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::Note:: We are mostly active on Fur Affinity. The deviant Art page is a work-in-progress and our FA page is where to present the earliest and latest information at this moment.

Before we say anything, a disclaimer: Mick is not a native speaker of English, her friends write the English announcements for her. Thank you for understanding, and We are sorry if this inconveniences you.

Hello, thank you for visiting here. This page originally began as a personal account of Mick Ono, an artist from Japan. However, now Mick works on various artistically creative activities under cooperation and support by Team GRG, in order to make global communication easier and smoother, as a result, this page functions as a portal which provides various information related to Vilous Universe as well as Mick's own artwork pieces.

The World of Vilous

The world of Vilous is the fantasy and science fiction world that Sergal species and General Rain Silves originated from. They're the most popular creations related to Vilous, but there are also Nevreans, and Agudners, all living in the world of Vilous.

The Vilous universe is powered by its two creators, Mick and Kiki. Mick Ono, the original artist and visual designer for Vilous, and Kiki CR a.k.a. Kiki-UMA, the lore creator and world director.

When you publish a creation based off of Vilous and everything related to it, we will be happy if you could credit for both of us.

If you are looking for copyright information or terms of use, please head

here - [Terms of Use / Copyright]

Notice: Some people may leave a question here directly before read well what is mentioned here. We only ask if you would be so polite as to read notice properly about questions like here's before you do.

Team GRG - Vilous Official Staff

Regrettably, Mick does not have time to read and answer all questions directed at her, since English is very difficult and Mick spends most of her energy working on art, this is why Mick has a team.

You can learn about them in the Vilous Official Website as well as the announcement on Mick's FA journal.

They all are companions who work with and help Mick. Please be polite and civil for them, a rude or aggressive manner against them is never allowed.

We live from our creation. If you want to support us, please take a look at our Patreons.

Patreon | Mick Ono - Artwork and Design

Patreon | Kiki CR - Story and Lore

Every little bit helps contribute to our universe we call home!

Stay tuned to all things Vilous following us on Twitter

Vilous Comic / Manga

Vilous official comic (manga) can be found here as well as on Vilous Official Website

The dates of the update are as follows : Every Monday and every other Friday

Vilous Wiki

If you are looking for information on Sergals or other Vilous creatures, please head to the Vilous Wiki

We're working hard on revamping it and improving the English.


If you are curious about products based on Vilous and centralized news, this is the place for it


Note system of this account is deactivated, please direct all questions and inquiries to

contact (at) vilous (.) net

For personal reasons, Kiki-UMA cannot directly answer questions about Vilous anymore. Please don't ask her directly, use our contact email contact(at)vilous(.)net instead.

For Questions

If you post any questions on Mick39's FA shout or submission comment directly, members of Vilous team may answer to it instead of her. Recently Mick may be unable to answer the questions in many cases. Please understand. We only ask if you would be so polite as to read notice properly about questions like here's before you do.

Vilous Official

| Wiki | Website | Patreon - Mick | Patreon - Kiki | Twitter | Facebook | Team |

Vilous - Artwork and Design @ Mick39

Vilous - Story and Lore @ Kiki-UMA

Vilous is managed by Vilous team

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Awesome works 🙌

OMG you deserve so much more credit! I mean, you created one of the most widely known furry species in the world! I read your first comic and I'm hooked, look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

so this is where Sergals originated? glad i found ya, mate.

Your Sergal Art is outstanding!

They are the ones who created the sergals

i love your art about sergal , i love it ^^