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The Horse IR Infrared

Infrared Picture

If you want to see his beautifull lady please click here:

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1034x778px 245.58 KB
Shutter Speed
10/300 second
Focal Length
7 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 21, 2006, 7:40:25 PM
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AIDAFreak's avatar
Der guckt aba süß!^^
He is beautiful! And so is she! Great shots!
houstonaxl's avatar
Your work is featured in my Journal! [link]
sharrsxmusic's avatar
He's gorgeous!~
I want him. Dx
hiivala's avatar
thats shockingly beautiful. the colors and contrast is just awesome
MichiLauke's avatar
what a strong comment - thank you!
that must of been one damn still horse :P
Ijus's avatar
man! i love it. this one is absolute win & fav! your best so far (for my taste). really. love it.
prairiecalifornian's avatar
:faint: Tones on this are SO gorgeous! Love the composition! This is SO gorgeous!
Love it, have faved both of them, is it ok for me to use them?
MichiLauke's avatar
You want to use them - for what?
I make manips (well try to anyway) so i was wandering if i could use the images in a couple?
MichiLauke's avatar
Please don't use my pics for any manips! Thank you!
Ok, i wont, thanks for replying anyway
SMerle's avatar
It is an awesome horse :nod:
kjghluvr's avatar
woah thats awesome! i wish i new how to do infrared..
MichiLauke's avatar
Oh - it is so easy to make Infrared Photos. Most of the ir photos are made with normal digital cameras and an infrared filter which you simply screw on the lens.

With some cameras it is easier to make infrared images - even hand held - because they have something like a "nightshot mode" like certain Sony models (f.e. F717 or F828). Or they are technically converted into an infrared camera. That means that someone has removed the internal infrared blocking filter.

With some other camera models it might be a little more difficult to make good infrared photos because they have inside stationary strong infrared blocking filters on the chip for a better color management of the camera. Some camera models or some lenses may also produce a big white "Hot Spot" in the center of the photos. E.g. to make some good IR-Shots with a Canons seemed to be more difficult. You have to expose at least 30 Seconds and more even in the full midday sun because of that strong internal infrared blocker.

Most of the Nikon models produce better results. If you google your camera model plus the word "infrared" you may find some sample pictures and descriptions whether your camera "is ready" for infrared photography and how to use it correctly for this technique. All you need is an infrared filter (and maybe a tripod).

There are many different types of Infrared filters. I am using 1 x Hoya r72 720nm (most ir-photographers are using this type of filter) and 1 x noname 950nm filter. A filter with 720nm is good for some day light + infrared light mixture. With a color editing processing (blue-red channel changing) the results are very good. If you are using a strong 950nm IR-Filter all visible daylight will be excluded - totally excluded! So the results are more monochrome like in black and white photography. You can find more detailed tutorials and instructions for Infrared techniques here -->> [link] and in Gilad's journal -->> [link] .

We have also a photo gallery with analog infrared images which are made "traditionally" with Kodak (and other) Infrared films -->> [link] .

You see there are variety of ways to make infrared photos. But all those photos seemed to be more or less surreal and show us rays of light which we can not see just with our normal eyes view. And very simple photo motifs will suddenly change with infrared techniques into a magic world. It's easy to learn and you will have good results soon. So just give it a try!

kjghluvr's avatar
wow thanks! i have a nikon so ill look it up!
thanks for all the info!! :D
MichiLauke's avatar
You're welcome! :love:
meihua's avatar
Wow, beautiful horse and beautiful photo! :clap:
i think i will use this in a layout and i WILL credit u
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