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Shark Earring Tutorial

By michigoose
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My first stab at a tutorial! I realized (as I was putting it together) that I had accidentally skipped a step, but it's nothing you can't figure out yourself (I have faith in your abilities).
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hell cute! *-*
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I had a really bad day today and cried for two hours. But I laughed for once in a really sad situation. Thank you for sharing the amusing properties of nuts (ear ones of course). This is a wonderful tutorial and I will be making these heehee! Gotta order me some nuts! (ear ones....maybe.)
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Well, I'm glad to have helped in a small way at least! And I'm also glad you liked this :)
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. this is beautiful.
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Brillian(^_^)v So cool :D
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Where would you buy the post earrings and the ear nuts (haha.... nuts).
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I got mine on Amazon-- super, super cheap. It was five bucks for HUNDREDS of them including shipping. You can also buy posts and nuts (hehehe) at craft stores like Michael's and Joanne's.
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My my, these look adorable! I'll definitely try it out one day :D
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My sister saw me looking at this tutorial, and has ordered me to make some for her. XD So I guess I'll be making these.
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Cool :)
And thanks for faving!
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You're welcome! ^^
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These are very cute!
What a wonderful tutorial too! Thank you for taking the time to make it!
And share it!
And I giggled about the nuts tooo....
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Thank you! (I'm glad I wasn't the only one who giggled! I couldn't believe they were actually called ear nuts!)
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ahahaha, it is the little things like this that make crafting so worthwhile!
And it shows how perverted we all are! ahahahah! :heart:
Thanks for the laugh of the day!
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their really cute hehe.. i loved reading your tutorial.. nuts..hahaha XD
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what is the step
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I forgot the gills! But there's a little note in there about that.
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