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Queen of the Deep

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Damn good job .
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You remind me of queen Azshara.
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great work on the water and the tentacles!!!!
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the background is amazing. It's like being on some kind of semi-fantastic movie
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Queen Azshara?
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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I like your solution of using her tentacles as a covering for her breasts, it's inventive and unique. I never really bought the whole tube top idea they had for Ursula. That aside it's always neat to see different takes on these types of characters. Frankly I'm a bit miffed with Disney for hammering into our heads what mermaids and sea witches/queens/kings must look like. I suppose it's a good starting point though, but even so I hate that when I type in mermaid in google I get the same stupid red headed mer-brat. No offense to Ariel and the work that went into her, but I don't like how that's all we think of when it comes to sea-folk. So I love stuff like this personally.
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Really amazing! I love the colours and detail prvided for this artwork!
when I read the title, I read it "Queen of the Derp" :3 whoops!!! :dummy:
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Love it. I was always a bigger fan of the villains in fairy tales...
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frightening and beautiful at the same time. you should make one with her and the little mermaid.
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Is she kind of like Ursula? Incredible!
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Hey Michelle, can I call you that? How do you do that?
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Beautifull and terrifying! :)
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