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What should I do?
469 deviants said
Keep it but make a new account and forget of this one
88 deviants said
Delete Under-Upper
Since there’s people who couldn’t follow the simplest of orders:
If any of you want to be able to read Under-Upper again, I suggest you download all pages, because in 24 hours it will be deleted from my DeviantArt and Facebook page UwU
Thank you people for making me so sick of my own project that I don’t want to see or hear about it again.
Hope you’re proud :)
Aventurine (Sunstone + Moonstone)

The other day I started doodling in class and this sweet cinnamon roll came out!

This is Aventurine, the fusion of my gems Sunstone and Moonstone (last two gems of this batch: Gemsonas 2) Uses they/them pronouns. Aventurine came to be on one of Sun and Moon's spectacles. As they were doing their routine, Moonstone was feeling unconfident, but Sunstone helped them through and they came closer emotionally. As their hands touched, they fused infront of hundreds of gems by mistake. Their fusion didn't last long, but enough for them to feel like they must be together again. Because of this, and to avoid further exposition, all Sunstone and Moonstone spectacles, of any batch, any facet, any number, to be cancelled for ever.
After running from Homeworld, they made a vow to protect and love eachother, while learning about Earth, themselves and their fusion. When the war became too grim, they left Earth to be safe along with other gems. 

If Sun and Moon were circus gems, Aventurine is a jester. Aventurine is an outgoing and overly expressive gem, her smile and frowns are wildly exagerated. She's hyperactive but calm and smart, and is good at making decisions, especially when it comes to what's best for Sunstone and Moonstone. Their weapon (a combination of Sun's chakram and Moon's hand scythes) is a giant hula-hoop with retractable spikes. She can run on it, use it to hula, or they can grab it from inside and roll with it like a giant tire. The ribbon coming out of their hands can grab onto anything like a grappling hook, but it can only hold Aventurine and a small gem.

Aventurine comes from the italian word Ventura that means random or by chance, because of how the gem was discovered. It's the stone of oportunity and good luck. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It is commonly used to improve one's stability. It helps you find out what makes you happy and what not, and to visualize problems in a more objective way so a solution can come easily. It studies what's damaging us to comprehend it to the fullest, so we can overcome the emotional pain tormenting one's heart. With it, one becomes open to give and recieve love, and to be much more open minded. It absorbs energy, expaning the gem, and then lets it out as cleaner energy by contracting.

Should I make more of these fusions? Should I continue with the speed-fusions? Should I die? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar. The characters were made by me based on the Crewniverse's style.
Isaac Von Dage (Vampire)
Skeleton Hand Left HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Dancing Pumkin head 4 Dancing Pumkin head 2 Dancing Pumkin head 3 Dancing Pumkin head 5 Dancing Pumkin head Skeleton Hand Right 
I wanted to make my dragking persona Isaac Von Dage as a vampire and thought it would be nice to post it for halloween UwU
Who the hell am I kidding I’ll never be a good artist
Pokemon #354 - Banette
I absolutely love this Pokemon, it's by far one of my favorites. Me and some friends at school thought we should all make our favorite Pokes for a collection, and I picked the creepy Banette :D I took soooooo looooooong to finish it, but I'm really proud of my work :3 Also I thought a couple Shuppets would look great!

Banette belongs to Nintendo
Hi fellow dreamers!

Recently EnderKingDubs restarted their dub of my comic, and I think you guys should really check it out. They have grown incredibly talented, and I seriously can't wait to see more of their wonderful job!



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Artist | Student | Other
Hey there fellow dreamers!
Just an artist on her pajamas here dreaming big. I'm an animation student and I hope that one day I'll have my own cartoon or work for people like Rebecca Sugar ^u^ Though, I've started with fanart and fancomics, such as Under-Upper and Drawingtale, I have ideas of my own that I'll display one day.
Sleep at night and don't forget your pajama, your pajama artist of course!


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hi there I loved your artwork like it is awesome and lovely :3
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I recently came across your artwork, and read some of the stuff that's happened, and want you to know I'm sorry you have been going through such a rough time. Your artwork is beautiful, but you are more important, and I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
Vinicilian Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
a bit random but ive always loved yr art and you're one of my idols ty for existing FJKLGD
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Happy Birthday, I hope we get more Under-Upper someday, but take ur time, I love all ur stuff.  :)
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