legalize Incest, but rape, pedophilia and inbreeding are things I'm totally against. Actually, that's the only kind of Incest that fascinates me. I'm either indifferent or even grossed out by the other kinds of moral incest, but, as long as they don't break the law, I'm tottally OK with them.

Exactly, Colin: I don't considering a person kissing his/her sibling on the cheek as incest. That's just a way of affection which doesn't need to be sexual.
Yes, that would be incest, because in that fanart I totally implied a Romantic Relationship. Really? Whoa! I'm very flattered now :blush:
In genereal a BSaLBR turns into incest when they siblings want to act as a romantic couple, or just have sex for fun. Fraternal Love covers hugs, kissed on the cheek (and sometimes on the lips) and saying "I love you!".

I really can't give my opinion here: for the quality of the work, I really don't want to give a try to this movie.

I know they would be a great detail, seeing that Loudcest is one of the most popular modern examples of the Incest Trend.

I would really want to bring more fanarts of Loudcest, but I just don't have time. Speaking of that, don't worry: the work is still on dA, and I think nobody from the crew gave a fuck this time.

I have read that some siblings kiss on the lips in a Fraternal Way. Don't worry :)

I just need to save some time to start with the next theme: The Channel Awesome Controversy and the #ChangetheChannel Movement. Bye!
ffejgao Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Student
I don't know how best to respond other than "this is some seriously mature writing and there's a lot to learn here." I'm personally against incest but I'm all for love among family members.
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Whoa! :blush: Thank you!

It's OK, friend. Totally cool!
XUnlimited Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018
Como lo he mencionado antes, no tengo problemas con incesto mientras sea parientes de edades cercanas, y sean hombre y mujer, lo demás para mi si es una abominación.
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Gracias por tu comentario, amigo.

Mientras escribía esto, me da algo de risa que gran parte del texto se fue en especificaciones sobre lo que no aceptaba, al nivel de un Acuerdo  Términos y Condiciones de Mercado Libre XD Es que creo que mucha gente, al oír "Incesto", lo primero que les llega a la mente es un papá (o padrastro) abusando de sus hijos, o de acoso sexual de menores.

XUnlimited Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018
Me imagino.
JIMENOPOLIX Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh... I didn't really bother reading the entire thing. Only some few "cliff-notes". I'm at least aware you don't find every single type of incest appropriate.
I still find it kinda gross, myself. Though I will say my brother and I joked around once with kissing on the lips, as did my next door neighbors (big sister and little brother), but we weren't full-on supporting this kind of stuff.
Well, I'm at least a bit more informed on what's on your mind. I probably won't agree with you. But I'll be fine as long as we stay away from the subject when looking at and talking about your other works.
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I'm not going to lie: I'm a little dissapointed you didn't read it all. It's OK: I also have themes I'm not interested too :)

It's OK: like I have said here, I find disgusting an old man dating a very young woman, even if she is overage. Since "Memories of a Geisha", I learnt to loathe that.

:giggle: Sorry, but I found that actually cute, especially for the part of "Big Sister and Little Brother". I have read some siblings have that costume, but I think it was a myth from Fetish Media XD

:D Then my job here is done. It's OK, Cesar: that's what makes friendship interesting. Fine by me.

Speaking of which, don't worry, the next Journal would be about "The Channel Awesome Controvery and the #ChangetheChannel Movement". You're going to enjoy it, I swear ;)
JIMENOPOLIX Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, it also has to do with the fact that, even though I'm pretty much done going to classes for the semester, I still have two more homework assignments to do. So I didn't wanna waste too much time.
I see.
Well, then.
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Oh, now that explains all :D It's OK: I still have nightmares from my College Years XD


Yes, it was one of the other themes I put in the Voting Poll when I asked for which theme people prefered more for a Journal.
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To quote wrestling with wrgret

"it's the magic of rape" bing

Or be like Harvey winstine or Kevin spacey 
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