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Mekadraconi |Comission|

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I am making an animation comission discount from 350$ to 200$, if you are interested, send me a note! I accept all types of drawings, painting and even photos!

Video Tutorials, Video Process, Music and much more...
Available through Patreon

This animation is made for a Card Game called "Aestium" if you want to know more visit:

Original Painting: Mekadraconi by elayne-neves

Akina by MichelVictor

Mature Content

Dark Throne by MichelVictor

Mature Content

Poison Ivy by MichelVictor
 Red Riding Hood by MichelVictor Gloom |Gumroad Tutorial| by MichelVictor 
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This is one of those works that astonishes me at every corner. The fluid movements, the pose, the sounds and the music are all things that I like about this animation.

The sounds of hammers clashing on anvils, furnaces blasting away and the beats of the tunes amplify this animation in more than one sense of the word.

Having a cannon in the dragon's mouth is a fitting substitute for breathing out fire, as it is a mechanical war machine. This is something that I really don't see everyday. The vats bellowing out steam, in combination with the dragon's claws fixated on the rocks and its head turned towards the sky makes it look like it's about to spring into action.

What really impresses me is the dragon's breathing, or what passes for a machine. It is so fluid that it seems more like a living creature than a creation of metal and steam.

All and all, and once again, an outstanding work!
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Fantastic! One of your masterpiece!
This metal dragon is so mysterious.
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 My God Wow! Really flawless work! Congratulations Clap 
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I've been following your work for quite some time, Victor, and they're all amazing. May I ask what format do you upload your work in?
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I upload in swf. Thank you!
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That is so cool!!! 
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wow! love the soundtrack and animation! could you tell me  what  music this is?
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oh my god than you so much! 
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This is beyond amazing! :D
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Great job by both of you, I'm always amazed by the possibilities of art. 
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Whoa, this is so well done. I'm almost intimidated by the dragon!  This was done in Flash? How'd you get the sound to play on dA?
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The animation is done in After Effects, but I put all together in flash with the music and sound.
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Ahhh. Huh! I've found dA doesn't seem to support sound in swf files...regardless, this is very neat.
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This is badassery in its purest form
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