FAQ: What is High Speed Photography?
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As a co-owner of HighSpeedPhoto and a high speed photographer myself, you wouldn't believe how much confusion I witness surrounding the phenomenon that is high speed photography, especially confusing it with long exposure photography. Though both high speed and long exposure photography are based around movement, they aren't interchangeable terms; in fact, they are essentially opposites! Where high speed photography demands the fastest shutter speed you can manage (and often even a flash), long exposure is generally a shutter speed of over a second, recording movement over time.

Because the shutter distinctions may be confusing to some people, I've collected some art (much of the high speed work from the members of HighSpeedPhoto) showing each category from the wonderful photographers here on Deviantart!

:spotlight-left: High Speed Photography :spotlight-right:

Though many associate high speed photography with water splashes, there's more to it than just water. There's human action, objects flying or breaking, explosions, smoke rising, animals fighting or playing, birds flying--whatever you can think of that is movement clearly frozen in time by a fast shutter speed or flash.

protection by avibitter I've got the blues... by nomkcalb Lady in Red by nomkcalb THE LIQUID ARCH by ArwenArts VOLCANO DROPLET by ArwenArts Fluidity by Spryguyuk High Speed Photography - 003 by comepartmental Martini glasses by byredis Broken by Davenit Wounded by Davenit Missed by Davenit Cognac2 by byredis Unleash The.. by ilhaman Bang Boom Bang by signs4silence Splash... by hquer Balloon Pop 2000fps by KellyJane Just Before The Big Bang by IngoSchobert Make Your Own Happiness by oO-Rein-Oo Bullet Time by anderton :thumb187616632: burnout by Torsten-Hufsky Cross Jump I by NieuweNaam Water Dance 11 by ducmphung Watch_Out by maitham786 Kailani rebuffs Wolfgang by Lupinicious Jawzahr z Peronowki by Czertice Approaching Dragon by ernieleo:thumb188390560:

:spotlight-left: Long Exposure Photography :spotlight-right:

Though there are less examples of long exposure photography on Deviantart than there are of high speed, it definitely has a niche of its own. While high speed photography attempts to clearly freeze movement, long exposure seeks to capture the path of movement--to draw it out over time. Whether it be waterfalls, moving cars, light painting, or people moving; long exposure photography is often characterized by blurs, smooth lines, and paths of light.

Long Exposure by markroutt Long Exposure by ourneverland Long Exposure Embers2 by Triple7 High Speed by BreakfastOfChampions High Speed by AlixInWonderLand Ferris Wheel Long Exposure by MisterDedication :thumb45559125: colour exposure. by 4420 Brussels by Night by BenHeine 39 Second by Selta :thumb181240680: thirsty light by isischneider Water Slide by Davenit waterfall by Jay-In-A-Half-Shell WATERFALL by crichton380

Thanks for reading, and if you like high speed photography, go check out :iconhighspeedphoto:! :)
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oO-Rein-Oo Photographer
I love this, plus it is very informative, thank you for the additions! :D
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
Thanks for reading! :)
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isischneider Photographer
i think there are many people that dont know the difference,great job and wonderful choice of photography.
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
Very true :nod: And thank you!
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great selections for your feature! thanks for adding [link] to it. very much appreciated!
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ArwenArtsProfessional Photographer
Thank you Michelle, thank you so much for including my work in this FAQ! :bow:
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thanks for the feature :D
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Super collection of awesome photos! :clap:
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ourneverlandProfessional Photographer
Thanks a lot for including me!!! This collection is awesome!!
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IngoSchobertHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for including my work, much appreciated,

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Torsten-HufskyProfessional Photographer
Hey thanks for the feature
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GisaPizzattoProfessional Traditional Artist
Featured: [link]
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very cool article :D nice
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
Thank you :)
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PanicRawrStudent General Artist
I've tried long exposure but the photo comes out waaay too bright. xD
Same for high speed. It just comes out waaay too dark.

These guys are awesome by the way. <3
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
:XD: It takes practice!
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PanicRawrStudent General Artist
Yeah xD
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SauleMoriHobbyist Writer
Very helpful. Thanks^^
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
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TuskfaceHobbyist General Artist
Very helpful. From these deviations I learnt a lot. Thanks :)
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
Thank you :)
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Great article! :clap: :+favlove:
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MichelleRameyProfessional Photographer
Thank you!
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I genuinely can't understand how ANYONE could confuse the two.
It's very straightforward, and a most basic of understandings of how a camera works is enough to work it out.
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