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Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 177: Lynn Loud

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Hi, my dear audience! It is me, the Master of Cuteness, mickeyelric11, and this is a brand new sweet work for Toy Girls’ Catalogue Series. Please, remember you can always support me by giving me a pink brick in my Patreon Account. Also, don’t forget either my Donation Pool or the Official Toy Girls Facebook Page. Also, please, follow me on Twitter. Use the hashtag #CutenessShallLast


            …when the fuck everything went down the drain?! I mean…when did this exactly started? And…why the Animation Industry? Actually, how in the Animation Industry?!

            These last years, one of the most infamous hashtags on Internet has been the very tragic #MeToo Even if I’m not aware if it’s stil popular, it made a lot of noise, and dare I say it’s now an immortal part of Online Culture. For thos who don’t know:

            The #MeToo Movements refers to when many victims of Sexual Abuse decided to come up with their stories of Sexual Harassment, Sex Violence, or just plain Rape, normally sharing it online on social media, and going from simple tweet to full-fledge videos, revealing stories of betrayal, pain, toxic silence, frustration and contempt that stayed with you until your bedtime. This sometimes made you wonder: did Sex Violence increased as shit on the XXI Cenbtury, or Globalization only helped in bringing this to light for everyone?

            Even if each individual of these tragedies is important, like always, what baffled people the most was when the #MeToo Movement actually uncovered many sex offenders in the Entertainment Industry: Producers, Actors, Writers, Celebrities, Directors, etc. People was left speechless when they realize people which participated in works they grew to love, were unmasked as monsters. Some of the most infamous examples of this are Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

            Celebrities accused of Sexual Violence is nothing new, having cases like Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. It was until recently when many important heads in the industry started to fall, finally serving justice to victims, and putting criminals on their place. However, things went another mile when the #MeToo Movement reached a place nobody suspected of: the Animation Field.

            Yes, Animation still has humans, but it still unbelievable people in charge to bring drawing to life could be not only Sex Offenders, but Serial Harassers. Even related to works aimed to Children, these last years it has been proved that many Important Figures, and even Legends, on Animation has been proved guilty of Sex Crimes, and again, even big names have fallen.

            Having as prologue the now infamous Skyler Page, when the #MeToo Movement officially started, the Hunting finished the careers of figures like John Kricfalusi,  John Lasseter and this guys, responsible of this giant hit on Nickelodeon, which give us this character. For this Saturday:


            Lynn Loud, from “The Loud House”, a request for…somebody who doesn’t matter anymore.


    Man, one thing is that somebody is found guilty of Sex Abuse, but something way more unconceivable is realizing that this asshole was captured after literally decades of impunity.

    I’m pretty sure many of you know what “Loud House” is: that cartoon about that boy with 10 sisters, based on the life of its creator Chris Savino. Like you are also aware of, I hate that cartoon with all my guts, and I have kept my distance from it. However, my most immature and stupid part of myself wished with all my heart to see this cartoon to crash and burn…and then this happened.

    After some research, you realize Chris Savino isn’t a newcomer in this industry. This guy actually had a very long career on Animation, being the head in many projects prior “The Loud House”, having worked in “Ren & Stimpy”, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, etc. However, the shit didn’t wait until “Loud House” to start:

    When the rumors finally began, it was established that Chris Savino has committed plenty acts of Sexual Harassment since almost a decade ago: Undesired Sexual Advances, Threats of Blacklisting, Offering Job in Exchange of Sexual Favors, Explicit Messages, etc.

      However, it wasn’t until 2017 when Nickelodeon decided to finish its contract with him, and the show continued without him. Time later, Chris finally decided to apologize for the thing, but that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be consequences: he was suspended a year from the Animation Guild, forced to donate $4,000.00 to a chosen charity, 40 hours of community service, undergo counseling, and obtain a certificate of Sexual Harassment Training. Yeah, maybe he received punishment, but many may be thinking it’s not enough, and forgiveness is harder now to get than a Shiny Chansey.

    Again, the scarier part here isn’t the fact that a cartoonist can be a sex offender, but how long it can get away with it. Somebody who was able to work in many of Childhood Treasures of us, turned out to be a serial creep; it would be funny if it wasn’t that terrifying.

    So, the question is on the wall: do Chris Savino deserves forgiveness and an “n” chance?

    In the meantime, let’s pass to Lynn.


    She is the tomboy sister who loves sports. I can’t say so much of her since I stopped watching the show, and the little I saw put her in a pretty bad spotlight.

    Anyways, Lynn Loud is a Toy Girl now.


    So, this is nothing special: it’s only Lynn in a pseudo-sport pose. That’s it!


    In my opinion, Chris Savino is a douchebag, and if he wants to get back in business, he has a very long path to walk. In the meantime, please, guys: don’t be Sex Offenders, because “Cuteness shall last”


    …BTW, No! This isn’t a sign of forgiveness, motherfucker: I haven’t forget you reported me that work. Fuck yoU!


    And this is all, folks! I will see you all next time, oh, and talking about next Saturday, we have a giant treat. Just think about it: next time, we are entering to one of the Greatest Classics of Disney Channel. You don’t need more information: this is one of the most treasured late 90’s cartoons of this channel. You know the intro, you know the characters, you know the humor, and, shit, I’m pretty sure you all have waited for me to finally bring this girl. After working with MTV’s favorite douchebags pair, and before saving the world from the tyranny from adults, this gentleman sweetened our childhood with this girl. Catch ‘er if you can!


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Disneyponyfan's avatar

The sporty sister.

thunderloud's avatar
Wow i love that
Katiefan2002's avatar
I love the Loud House
sydneypie's avatar
The Sporty One
Dragonrider1227's avatar
I never thought the show was bad but I think it's actually gotten better since Savino was kicked out.
SwagHopkins's avatar
Can you please do Helen from Sonic X as a toy girl?
Hectortop2's avatar
Why do you like the loud house?
mickeyelric11's avatar

I don't: I hate it with all my heart.

I made this because it was a request.

SwagHopkins's avatar
How come you hate The Loud House?
sallen623's avatar
We know why! He turned against the show because of that unmentionable episode, and the cruelty shown towards its main character by his sisters in a move at which the very subject of this artwork was at the forefront. At least that is what he has said.
VArtistry's avatar
About that stuff about the MeToo movement entering the animation field... well, I would say I'm surprised/shock, but seeing how we are on a website where even artists have been guilty of drawing their sexual desires and pleasures, I think the animation field may be one area that's more vulnerable to this sort of thing.

I learned that an artist has the power and skill to draw whatever he/she wants, bringing anything they visualize to life in the best way they can possibly bring it. . . . This may also include their deepest sexual desires/secret fetishes. Since they have the skill to draw, they can even pleasure themselves with drawing whatever they secretly sexually imagine. And thus, this sexual thought of theirs doesn't leave their head. They have it in their mind 24/7 after that, and they become obsessed/addicted to this mentality, that they probably blend fiction and reality, and thus they cannot help themselves. Thus they may "accidentally" commit something like this in real life, because it's all that's in their mind. Not to mention, if they made a name for themselves, they believe they must be big and powerful enough and respected enough to get away with it, like it won't bite them in the end.

Little have they forgotten that it's still the work world; they must be PROFESSIONAL about it, not be allowed to do as they please with those working under them.
Erik-the-Okapi's avatar
Cute! :D :heart:
Glad you drew Lynn! Similar to her, I kinda like sports as well....well, I play only 1 sport for the last 5 (almost 6) years.... :XD: :)
Wordgirlserenity67's avatar
I know who you're talking about next! It's Pepper Ann right?
Donnietu's avatar
I suspect that the next character in this series will be Pepper Ann, a show I've seen clips of but haven't really watched.

By the way, did you read up on my suggestion for the Arts and Crafts series yet?
jppiper's avatar
Pepper Ann Aired on ABC not The Disney Channel(ok Disney Channel also aired it)
mickeyelric11's avatar

Who knows? :shrug:

And yes, I did, but I never watched the movie. However, I still have it in mind :)

The-Psychid's avatar
Oh, I distinctly remember first hearing the news about the sexual abuse allegations against Savino back in 2017. I'll admit, I was pretty surprised that Savino would be the target of the whole #MeToo fiasco, but I probably wasn't that devastated by such news, probably because I was likely a "casual" Loud House fan as I am now. I say that because I remember listening to AniMat's podcast about Savino's history of sexual abuse that led up to his firing, and that one of the focus points was that people would come to Savino's defense because they are die-hard Loud House fans who are incapable of separating the art from the artist. I think that in the same podcast, I might've heard at least one historical claim about Savino's abuse towards one of the women who came forward against him, but I didn't think Savino's history of sexual abuse would spawn for decades. It's like you said, the shocking part was how long he was able to get away with it. I mean, yeesh.

And on a somewhat unrelated note: I know you hate The Loud House, which means you obviously wouldn't be keeping up with it, and I fully respect that. I'll admit, I haven't kept up with it either, mostly because I've moved on from cable. However, from what I've seen on Lynn's wiki page, she's still a tomboy, but the reason why she became that way is, I shit you not, she used to be a pretty soft-hearted and sensitive person in her first year of middle school. Yes, you're reading it right: According to the show, Lynn's a tsundere, in which I'm assuming it's the kind of tsundere you hate. Lynn may be my favorite of the older Loud siblings, but even I'm calling fucking bullshit on this one! Loud House - Lincoln facepalm

Can't wait to see who's next! :la:
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