Enough is Enough! I won't let them win now

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This isn't only unfair anymore. This isn't just a troll dick move now. This is Herod's Law now, and it has to stop!

My dear audience, and any passerby who may listen, I need your help. Just today, I received another Report Notification of "Underage Sexuazilation" in my correspondence. Did I upload another Panty Shot Work? No. The worked accused is this old one:
Lincoln and Lucy by mickeyelric11

Herod's Law by mickeyelric11

Look, I know Incest is not everyone's cup of tea, many of you should be already tired of the Loudcest Trend too, and I understand that. However, it's so stupid to consider this drawing as Rule 34 Material. Kids kissing is old as media itself, and regarding it as "fucking" is so ridiculous even for the most extreme Social Justice Warrior.
Even if I find this accusation false, the work has the great disavantage of featuring incest, and that's something the dA Staff won't let go scot free; I'm pretty sure of that after my last incident. They don't want any controversy, and they would want to play "better safe than sorry".

Seriously, guys, I don't know what to do. Last time I got an unfair Report Notificaction, I tried to make the first step and sent an email explaining the issue to dA itself, and it didn't work. Then, I politely fought for the forgiveness of this work after it was put in hiatus, and I lost. I know I can't let this slide because of how double standard is the administration here in dA (it's way worse than in Twitter), but I don't have any idea of what to do.

Please, I beg you for some advice in what can I do. I don't want to summon a lynch mob againts this site, but this is a complete injustice that must finish now. Again, it's OK if you don't care for this fanart, but it's so unfair I'm going to have deleted one of the work from my gallery with more views and faves; the "Loud House" fanarts are really a big investment. If there's a way to fight against this injustice, please, let me know. Also, please spread this message sharing the journal link; if I lose again, I want at least to warn other people who make this kind of fanart too.. This Political-Correct Censorhip must stop now. If today they consider two kids sharing a kiss as "Underage Sexualization", what's next? Hugs? Holding hands?

Thank you for your time, and see yoU!
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I've seen MabelXDipper and LincolnXLeni ships so I guess it's fair if you don't delete it. LinconXLucy will not spark on much, but hey, he's been shipped with his sisters in the past.
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Thank you for your comment! :)
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From what I can see, their kissing is consensual. That’s definitely acceptable to me. 
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Thanks for your support, dude! :)

I'm just afraid about the actions from the dA Part: Incest is still a pretty strong taboo, and many SJW's even cwant to banish kids from fanarts.

Let's hope this battle ends well.
It's not my thing, but I do agree that this isn't exactly the same as the F-bomb. However, the idea of kissing often kinda relates to interest, lust, or sexual desire, in that when they grow up, they are sure to "do it". And the fact that they're starting out so young might give the impression that this is where it's going. That's perhaps why they considered it R34 stuff.
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Thanks, Cesar! :)

I'm not going to deny that. Even if he has lost all my respect, Doug Walker was right with kissing: no matter if it's with straight or homosexual couples, they most of the time go along with a little erotic tone, especially if it's for true love.

I think the main issue is the Incest Part, which has a lot of haters, even from the Left Wing Part, and, who knows? Nobody can denies this may come from a hater of either the "Loud House" oor of the Loudcest Trend. Just a thought.
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I suggest you watch this video mickeyelric11, because I think this might be relevant. Ever since the #MeToo scandal broke out, the SJWs (particularly the post-modernist trigger-happy third-wave feminists) are becoming more brazen than ever, and I think this might be an outgrowth of that progression.

Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8ugLD…
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I'll watch your video later, friend, but I can see your point since the beggining.

Sadly, even before the #MeToo Phenomen, Social Justice Warrios have been making these bloodthirsty attack against anything Political Incorrect; we can't forget the Paige Paz case.

Wish me luck, my dear friend: Winter is Coming!
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Que mal que fuera reportado. Yo no creo en incesto por que es algo muy inapropiado.

Algunos de mis dibujos tambien reportados.
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Sí: llevaba creo que un año o dos sin problema alguno, más que el ocasional troll, y hasta ahora llega un imbécil a reportarlo. Está bien: respeto tu postura. Sin embargo, no permitiré que ganen esta vez: voy a luchar por esto.
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Any ideas on who it might have been that reported you? If not, I don't know if I can help here. If yes, maybe you could make a complaint to DeviantArt Customer Service? Good luck in keeping this art safe - it does NOT violate the rules and it should NOT be taken down ;)
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Not yet, but it's more important to keep the work up. Thanks God, it has passed a day, and it's still safe here in my gallery.

Sounds like a good idea, but I have my doubts. After all, the dA Staff send me to Hell last time :(

Exactly: it's romance, not porn. It's incest, not Underage Sexualization. I'm going to win this, one way or the other.
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Wow.  And just when you haven't suffered enough with the drama involving panty shot Mabel.

But yeah, I can totally see how you'd be calling bullshit with this one.  If anything, I'd definitely be the one calling bullshit on this, myself; you putting a "Mature Content" filter on it aside, I can clearly see there wasn't anything that would be considered "sexually explicit".

But as far as giving you advice on how to combat this situation is concerned, I honestly don't know if I can come up with any useful advice at the moment.  (I'm tempted to suggest you getting a Pixiv account or something, but I don't know if that'd interest you.)  However, with all the shit that's been happening regarding this, I can help but ask: Are you on the verge of getting your account suspended, or worse?  Because I sure as fucking hell don't want that to happen.  You've become one of the best friends I've ever made online, and it'd be sad to see all of your work be done for naught, if suspension or termination ever happened.

Maybe I'll make something that'll cheer you up (and possibly one that'd really piss those SJWs off :iconspongebobcameplz:); but again, we'll have to see.

I'm so sorry for what's been happening to you; I hope things get better for you. :iconaawplz:
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Yeah: pretty bad timing!

Thank you for that: I'm glad I'm not the only one to realize how stupid this all is.

More and more I'm thinking about that: deviantART is kissing the SJW's up instead of just ignoring them. Also, I'm just one of the thousands of people who make Loudcest Fanart: why can't I play then?

Don't worry, Colin, I haven't received any warning of being banned. However, seeing this injustices, it would be a blessing instead of a curse.

Thank you, Colin! :hug: Thanks for your support!
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Hey--that's what friends are for, aren't they? :meow:

Even if you do end up leaving DeviantArt, though, I'm more than fortunate to at least know that there are other ways we can keep in touch.  Thanks for finally getting myself to make a Twitter!
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No, friend: I'm against the ropes only in this fanart. I'm asking a big deal because this has gone too far with such corny reasons. I'm precisley working a Journal about why I don't hate incest, so, I just find fair to fight for one of my fanarts about it.

Wish me luck, Colin!
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...Yeah, I guess I overreacted a little there. ^^;  I still may not be one for incest, but I'm pretty interested to see your reasons for why you support it.  Can't wait, and good luck! :la:

BTW, I actually did make a gift for you to cheer you up (and piss off potential SJWs in the process)!  Here it is; hope you enjoy! :rainbowswirlla:
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Again with this??


I don't find this offensive what so ever. Whoever flags this shame on them. Sure I don't want to see you getting banned over this. I have a feeling you got a SJW troll on your side but still this is ridiculous. So they are telling us that we are not allowed to draw cartoon characters anymore? This is censorship, you should explain that it DOES NOT violate jackshit. Kissing is nothing.
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No, friend: this is just being stupid. This SJW poisoning has gone too far: we're getting offended for something we saw a million of times in TV and movies now.

I hope that's not the case, my friend, but yeah: I have to do something about it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the message!
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So networks can pull this shit off and we can't? Talk about taking away freedom of expression and speech. This is violation of Freedom of Speech. 

I mean if you do get banned over unfair bullshit. Then yeah, screw SJW's. You should do something, otherwise you might have a troll working at dA.

You're welcome.
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