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The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals - Part 1

By mick39
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A free reference sheet of Sergals, containing just the Safe-For-Work art from The Sergal Reference Guide (link). And there's just only designs, is not including the information and details. But, as for canon description, each related articles of Sergals on Vilous Wiki (link) has enough information for them. If you head to Wiki, it is good time for learning about what can their physical features work to. And you will be the expert of Sergals with much of knowledge of their lore!

Or if you want to learn Sergals in detail and more easy, please consider buying The Sergal Reference Guide!

I have divided it into some of parts for posting to FA, because its original size is too large (A whopping 5662 pixels by 10424 pixels in size!). The full size and full parts, it can be found and downloaded on Vilous Official Store (link) for free!

Ear holes that always turn to rear, 12 fangs like canine teeth without incisors and molars, forked tongues that is not a natural feature, snout don't have bone, and conspicuous breastbone (the keel) in the center of their chest... How many did you find the points that you overlooked until now? From now on, this sheet is always your friend! Never forget! :D

Learn about & draw Sergals!

Vilous Official Wiki / Site / Store / Patreon / Twitter / Facebook
Contact[at]vilous.net - Please send all questions and enquiries to this email instead of directly asking to me. Thank you!
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oh god
what the hell
Ive seen sergal's alot I may one they seem pretty cool
I Can Easily Say: This Reference Sheet, Is Better Than The "Anatomy" Pages Involving Genders....
(The Anatomy Of Female Sergals, Is A Bit... "Interesting ; But Strange")
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How big are the males to humans?
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man, I really want to make one
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It’s an open species so you can make one
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This is a closed specie, right? How can I get a Sergal? Do I need to buy one? How much?
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It's an open species !
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So... everyone can get one for free?
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Mind if I trace over some of them for a ref I will give credit to you 
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im making myself a sergal, but its sky/sea based, is that ok?
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You can make a sergal as long as you credit the original creator.
silver-the-cub's avatar
ok, thanks for the help
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Very helpful. 
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*excited screeching*
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All artist should make guides. It's a lot of help.
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