Breaking News: I have now a pixiv's Account

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Deviation Actions

Just created today. You can visit it at this link:…

Why have I created this account? Don't worry: I'm not leaving deviantART...yet! You see, do you remember my deleted work of Mabel Pines from the Collectibles Series? Yes, that's the main reason. Aside of reuploading it there, I'm also going to use this account to upload the other two Panty Shot Works I promised as revenge. BTW, I have the first one already done and ready to submit.

However, I'm also going to use that account to upload my other works: Toy Girls, ONEE-CHAN, The POSSIBLE KBlogs, etc.

So, again, a sicnere FUCK YOU to the idiots who reported me, and another "Thanks!" to all the people who helped me! Also, I'm going to upload the ceonsred Panty Shot works here too, in order to make them more mainstream, and anger the SJW's after my head.

This is a dawn of a new era for my gallery; ironic, seeing right now is night at my city. Bye! A big hug since Mexico!
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Saw what you wrote on pixiv.

Beyond vengeance, this Panty Shot series look like a good idea, though”

Go ahead. If you want to do it, do it.
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“I’m not leaving deviantART.... yet!”

you should stay there so I can get my daily dose of toy girls :P

anyways, congrats!
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I hope it works señor.
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Good luck with the new account.
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Just in case, as an additionnal precaution. It's archived on the Wayback Machine and ^^;…

Weird then the former DA user POLH1995 reported your Mabel fanart and decided to leave just after that but after saying a copy of his former account dating from 2016 in the Wayback Machine.… We could wonder if he had some hidden skeletons of his own in his closet? 

Btw, Deviantart have now his own Wayback Machine but only for Core members. I wonder if it work the same way as the more well known Wayback Machine? 
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The funny thing is that I, too, have a Pixiv account, but it's one of those accounts I'm active on the least.  Still, here's someone who's willing to follow you! :la:

SuperMarioLogan - Goodman Icon: And if anyone tries to report him on Pixiv, too, your balls are mine, m'kay?
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Oh! Now I know! :D Great: you are always welcome there!

Thanks, Colin! I'm glad there are people who will stand up for me! :hug:
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Cool, I just aded you and faved the Mabel pic. :)
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I received the notification already: thanks! :)
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I look forward to seeing your other pics that will be there. :)
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