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Hello guys!
I spent this month trying to learn how to program games, so I decided to make a very easy game to program.
If you have Android You can download and test it here:…

I want your feedback, hope you like it ^^
You can download it here:…

Hey guys, I was off from Deviantart for a while now, but I was creating some big projects and others that I can't post here (porn game).
But today I have something to show, I finish my first personal game, I just want to make my own version of the classics platform games.
I create the graphics and sounds and my friend programmed. Hope you like my Mario voice impressions haha.

Animation Comission

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 18, 2015, 8:52 PM

I'll keep the discount for a while, from 350$ to 200$.
And this animation is very good to show in your gallery and increase your views and fans.

Some exemple of animation I did from a piece from another artist:

Aruna |Comission| by MichelVictorDomino Bound |Comission| by MichelVictorDorothy Dances |Comission| by MichelVictorShadow Magic |Comission| by MichelVictorGive me his Heart |Comission| by MichelVictorKakashi |Comission| by MichelVictor


Who am I?

I am a Illustrator, Painter, Animator, Film Maker and Music Composer.
​I worked in game industry for 4 years in companies like Gree, UOL Games and Mobjoy.
I did a lot of freelances around the world in the last 9 years making Film, Animations, Music, Cover Books, Cinematics and much more.

Why support me on Patreon?

As you can see, it's very rare I post a new work here on Deviantart, this happens because it's very difficult to find time to dedicate myself to my personal work while living off strictly on Freelance work and Full Time Job.

However, with your support, it will help me to dedicate much more time on personal projects, original and fanarts.

I want to help too!

I am Direction Art and Film Production College Professor in Brazil, and I really love teaching.

For that one who want to support, you'll receive all my process material, such as PSD, After Effects Files, Video Tutorials, Step by Step Process, NSFW High Resolution Images, Music and much more.
Each project will be fully recorded in video, and share all my painting and animation process with you guys.

Free for everyone!

With less financial concerns I can post one new final project every week here, free, for everyone like I always have.
I want to be able to dedicate myself to put 100% of my time creating beautiful, unique and inspiring art for everyone!

With your help I can dedicate myself for just one purpose, PURE ART!