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Sasori Shimeji


Just because hes a puppet master with an eye for eternal beauty, doesn't mean he has some flaws and mistakes. (despite..y'know, trying to be an eternal beauty himself /winks ) Be careful having him around, because it seems a few of his parts are loose...Also, did Deidara blow up his hand, again?!?

I had a request a few months ago to make a Sasori Shimeji along with my Deidara one. I've slowly been working on it the past few months, and forgot about it after I left for the states. !!! There were only ten frames left so I decided to just finish it up, and slap it on here. ^ Q ^/
I hope everyone is having a good start to the year so far--!!

Please do not trace, edit, or claim my artwork as your own. If you intend to make a base shimeji out of my own, please ask me! Thank you!! 

I do not know how to set up shimejis, I only create the images.

I do intend on making all Akatsuki Shimejis...but not in one instance! Deidara Shimeji

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so guys yall dont have to download it from here. its on the shimeji website.scroll down till you see naruto and youl see sasori thats all

I want Sosori on the phone

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I love this! I have a little Sasori playing on my screen right as I type this. How do you create the shimejis for people to use? I know that you just drew the images and someone else programmed it, but I'm kinda confused on where to start. I tried to start making a Sabito shimeji, and I would love to draw some shimejis for people to use!

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The url is broken T____T

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Hello i'd like to say that i love your Shimeji's Deidara and Sasori they are super cute i have Deidara shimeji on my desktop and i would love to have Sasori again i him before but i had mistakenly deleted the file.I had tried the link but it is not working just giving you a heads up in case you didn't know, i would really love have him back to cause to keep Deidara company so is there another link i could use please?  

i know im probably late but which link do i click? the website is very confusing to me and i REALLY don't want to click a virus or something

OMG this is so cute♡♡!! Um..can I make my own shimeji by referring(I'm not sure this word is right or not...) your shimeji...?? Because I really want my OC to move around on my screen😭
+sorry for my bad english I'm not english speaker
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thats fine by me, please credit where you referenced from if you post it publicly. ^^9 thank you
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Really nice work <3 i got them on my comp xD like let them walk soo pretty 

Sin ttulo by KanraTsuki  
hey i cant seem to know how to download it, its rly confusing and it doesnt work for me
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how do i even download this????? i can't figure it out?? zippyshare is way too confusing.... is there anything else you could possibly upload this file to for us to download? like google drive? 
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I'd love to install this little guy but can't seem to figure out Zippyshare. If you click download it tries to get you to "activate privacy" or something on Chrome and clicking anywhere else seems to take you to other pages to download programs or such. 
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How do I get him onto y screen...?? o.o
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where would i go to find a base that i can use to make one myself
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wowowowowowowowowow! you are so good at that 80
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omgomgomgomg *3* I loved itt
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I'm glad you do! > V < thank you!
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No prob! Danna has been creeping around on my desktop so much lately ;> ahaha
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I can edit it? Cupcake Icon | F2U plz
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...? What do you mean by Editing it?
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sorry if I misspelled really speak Spanish xD
ehh as from sasori put konan but with the same base only change Character  :v
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I suppose that's fine, but please give me credit for the base then! 
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