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Header for the site Alkimya you can see more about it here:!games/cfv…

I am making an animation comission discount from 350$ to 200$, if you are interested, send me a note! I accept all types of drawings, painting and even photos!

Akina by MichelVictor

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Dark Throne by MichelVictor

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Poison Ivy by MichelVictor
 Red Riding Hood by MichelVictor Gloom |Gumroad Tutorial| by MichelVictor 
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I love the effects and such, the art is as usual amazing. However, there was one element I just can not get over. The paper looks just plain weird. It might be the angle, but with how the table is made, there seems to be a slight bump from an uneven plant that just doesn't translate with how the paper sits. Past that, the beakers and all the other works great. The lightning effect especially was memorizing. It was simply the paper that throw me out of things. That and the gold substance on the paper, but I think they go hand in hand really. Love your work and always makes my day, or night, when I see a new one.
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I agree with the critique by SmilingCrows. The papers looks like it would potentially be the most important object on the table, too. So maybe it being larger, taking up more space, and potentially being partially covered up by the other items on the table, would have improved the setting. Otherwise, beautiful piece. I continue to enjoy your work. 
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:doublehug: revamp Do you want to share this excellent DA?:bestbuddies: :love: remake II 
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There isn't anything I can say that I'm sure nobody hasn't already said. All I will say is, you have earned a loyal follower.
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Love it! I also recognize the music from one of the Tamalaki hidden object games that I play. Nice touch!
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as always very cool
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This is the kind of music I wish I could listen while scuba diving.
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Well, I have some fear of deep water, with this music, I would be terrified. haha
Very nice work  Love it including the music Will keep an eye on your work Good luck to you!
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I really like this. There's so much going on and it's all done to such a high standard.
The way the smoke curls around the skull and the animation loops smoothly. The way the candle flames flicker as if a draft is blowing across the table. All great.
Just one thing niggles. I'm not sure the quill in the ink pot would move like that. That sort of feather would be quite stiff, so in a small draft it probably wouldn't move much, if at all. That's just my opinion.
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Thank you! =D
Is just to give moviment for everthing, but you are right haha
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Wow so beautiful! I wish I could do something like this too ;.;
It remembers  me of a scene from the witcher :D
Absolutely incredible. The  detail really draws you in! 
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