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Nevrean Lady - Nevrean Bounty Huntress

Nevreans is one of my fictional alien race of feathered dinosaur-like people from the world of Vilous universe, same world sergals lives in. In Nevreans gender features, Females are tougher and stronger than males. Female Nevreans look dinosaur (especially similar to raptors) than bird-like males.  They are generally serious, severe, hardy, careful, quiet, unamiable, and realism. They generally keep poker face always, are taciturn due to their secretiveness nature (their speech is reply mainly). Their role is diligent workers; combatants, guardians, hunters, secret agents, and backstage workers.

Basic of Female Nevreans:
They have raptor-like tough looks, quiet and serious nature. Their basic personality show strong "static" and "passive" nature as they don't say anything if they are not talked by other person. Always keep a realistic, careful thinking and behavior. Also they are so nervous to those, such factor of their personality is close to "maturish" nature. They are very severe and true to their role, therefore they carry on with life without freedom of them. Generally they consider it is "taboo" that they depart from their basic role. Have secretiveness nature, they don't publish their information about from personal matter to business things. Because they are always worrying about any "information leakage", it has led to their taciturn, keeping poker face, unamiable behavior. Also they don't do sharing even one's hobbies positively. Due to those nature, they are easy to give their "weird, spooky, and doubtful" impression to other races. Furthermore, their serious severe personality add more bad vibes. Then finally, many other races have antipathy to female nevreans, and it has led to big racial discrimination to nevreans in Gold Ring.

They are symbolized as "shadows", "land", or "Yin(陰)". It means they generally stick to audience side about any entertainment. They don't carry out initiatively creative activities. (But urban females depart from such nature since ""Sabi no wa"" has been founded.) Native females join to great chorus as they will set the rhythm with their lower pitched voices and percussion performed with their beaks, but main melodies are entrusted to males. (Females are awkward at singing and fast talking due to their structure of the throat.)

Relationship with Male Nevreans:
They are protecting males while get "spiritual healing" from male nevreans. They enjoy any entertainment like songs and operas that are given by males. Those function as "simulation of enjoyment" for them. For it, they set free life to males instead of themselves. As a result, males play role as the "inhibitor" to female's brutality.

Other info about Nevreans:…

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Drawing Tools: Acrylic, Pastel, Color pencil

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OMG it's cool!!! :D
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Icredible. Simply Incredible.
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I just love your Acrylic works. Really amazing. 
Hope there will be some up for auction again - i gonna try to snatch the next one >:3
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