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Who wants to be a superhero?1

By Michsi
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Well here it is, the little fancomic i've been doing instead of concentrating on my main original comic project. You will notice a severe lack of background and city landscapes that look like cities....
So yeah, kinda rushed and not as cleaned up as it should be, but it was all for fun...

By the way this is read from left to right.
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bruiser128's avatar
Nice commentary on superheroes.
megaminoeien's avatar
ZOMG, I couldn't stop laughing...
InvaderTee's avatar
The title reminds me of the live tv series Stan Lee made not too long ago
FloraZhang's avatar
sounds hilariously like Captain Hindsight XD
Crestyverse's avatar
This fancomic is so awesome x'D I love it! Keep em' going!
Mage-Madisaur's avatar
Haha, I like this so far. ^^
AliNavGo's avatar
Saiyaman's awesome!!! Not a bird, not a plane... a flying plate of rice!!!
"No, really!" Haha
touyama-midori's avatar
wow, u used the bleach backgrounds. :)) any progress on the nijikon bookmarks ? *puppy eyes*
Goes faster that way.

As for the booksmarks....none whatsoever I'm afraid :( ....
Dodus-Taichou's avatar
I really really love you for this :heart: :love:
Mihoshi5's avatar
A great site, you have a brilliant style of drawing. :love:
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