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Summer Day

My entry for a character design contest based around a orange/green smoothie
I decided on the green and orange one since the colors are the ones i associated with summer the most.
Besides matching colors, there's some other references to the smoothie. The flowers are lemon flowers, the character has a elegant and a bit curvy body to match the smoothie cup's shape, and the freckles give her a natural look, which matches great with a smoothie.
Also being summer and all, i felt like it was a missed opportunity not to draw a beach as a background, also giving it some fresh feeling despite the heat :p
Anyways, hope you like it, and as always, any feedback is welcome!

Here's a sketch where i explored the character design before doing a final drawing:
And also for those interested, here is the contest page:
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This is perfect!!! T.T I think you won the first place ;)
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Thank you!
But im not as sure of that, after all it is a creativity contest, there's a lot more to it than detail :p
But lets hope you're right hehe. Either way i had a blast drawing it, so winning or not doesnt really matter i guess :)