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Fox daughter academia chapter 7 battles begin
Naruto pov – Konoha between rounds
While I was watching the matches, I was very impressed with my daughter and how her growth as a leader was. I would have to see her test results to see how she stacked up against Shikamaru and would get Kakashi to give me those sooner or later. The biggest shock so far was is the fact she could use lava release and more than one type of fluid. When I told mine and Sasuke’s children I would bring them over to see an older sister they barely knew they had and let alone seen compete they were very excited.  During the break I called the former Mizukage, Mei Terumi and she said “Save me the footage and I can tell you more. But for now, it seems your daughter has use of a few kinds of lava release and might need a few teachers including the current holder of the four tails or the four tails itself to help her with everything. The legends say that it created lava style itself and its current users learned ways to shape it.” I wa
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haM broc ranmen by michelous haM broc ranmen :iconmichelous:michelous 2 0 beer steak mac apples by michelous beer steak mac apples :iconmichelous:michelous 0 0
Fate treads x hearts chapter 9 truth and hearts
Shirou pov
When they were about to fight Mako and Senketsu quickly calmed Ryuko down, mostly due to Mako being crazy. That level of craziness calmed down the well-muscled man as well before I had to even get involved. After she calmed down, Ryuko and I went to look over the city of Osaka as my lover said “So, this is the damage life libers can cause.” I replied “this is just like the holy grail but on a greater scale. It unleashed a torrent of fire and death of my city and killed even myself before that fire.” Ryuko then seemed to hear something from Senketsu for Reinforce on my shoulder to translate “he was shocked about life fibers coming from space.” Then the mini archer said “many other life forms come from space many of the gods came from space before they left for the other side of the world.” Ryuko said “So, that talk about gods is real.” Reinforce said “very much so.” Then she said “I am not sure if I
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Doujinshi preview 537 by michelous
Mature content
Doujinshi preview 537 :iconmichelous:michelous 6 0
Doujinshi preview 536 by michelous Doujinshi preview 536 :iconmichelous:michelous 23 0 kfc nashville hot chicken by michelous kfc nashville hot chicken :iconmichelous:michelous 0 1 brawt ramen hamony sweet chili milk bun by michelous brawt ramen hamony sweet chili milk bun :iconmichelous:michelous 1 0
Fox daughter academia chapter 6 family and games
Kakashi pov
I had been on this mission since last year and I was still in the first stage of it until at least after very soon. The first part of the mission to be a legal hero and make a decent enough name for myself until after the UA games when I could intern/train her as in the ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu and even teach her how to use the Sharingan if she proved to use it during the games but for now, I had to do hero work and wait for the games before I could start. Normally it is hard for heroes to function solo but due to the massive amounts of money made from the sales of Jiraiya’s and Naruto’s books I could just use a share of that money. It wasn’t part of the main account but a separate account for Izuku’s trainers to use. I knew if Izuku needed higher level training including advanced Sharingan I would be pretty much useless. I never learned most of the magekyo jutsu nor could I really show them off if needed.
But recently I was given a letter fro
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Shrimp and ravioli  by michelous Shrimp and ravioli :iconmichelous:michelous 1 0 Pork apple biscuits ramen  by michelous Pork apple biscuits ramen :iconmichelous:michelous 0 7
Fate treads x hearts chapter 8 partners in love an
Fate treads x hearts chapter 8 partners in love and war and dark times
Shirou pov
But Before we could reach Satsuki ourselves, we watched her meet up with Kaneo Takara, the boss of the area. This guy seemed to have so much money he hired an army to fight for him. But the sheer killing intent of Satsuki scared his army away. I knew from experience money bought people but they need the conviction to really fight. The man before Satsuki did have a final weapon in a golden armor but that seemed to not impress Satsuki or Uzu. The elite four held off his attacks as Uzu revealed his brand-new uniform to take out the man with ease. I knew that armor was mostly just flashy from a glance but was mostly hollow.
When he was defeated Satsuki tried to get info on who gave Takara the armor but before she could get an answer, I rode landed in front of her on golden bear while Ryuko did or her bike with Mako in tow. Ryuko said “Give the last piece back now.” As I looked over the battle fiel
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Doujinshi preview 535 by michelous
Mature content
Doujinshi preview 535 :iconmichelous:michelous 20 0
Doujinshi preview 534 by michelous Doujinshi preview 534 :iconmichelous:michelous 17 1 Doujinshi preview 533 by michelous
Mature content
Doujinshi preview 533 :iconmichelous:michelous 2 1
Doujinshi preview 532 by michelous
Mature content
Doujinshi preview 532 :iconmichelous:michelous 31 1


Pyra by Yo--Nashi
Mature content
Pyra :iconyo--nashi:Yo--Nashi 252 21
izuocha doujin HDcomic page5 by hikariangelove izuocha doujin HDcomic page5 :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 112 9 Grrrr~ by Tomachi-chan Grrrr~ :icontomachi-chan:Tomachi-chan 26 5 Naruko : demon chakra [without background] by Tomachi-chan Naruko : demon chakra [without background] :icontomachi-chan:Tomachi-chan 18 0 Makorra by hamstermermaid Makorra :iconhamstermermaid:hamstermermaid 365 44 Makorra by CarishinLove Makorra :iconcarishinlove:CarishinLove 303 11 Frozen - Snow Queen Christmas by Gairon
Mature content
Frozen - Snow Queen Christmas :icongairon:Gairon 779 54
Frozen - Sauna Queen by Gairon
Mature content
Frozen - Sauna Queen :icongairon:Gairon 729 29
Kefla Feliz Navidad 2018 by gonzalossj3 Kefla Feliz Navidad 2018 :icongonzalossj3:gonzalossj3 200 12 MANGA COMMISSION: The Time we Loved P1 by jadenkaiba
Mature content
MANGA COMMISSION: The Time we Loved P1 :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 670 36
Korra loves hot baths. by Ange1Witch
Mature content
Korra loves hot baths. :iconange1witch:Ange1Witch 893 21
Tanya Von Degurechaff by GunShad Tanya Von Degurechaff :icongunshad:GunShad 331 20 $10/15 Reward PREVIEW: Third Trimester by Jarrahwhite $10/15 Reward PREVIEW: Third Trimester :iconjarrahwhite:Jarrahwhite 155 7
Naruko: Chapter 004
Chapter 4.
(follows chapter 4 & 5 in the manga)
Naruko peered into the empty hallway, looking in both directions for any sign of their missing sensei.
She sighed as she turned back into the empty classroom.
“Why are we the only team whose sensei hasn’t showed up yet?” She pouted. “All the other teams have gone off with their sensei’s... even Iruka-sensei has gone.”
Naruko then smiled as she grabbed a chalk board eraser and moved a chair to the sliding door, placing the eraser in-between the door and frame.
“What are you up to Naruko?” Sakura said as she walked over to her.
“It’s what he gets for making us wait.” The young blonde replied as she returned to the floor, leaving the eraser stuck in the doorway.
“Would you grow up!”  Sakura said, although inside she was actually thinking it was a funny idea.
“Idiot. There’s no way a superior Shinobi could be caught by such a simple trap.” Sasuke said.
:iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 79 57
Kurosaki Family by Duongvjp1112 Kurosaki Family :iconduongvjp1112:Duongvjp1112 70 5 Bowsette by Yo--Nashi
Mature content
Bowsette :iconyo--nashi:Yo--Nashi 1,263 94


Naruto pov – Konoha between rounds

While I was watching the matches, I was very impressed with my daughter and how her growth as a leader was. I would have to see her test results to see how she stacked up against Shikamaru and would get Kakashi to give me those sooner or later. The biggest shock so far was is the fact she could use lava release and more than one type of fluid. When I told mine and Sasuke’s children I would bring them over to see an older sister they barely knew they had and let alone seen compete they were very excited.  During the break I called the former Mizukage, Mei Terumi and she said “Save me the footage and I can tell you more. But for now, it seems your daughter has use of a few kinds of lava release and might need a few teachers including the current holder of the four tails or the four tails itself to help her with everything. The legends say that it created lava style itself and its current users learned ways to shape it.” I wasn’t sure what to do with those facts but I knew she would keep Kakashi busy very soon.

Izuku pov

After the game, Shoto brought me to the entrance area to talk. I first was thinking he might like me as much as I like him but he just stared coldly at me. Then he said “Your true power forced me to break my promise to myself and use my fire side in combat. It made me wonder, are you All Might’s secret love child.”  I replied “I can’t be sure myself since I was adopted.” He then said “My father is the number two hero Endeavor and if you are connected to the number one hero All Might I have another reason to defeat you.” I just stared at the white- and red-haired boy in front of me and I stared as he said “my father never being able to defeat All Might came up with a different way to win.” I asked “What do you mean?” he said “My father used quirk marriage to buy my mother and force her into producing children until I came along. I won’t be his tool ever. Being forced to have so many children messed up my mother and forced her give me this scar out of disgust.”

Before he left, I said “Your father can’t buy me that way and I will free you from him.” But by that time, I Shoto had already left and said “I will defeat you using only my right side.” I then said to him “I got hear with my friends help and I even like you as a boy likes a girl.” With that he walked away as delivery man gave me bento and said “a strange man sent me to give this to you. He had jet black hair and sun glasses over his eyes but he wanted me to give this to you.” I then ate the bento and waited for the time to be up and wondered if the man that paid for my meal could have been my birth father.

When I got back to the stadium, it turned out at the cafeteria, Denki and Mineta convinced a few of the girls to dress as cheerleaders but I missed the notice and pervy looks from the boy due to eating outside. It made me wonder if my father heard the plan and sent the bento so I could escape putting on the outfit. It turned out the finals always base been one on one matches but it changed each year.

But it turned out before drawing the lots for matches two people on the same as Hitoshi Shinso dropped out right away due to not being able to remember the match. The replacements picked ended up being Ibara the vine haired girl and the steel boy Tetsutetsu. The matches then were as followed Me vs. Hitoshi Shinso, Shoto vs. Hanta, Ibara  vs. Denki, Tenya  vs. Mei, Mina vs. Yuya , Fumikage  vs. Momo, Eijiro Kirishima vs. Tetsutetsu, and Katsuki vs. Ochaco .

Before the matches could begin, the remaining students did side games and the being getting ready to fight just did their own kinds of prep. I mostly waiting stressed out but before my first match I met All Might in his skinny form as he said “Do you best and if you can’t fully used All for one use what else you have.” Before the fight I vaguely remembered my classmate saying don’t reply to my opponent but he mentioned my classmate to make me respond and the next thing I knew I was frozen in place. Until I heard my opponent failed the test due to not having a combat quirk and found out his quirk was brainwashing. Shinso then ordered me to walk out of the ring and nearly did it until I woke up in my inner world to see eight shadowy people with the nine tailed fox behind them. But before I could exit the ring, I snapped out with my finger broken as the fox within me said “I was about free you from the control but the other guys broke you out. If you want, I can help you get a little revenge on that boy.” I then said mentally “As long as it doesn’t defeat him do want you want.” I then turned out and stared as I felt my eyes heat up a little and then looked at the boy now filled with fright as a wet spot showed up on his pants and went down his leg.

The boy then snapped out of his own stupor and tried to attack but due to my much better physical conditioning I was able to win the battle due to ring out. After Shinso came to, I had to ask him “Why do you want to be a hero?” the answer I got was “I can’t help wanting to be a hero. Then I thought about his power and how villainess it was. Then I heard all the praise he got and it rose his spirits. The next goal thing Shinso did was to try and catch me again in mind control but the fox flushed it out right away and I said “don’t even think about that again unless you want to add another mess in your pants or worse. I haven’t even begun to dig into my powers.”
After the fight, I met with All Might in the nurse’s office and explained to him “I know inside in mind scape there is a nine tailed fox spirit and it gives me the powers of the cloak and right now lets me harness my eyes and various kinds of melting spit. It even said when I get a proper trainer, I will be able to control my eyes and spit myself. But it didn’t get me out of the mind control. I think the past users of all for one broke me out of the control.” My mentor then said “I saw that before and I think it is the collected memory of all the past users but I can’t be sure for now.”

After I finished talking with All Might recovery girl checked my hand and said “your healing is pretty amazing and you beat my kiss all over again.” She then dismissed me and I met Tenya and Ochako in the stands and we watched Shoto defeat my tape armed classmate with easy. I would say he even went a little overboard with his ice. Then he got rid of the ice and seemed to say sorry for going overboard. If I had to guess it had to be his father triggering the boy and with that, I knew I would have to get him away from his father.

The next fight was between Denki and the vine haired Ibara and the fight ended nearly as fast as the last one with the vines being able to shield her and ground the electricity. The fourth match was Tenya vs Mei and the support girl gave Tenya gadgets. The match was pretty much Mei showing off all the machines she built and after showing off enough embarrassing Tenya the girl dropped out of the fight. The next fight was Mina vs Yuga and Mina showed off her much better agility and the weakness of the navel laser to get in close for the win.

For the sixth match was between Momo and Fumikage and the speedy attacks of the shadow knocked the creation girl out of the ring before she could even react. Then for the seventh match is was Eijiro and Tetsutetsu but how close their powers were made it hard each could get made damage impossible. Before the match ended, I went to see Ochako in the waiting room and tried to offer her help but she turned me down. When I returned to check on the fight it ended in a draw to be decided later as an arm-wrestling match. But their match would as soon as they both woke up and after the next match. That match was going to be Katsuki vs. Ochako and I wasn’t sure my new friend could defeat my former lover.

I knew what Ochako needed to do and that was to get in close enough for to touch but I also knew Katsuki has fast reflexes and powerful area of effect attacks. But the biggest thing I noticed was the brown-haired girl’s determination and even with a girl Bakugo was still going all out. For how he is attacking the crowd began to turn on the explosion boy. That was until Mr. Aizawa gave a speech about how the ferocity of Katsuki’s attacks just showed how strong and dangerous Ochako could be. But after that Ochako showed off how she turned all the broken parts of the ring into a rain of stones. But Katsuki was able to stone the stones and my friend before she could attack and by the time, she had another chance the girl has used up all her stamina. I was sure Katsuki at least would learn the name of the girl that came very close to winning and might even like her in the way I used to love him.

When I met the explosion boy again in the waiting room, he asked me “Did you tell Uraraka that way to fight like that?” But I replied “She came up with that plan on her own and with a little more conditioning she would have defeated you and if we battle again, I will win.” After a little bit, I met her again in the waiting room and she said “I had recovery girl only heal the major injuries to save me stamina but the fight told me the areas I need to work on.” I then replied “Katsuki’s major weakness is his anger if you could have used that against him you might have won.” But before I could say anymore president Mic announced the arm-wrestling match of Eijiro and Tetsutetsu begin and it showed that Eijiro could hold out much longer that the iron boy and won to advance. From that Tetsutetsu at the battle’s end it seemed his hardness was based on the amount of iron in his food that controlled how long he could last.

Then before I was about to head to the ring, I met Shoto’s father, Endeavor and he compared me to All Might and I said to the fox inside me “prepare a small ball of quicklime I need to see how it works on fire quirks.” As I walked away the man tried to provoke me so I let a fake sneeze of quicklime on the fire on his back and said “Sorry that happens when I am nervous.” As I thought the fluid did put out the flame as he looked down and said “That is pretty interesting girl, now show my son how strong you can be.

As I got into the ring, I told the fox spirit in my inner world “Stay out of this until he uses fire then we can try to see how the various fluids work.” It seemed to acknowledge me with a grunt. I could just tell he was just as worried by my spit as my strength so I started at present mic saying begin by using normal spit. The split haired boy then backed up and tried an ice attack for me to blow it back with a smash and broke my middle finger in the process as I felt the pain of it resetting. After his second attack, I discovered Shoto was using an ice shield to prevent me from blowing him away. I knew the best plan for winning was to force him to overuse his quirk before my fingers regenerated. But after a large barrage of ice attacks my right hand was mostly used up.

Then he went for a massive ice strike that forced me to use up my entire left arm free myself from his ice. But after looking at the boy, I could tell he was reaching the limits of using his ice and discovered he was coming close to being nearly as worse shape as myself.  While shaking he said to me “thank you for showing my father I don’t need to use fire.” He then prepared to use a finishing move but had I still had my fully healed index finger to rebreak to stop his attack. I then said “You forgot my bone breaking strength is offset by my healing and your ice side is offset by your fire but your refusal to use fire is turning the odds back to my side. If you want to win you need to use your fire to defeat me.”

He then tried to charge at me but at the same time I was limiting my strength to punch him as he iced over my arm. That hit hurt my already broken fingers but didn’t hurt the rest of my arm and my punch nearly sent my opponent out of the ring. I could tell after that was hit his ice was much easier to dodge. I kept dodging each ice attack and when he tried another ice barrage, I used up my right thumb to fight back and ran to him using my head. I then said “If you really want to defeat me you need to use your fire before the ice takes you out for me.” But as his body began to freeze up, I could see the pain in his eyes and could tell his father must have trained him to the point of abuse.

That gave me the chance to hit him was another punch as I felt the mental scares come off the boy and I began to wonder if the fox was letting me feel his trauma. He then let out all that pain in the form of fire as the fox helped me react and counter it a huge wave of quicklime. I then said “now that you are going All out it is my turn.” I then spat out around him acidic mud. Then I unleashed a huge blast of lava to counter the ice but that exploded blowing us both out of the ring and leaving a large piece of ice in Shoto’s side and my leg broken.

Present mic then said “that was amazing double ring out and neither would be ready for another fight.” I then heard the voice of the fox say “this would have been more fun if it wasn’t for that pesky ring.

Chapter end
Fox daughter academia chapter 7 battles begin

This chapter will cover the first part of the final rounds 19-23

The first portion of this chapter will take place in konoha

I will say this story takes place before the main story of the boruto anime begins

About 3 years before Boruto, Haimawari, and Sarada will show up in this chapter but be nine for boruto and Sarada and six for Haimawari

I will also get deeper into the relationship between Izuku and Shoto

Yeah both are out and that will change most of the next fights to for the next chapter which will finish this arc with a few new twists and more relationship building for the main couple of this story start dating and also setting up more training for Izuku that just the stain arc will have but more of that later


For next updates and were to find me on social media


week of 2/17/19 Fate treads x hearts

week of 2/24/19 Fox daughter academia

week of 3/3/19 Fate treads x hearts

week of 3/10/19 Fox daughter academia

week of Fate treads x hearts

after fate treads x hearts is done I will get back to fullmetal order



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the blogging site took an extreme reaction
and in two week ban or make private all adult content

i may share some of my doujins on my blogger site or on reddit



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