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arachne behind the scenes

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 12:03 PM

Watch this video to see the making of "Arachne"

I started this project months in advance of the shoot. I knew creating 200ish skulls would be long and arduous so I allotted myself 6 months from day 1 to the final images. To make the skulls, I simply used a skull cake making mold but baked paper mache instead of cake. I basically had my oven going for 2 months straight, making around 3 skulls per day. I have to give a big thank you to my mom for letting me take her oven hostage and fuming our house with burning paper smell (:

Here are some of the completed skulls. I'm spray painting them cream since some of the skulls caramelized in the oven. When you bake skulls everyday, it starts to become a habit and sometimes I forgot and left them in the oven for half a day :<

I had a blast shooting with Faith Lucille, who drove to my studio so I could photograph her little creatures! I really enjoy photographing both people and animals, so I hope to do more collaborations in the future!

Here I am gluing the skulls to tarp which has been laid over a stool and held down with sandbags. I was struggling to find a way to make a "pyramid" of skulls and thankfully my boyfriend came to the rescue with this idea!

Here is a visual explanation of how I made the chains for "Arachne's Lair". When compositing, it is better to get the lighting and perspective right in camera than to photoshop it. (1) To mimic the chains resting on the spider's fangs I stacked two towels under a sheet that was similar in color to the spider. This way, the sheet won't reflect any intrusive colors onto the chain. (2) To make the chain look wrapped around the spider's leg I put a 5 gallon water bottle under a sheet and wrapped the chain around it. (3) To make the chain hang between the spider's legs I just held it at the same angle.

Thank you for taking the time to read my journal :heart: These are some of my upcoming projects for 2014 that I'm super excited about!: Princess Peach, Ariel, Daenerys Targaryen, and Troll cosplay from World of Warcraft.


To enter, all you have to do is comment and favorite Arachne's Curse, and add me to your watchers. The PSD consists of all the layers, edits, and color adjustments done to this image. No one has been able to see my process- until now! The winner will be selected randomly, and announced on December 1st.

Arachne's Lair by michellemonique Black Widow by michellemonique Arachne's Wrath by michellemonique Arachne's Curse by michellemonique

Print Winners * Feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 11:26 AM
Hi all!
Here are the winners who received a signed Babydoll poster from me. I thought the idea might be lame and that my watchers might not want a print so I was relieved that they both seemed excited to get them :glomp:


:thumb306896781: :thumb341666537: :thumb348310483: :thumb343482611: :thumb318754522: :thumb258646260:


Pisces - the 12 star signs by BlackBeltMO Aries from the 12 star signs by BlackBeltMO Sagittarius - 12 star signs by BlackBeltMO Capricorn - 12 star signs by BlackBeltMO Compelling by BlackBeltMO The Element of Earth. by BlackBeltMO

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I'm 21!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 13, 2012, 1:41 PM
Not that it means much. I can't stand alcohol! yuck.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes!

I got some really cool gifts this year and I'm excited to share one in particular because it will open up a new venue of art for me. I want to start making short trailers for my characters similar to the live action Skyrim trailer, or the Mortal Kombat one. My whole life I wanted a video camera that could record in movie quality... and now I finally have it! For every photoshoot from now on I will be doing a trailer, photoshoot video, and a series of pictures like I have done in the past. Here is the Canon 600D!

As some of you already know, I have been using the same flip phone since I was 15. Well, that has finally changed! My boyfriend got me a Sidekick (which is still outdated for you kids, I know) but to me a flippy screen is cooler than a touch screen. Plus it has all these colored lights and a rolly ball that light up when I get a text. I'm starting to sound like a 5 year old. ITS SO COOL ITS FLIPPY AND COLORSsSSsss

Lastly, I bought myself some Brown Sugar and Fig from Bath and Body works. Gahh I'm so addicted to this scent. I've had it for a few days and it's like 1/6th gone. The people around me must hate me ;p

One last update: I will be announcing the winners of the Babydoll contest soon so stay tuned for that!

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Sucker Punch Behind The Scenes

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2012, 1:12 PM

Although I would love it if you watched the video, it shows no where near as much work as was put into this shoot. Some of this is embarrassing but I love reading about people's mistakes and how they overcame them. So here are mine.

I bought the costume last November, thinking I would be able to shoot the next week, edit easy peasy and be done in a month. Right.

I booked the first model several times over the course of 3 months but she flaked every time. I'm actually quite happy, as Laura turned out to be PERFECT, easy going, and an overall better model. Laura was kind enough to shoot with me twice, as I was hesitant about the poses I picked out. We kept some, threw out others and added new ones for the second time around.

For the WWI shot, I first tried to make the Notre Dame ruins by hand or find realistic models used for game tables. Turns out no one buys them anymore and thus I had no luck finding one. I attempted to make it out of sticks and foam… The results should make you happy that I am a photographer and not an engineer.

The best day of shooting was probably going to the Aviation museum to photograph WWI planes for stock. I'd never seen such old planes and I even got to sit in a 747!

Onto the train shot. Oh lawd.
This picture took SO much more work than it looks. Originally, I thought I would be able to finish this in a week. Turns out it took three weeks, plus tears and a loss of 6 pounds due to stress. Everything in this picture was hand made. No stock images were used.

The structure of the train was built by my boyfriend. I made a first version of it but it looked so bad I asked him if he could do it (thank god he's an engineer). I can't build anything without it looking floppy, bent, or like it's going to collapse any second (usually does). I couldn't even give his justice with my fail painting skills.

The robots were just wooden anatomy dolls painted silver and manipulated a little in photoshop to make them look more "roboty".

The flying bits of metal were made out of egg shell painted with silver. I first tried it with broken mirror bits, but the pieces were too flat and ended up looking like glass. I like the results of the egg shell as they are curved similar to a robot's head, arm, etc.

I edited the train image 18 times over the course of 50 hours until I was happy with the results.

Thank you all for being so patient. I would never be able to endure an 8 month ordeal without all of your support. Even more importantly, thank you to my family and friends who continue to help me regardless of how stressed or neurotic I become. I love you all.

Sucker Punch: Babydoll by michellemonique We all have Angels by michellemonique Sucker Punch: Babydoll by michellemonique Sucker Punch: Babydoll by michellemonique

New Behind the Scenes video!

Journal Entry: Sat May 26, 2012, 12:44 PM
I recently did a photoshoot for the Penguin Group for their books "RIFT" and "RISE". Here is the video for the first shoot!

RIFT Book Cover by michellemonique

Tekken: Lili Rochefort Behind the Scenes

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 4, 2012, 11:19 AM
Finally posted it! Thank you all for your patience. I hope you enjoy the video!

Tekken: Lili Rochefort by michellemonique Tekken: Lili's curtsey by michellemonique Tekken: Lili closeup by michellemonique Tekken: Lili Rochefort by michellemonique Tekken: Lili Rochefort by michellemonique

Contest won and updates!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 25, 2011, 12:34 PM

I wanted to thank everyone who voted for me in the "Pix Digital Imaging Contest"! I won first place in the voter's choice section, as well as the student section. I also wanted to thank :iconblackbeltmo: who told me about the contest.
Among other prizes, I received a feature in Aftercapture's magazine as well as a new video camera which I will be using for my youtube videos.

(click for larger image)
Winner of Pix digital imaging contest by michellemonique

My watchers are noticing that I have become inactive for a few months. This will change soon! I have commissions that I have to give priority to, but I also have a couple of my own projects that I have slowly been working on. I have a shoot coming up soon, and it's going to make Tekken fans very happy :p  I'm also planning a Sucker Punch shoot for February.

Thanks again everyone. Your encouragement inspires me to keep going.

Grim Reaper 'behind the scenes' video

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 12:31 PM

One of the most complex shoots yet, (especially in post). It wouldn't have been possible without the support of my boyfriend who helped for many hours from logistics, to assisting, to posing. Also, thanks to everyone who helped set up the shoot and moved that heavy glass door (:

Dancing with Death by michellemonique Final Hour by michellemonique Grim Evening by michellemonique Kiss of Death by michellemonique Fallen by michellemonique

Scorpion Queen 'Behind the Scenes' video

Journal Entry: Fri May 6, 2011, 11:30 AM
It's finally posted! After over a month of preproduction and 5-11 hours of editing each picture I'm dooooone ;D
Please watch the video to see the whole process of my photoshoots and subscribe for future videos. Thanks!

Inner Reflection by michellemonique War by michellemonique Death from Above by michellemonique Final Stance by michellemonique Dragon Tamer by michellemonique

Mermaid 'behind the scenes'

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 8, 2010, 12:09 PM
Here is my "behind the scenes" for my most recent shoot, the mermaid series. It took over a month to create this outfit, even with help. I've had this idea for about two years, but I never had the resources and technical ability to do it until now so I was really excited for this shoot.

Here is the outfit concept sketch, and next to it is the final costume:

This was my first failed attempt at making the suckers out of model magic. They ended up looking like flowery noodles so I had to start over.

My second attempt. I had to sculpt, paint, and glue around 300 of these -_-

This is what my room looks like when I'm working on a shoot.

The headpiece is made out of dowels and two pieces of see-throughish fabric. I got the chain from Lowes, painted it, and glued foam balls and beads to make it glittery. I glued the headpiece to a headband but it kept falling off her head during the shoot which was a pain D:

I got the weapon from Spirit for like $7 and painted and glued gems to it.

For the tentacles I cut a long triangular shape of fabric, stuffed it with fluff, painted it, and glued suckers on it. I stuck a wire inside so that I could bend it. Then I glued them to a strapless bra and viola, an octopus bustier.

The compass was a last minute idea, so I just took two jar lids and painted and glued them together.

This was probably the most intense and exhausting shoot ever. The model was shaking with tiredness and I was about to fall over in a narcoleptic attack D: It was well worth it though, and I finally got to see my vision come to life! :)

Before and after:

Final images of the day:
Warrior Mermaid by michellemonique Sea Witch by michellemonique Ursula by michellemonique Queen of the Deep by michellemonique Siren's Wrath by michellemonique

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I'm still here and alive despite my inactivity. I really apologize for not replying to anyone and I haven't had a new project for 8 months.

I've had a lot of changes in my personal life and my mood has been bi-polar because of it so it's been very difficult to stay focused. I thought I completely gave up photography over the past year but I'm slowly trying to get back on my feet and get my life moving again.

I have plenty of ideas for upcoming shoots, but if there's anything you guys are dying to see me do let me know! I might try it :)

Here are a couple of things I wish I updated sooner...
As some of you have already noticed, I was featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine. This was my first feature in a major publication so I was pretty excited about it.
Here is their website:

click for bigger image

I also got this adorable white hamster that I named Gandalf. :giggle: I really wanted to do a photoshoot with him like those cute hamster pictures you've seen, but he's really difficult :< It takes him about 10 seconds to realize he's out of his cage, and when he does he totally freaks out and runs all over the place. But he fainted when he saw me so I guess that makes up for it :aww:

Thanks for all your support and love :heart:
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Unfortunately I didn't take many behind the scenes for death knight because I was so busy but I hope you enjoy what I have :hug:

This is the mess I had in my living room for a few weeks while I was working on the outfit.

The armor was made out of paper mache and model magic and the edging on her outfit is made out of craft foam.

These deserve their own picture.

Here's Mary having a snack. This picture is so adorable :3

Death Knight by michellemonique Lich Queen by michellemonique Ice Assassin by michellemonique Icy Touch by michellemonique

--------ZOMBIE PHOTOSHOOT--------

Here's me putting patches and blood on the pants. I look like a grandma wat.

Some delicious ribs

Beginning to set up the studio

Here are some of the organs I put in jars. I made them out of sculpey and painted over it to make it look more realistic.

Cashoo doing the stitches and makeup. While I was splattering blood on his arms it got all over my bathtub and looked like someone was murdered :iconimhappyplz:

:thumb148200367: Blood Lust by michellemonique :thumb149688824: :thumb150292909: :thumb152177522:
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I updated my website to have retouching/manipulation before and after if you're interested. I'm willing to edit any of your photographs. Message for rates.


Also, please check out this interview I did for
I get asked these questions frequently, so it might be of some use to you.



Behind the scenes Mucha

Here's my cat playing on the fabric while I was trying to cut the dress. It was cute for about 30 seconds.

The swing in my living room

Erin and the swing

Mucha by michellemonique Mucha II by michellemonique Whimsical by michellemonique Vintage by michellemonique
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This blog is extremely late D:
Here are some pictures of my awesome birthday cake I made with :iconpirate-cashoo:
The progression goes from fail to epic fail. It was made out of two layers of ultra rich brownie mix, layered with fudge, and covered in periwinkle frosting :heart:. It looks disgusting, but it was toxically sweet and rich. We couldn’t wait to eat it because it smelled so good, and we were laughing so hard the entire time that it just fell apart D:. The blob that looks like a cat on acid, is supposed to be a Scottish fold. It shows Cashoo’s mad drawing skills.

She also drew this freaking amazing picture for me that I put on my wall FFFFFFFFFFFF
Go to her page and fav and watch her :D

THE PIRATE and THE QUEEN by Pirate-Cashoo

Yes my entire room is covered with prisoners, serial killers, and homicidal maniacs.

Does anyone else watch Prison Break? I’ve only watched the first two seasons, but it’s so addictive and is giving me chronic hypertension D: Apparently it goes into the dumper after the second season though :<

T-bag is a delicious serial killer rapist pedophile necrophiliac

Some behind the scenes from the Werewolf shoot

The furry coat thing I got from Goodwill

Heather painting her claws and drinking always.
We made them out of model magic and molded them to her fingers.

On the drive up there (3 hours) we had to tape the softbox (homemade, non compact-able) to the roof of the car and sit next to it. That was really comfortable o.O

Unedited picture:

Final Images:
Werewolf by michellemonique The Hunt by michellemonique Predator by michellemonique Lycanthropy by michellemonique Blood Thirst by michellemonique Transformation by michellemonique
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To all of you who couldn't believe I'm 17 be doubtful no longer.
& I'm spending 3 days with :iconpirate-cashoo:
We're going to make this awesome periwinkle albino Scottish fold brownie cake and then go to Alcatraz in San Francisco on Saturday and frolic around parks scaring children.
I might post pictures later this week...
Also, my subscription runs out in 3 weeks so if anyone could donate you would own my heart forever :heart:

Here is my chance to whore my accounts on other websites.

Official Website- Provides contact info if you wish to collaborate or commission

Model Mayhem - If you're a model with an account and are interested in a trade or commission contact me here. (and add me as a friend!)

Twitter - Stalk me!

Flickr- I upload additional pictures from shoots here, and you can see some of my older work.

Myspace - Nothing too interesting here. Someday I might design my page.

BEHIND THE SCENES (click the pictures!)
Voodoo Photoshoot

Banshee Photoshoot

Cotton Candy Photoshoot
I wasn't planning on doing a behind the scenes, so I only have a few pictures to show you. I didn't take a picture of the contraption holding the swing in my living room either and I regret it ;_;

The original concept sketch

Cashoo's drawings for hair ideas

The cotton candy hat...I first made a cone hat out of paper, then tore strips of cotton and wrapped it around, then sprayed it pink and blue with hair dye.

Unedited picture

Finished pictures
More will be uploaded!
Cotton Candy by michellemonique Cotton Candy II by michellemonique Candy Girl by michellemonique Candy Ballerina by michellemonique Candy Clouds by michellemonique Cotton Candy III by michellemonique
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Here is the behind the scenes for my “Voodoo Photoshoot” which will be part of my mythological series. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my workflow from the development of my idea to last minute preparation.
First I began with a bit of research on my chosen subject. I read about the rituals, beliefs, and lifestyles of the people who practice Voodoo. Then I looked through references of real voodoo practice (as shown in programs such as National Geographic) and the way various artists portray this belief. I also looked to movies to help develop my idea. As you probably noticed, the character Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean was a huge influence for this shoot.

After I get my references together I draw a thumbnail of what I visualize the final image to look like. Here is an example of a thumbnail compared to the final result:

I’m somewhat embarrassed to post my drawings here because it shows I’m not a “well rounded” artist and it’s obvious I can’t draw for my life. (:
So after that's finished, I gathered the materials needed to make my vision come to life. I began with putting up a plain backdrop and a piece of fabric to make it more interesting (and balance out the subject.)I get all the fabric for backgrounds and outfits from Hancock Fabrics.

The next step was filling jars with beads, stones, feathers, noodles, sticks, hay, mud, and whatever random stuff I could find to make them look nasty and decrepit.

Then I got some candles and melt them to make them appear used.

The set is starting to come together!

Next, I went to Goodwill and bought some skirts just to rip them up and make them look muddy. (It dried lighter) I also bought a fashion top from Wet Seal.

Then I turned my extensions into dreads and painted them black to match the model’s hair. What I won’t do for photoshoots…

Here is my awesome dad cutting a stick for the skull-on-a-stick-with-feathers-and-beads-thing.

Now that I have almost everything together I start practicing the lighting so I don’t have to waste the model’s time.

Here’s a nifty tip I use to make the lights colored. I just put colored tissue paper over the lights. No need for expensive color gels.

Here are some shots of the final set up. This entire shoot was done in my living room. (:

Now for the day of the actual shoot all I have to do is get the model ready and take the completely planned out photo.
Here is Ariel before the “make over”

Here I am doing her make up

I hope this was somewhat informative and answered some of your questions. Obviously, there are a ton of details I didn't include in this behind the scenes because it would take too long and bore you to death. Setting up for this shoot took about a week from start to finish, and that's without school (:
Here are the final images from the day! I will be posting more so keep checking back!
Voodoo Queen by michellemonique Voodoo Queen II by michellemonique
Voodoo Priestess by michellemonique Marie Laveau by michellemonique
Calypso by michellemonique
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Banshee Photoshoot

Sun Apr 12, 2009, 11:25 AM
My inspiration for this photo shoot came from a Nancy Drew game. (Yes, I'm pathetically nerdy). When I saw the banshee I thought it was one of the most beautiful beings I've ever seen. (This is somewhat related to my albino obsession) Anwyay, here's a screenshot from the game:

The banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. In Irish legend, a banshee wails around a house if someone in the family is about to die. Banshees are frequently described as dressed in white or grey, and often having long, fair hair.

Here is me tearing a bedsheet for the skirt (that my dad sewed). Because he's the best.

Cashoo making herself pale[er]

This is what the web/ledge looked like without lighting and cashoo being hot.

This is what is behind the web.
That would have been a nasty fall.
Good thing Cashoo is afraid of heights.

Cashoo was thrilled about me putting 50 pieces of tape in her hair, with a fan blowing up her skirt, wearing rags, in an uncomfortable position, and about to fall off a ledge to her death. I think she pulled it off quite well.

My house is always clean, but when we have a photoshoot...

Cashoo jumping off a chair

Final images from the day:

Banshee by michellemonique Banshee II by michellemonique


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Watchmen Party

Sun Mar 8, 2009, 4:26 PM
On Saturday March 7, :iconpirate-cashoo: and I had a Watchmen party. We're not obsessed I swear.

We tried printing out watchmen pictures and taping them to our shirts, but that failed miserably so we just stuck the Comedian and Rorschach on our legs and walked around the mall like that. Then at 6 we saw the movie. I LOVED IT. It followed the comic pretty accurately (except for the ending) but it had the same basic philosophy they just used a different means to portray it. It seems that people who haven't read the comic don't really get it. There are so many details you can't truly appreciate unless you've read it.

There were these tards in the back that laughed and made idiotic comments every time Jon was naked. "OMG GUYS LOOK ITZ A BLUE DICK LAWL." People can be so immature >.<

When we got back we danced to Watchmen music while Cachet had the Rorschach figurine in her boobs.
This was one of the most epic days of my life.

Here are some pictures:

Adrian Veidt
Adrian Veidt by michellemonique

Everyone needs a Watchmen themed bathroom

This is my attempt to make a Walter Kovaks tortilla. That blob on the side of his face is a bruise. Cachet was not happy I incorporated that feature.

and here we are being sexy with all our Watchmen crap.



Photobooth yayyyyy
Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket


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Winter Features .03

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2009, 4:59 PM
Some features for Winter

:: c r y s t a l i z e :: by hellfirediva :thumb73015482: :thumb95296726: :thumb105680122: Frozen in Place by Sugargrl14 :thumb72769909: steel-blue by MissHeroin Ultra by tanyakova Naiad by mishkamink juste flow II by robinpika :thumb108521642: fashion vs construction by ladydesign le sentiment de printemps i by glennprasetya spring fairy by morethanlove Snow Queen by Mirlenges :thumb104774610: Frozen Cotton by DemonMathiel :thumb104071272: Virgo eye by ftourini _dispersed. by josefinejonssonphoto Frozen Flowers.Frozen Hearts by Ophelia-Overdose Frozen by MattFrederick :thumb99851382: brr by kikkums Aquatic Aesthetic pt.i by glennprasetya :thumb104675589: c h e r u b by nilgunkara :thumb99880750: White horns by ladymorgana :thumb97537580: Rococo Pearl by Autonoe Nastya, Moscow. by vuda :thumb105958348: :thumb105578802: ruby snow by bailey--elizabeth Early Winter by girltripped :thumb104520360: :thumb100409842: :thumb102990781: What else is there by retrodiva88 ruth2 by dancingperfect asleep at the wheel by micmojo p r o t e c t i o n by hellfirediva Moonlace by Laura-Ferreira :thumb107664914:

Self Promotion
Sugar Fairy by michellemonique 11 Degrees by michellemonique Choice by michellemonique Albino by michellemonique Studded by michellemonique Melancholy by michellemonique


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Fall Features .02

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 3, 2008, 8:35 PM
Some pictures for Autumn

chase the sun by JuliaDunin colours of autumn by julkusiowa Autumn Ethereal by alexandre-deschaumes :thumb66756913: Lady of Autumn by oloferla The Fall2 by dancingperfect fall by islandtime Fall breathe by mjagiellicz Lady Fall by PorcelainPoet :thumb101461976: Warm fall by TheSecondMaker :thumb102436312: Polish golden autumn by WiciaQ To fall in fall by dargeg Fall... by billysphoto The Fall Guy 10 by rebelx Autumn and I by LonelyPierot :thumb97628251: Welcome, Autumn. by disco-ball Autumn by The-Freak-Nora :thumb98065824: In autumn by dargeg Autumn comes by mjagiellicz A Toady In Autumn by steampoweredk9 :thumb69013058: :thumb100943375: S T A Y VII by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb102524679: Autumn Fades by islandtime :thumb102432500: :thumb102444623: The photographer and his prey2 by Dina-bv Essence of an Autumn Evening by EmberRoseArt White Light by Galadiera under red trees by dorothei other-worldly by weeja :thumb102205070: :thumb99691062: