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Class: Typography
Year: 2009

Description: Assignment was to create a logo only using type using your grandparents initials. It's supposed to illustrate a story. I kind of got my grandparents mixed up and put the wrong story with the wrong one but whatever! No one will ever find out, hopefully :P Anyways, my grandma loved to tell stories and This logo relates to how we created the first printing press.. It flows in a circle kind of like the press moves :P. It also tells of history by using one of the oldest typefaces fraktur then a serif font and finally to the sans-serif which is the most recent. I went through a lot of ideas and made very illustrative logos but in the end like my teacher says, sometimes the more simple the better :)
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that is a very nice logo and it is like a story, more like a fairytale one too because they always start with this giant ornate letter and type smaller from there.
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Thanks :D really pissed me off that the one that took me 5s to make made more sense then the ones that took hours ><
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No problem. Don't you know that's how art is. lol. That happens to me so much when I force myself to draw something.
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I should know by now, huh xD
ryoko-mitsirughi's avatar
It's one of thsoe things that even though you know how it will be, you can't stop yourself from spending hours trying to make it work and be perfect. It's routine or out of habit that we do that.