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:star: Hey guys :-)!  I am currently OPEN for COMMISSIONS & CONTRACT WORK!  Below is a list of what I will be offering:

Original Art and Fanart Commissions

    backgrounds & extra characters/creatures/props optional 

    backgrounds & extra characters/creatures/props optional

    backgrounds & extra characters/creatures/props optional

    callouts and extra angles optional



:bulletblue: Digital Sketches
:bulletblue: Digital Drawings
:bulletblue: Digital Line Arts
:bulletblue: Digital Grayscale Paintings
:bulletblue: Digital Color Paintings

(Pencil, Ink, Colored Ink, & Copic Marker)

:bulletblue: Pencil Sketches / (on white paper)
:bulletblue: Pencil Drawings / (on white paper)
:bulletblue: Black & White Inked Line Arts / (on white paper)
:bulletblue: Color Inked Line Arts / (on white, toned or colored paper)
:bulletblue: Grayscale Pencil Renders / (on white or toned paper)
:bulletblue: Grayscale Copic Marker Renders / (on white paper)
:bulletblue: Grayscale & Color Copic Marker Renders / (on white paper)

I will be taking payments at the beginning of each commission via Paypal.  If you are interested in commissioning me, you can send me an email at the address below for pricing & inquiries:



:bulletpurple: Kayla
:bulletpurple: Chris
:bulletpurple: Rachel
:bulletpurple: Jaleh
:bulletpurple: Tony
:bulletpurple: Philip
:bulletpurple: Jessica
:bulletpurple: Thais
:bulletpurple: Heather

I look forward to working with you =)!!


:star: I have also opened up a brand new PATREON PAGE, Michelle Hoefener Art @ Patreon :)!  You can support me and receive special rewards including:

:bulletblue: Works in Progress
:bulletblue: Step By Steps
:bulletblue: Full Size Artwork Images
:bulletblue: Layered PSDs
:bulletblue: Brushes
:bulletblue: Process Videos


:bulletblue: Original Art & Fanart Series
  (brand new original art and fanart for patrons to download and learn from)

:bulletblue: "Alternates" Series
    (alternate versions & outfits for my fanart characters and original characters)

:bulletblue: Tutorials
    (in depth tutorials explaining my methods used for my artwork )

:star: You can view my PATREON PAGE HERE! / (

I look forward to seeing you on Patreon =)!!

My Art Tutorials and Tool Sets:

My Art Elsewhere:

My Updates & News:

Other Useful Links:

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Lycan-Queen88's avatar
Can I see ur pricelist and do u accept paypal??
RoughArrowPhotos's avatar
RoughArrowPhotosHobbyist Photographer
Can you please send me the price list?
ThaMaJesticArtist's avatar
What about your 3D Model prices?
Grougaloragranox's avatar
Can you send me the price list please ?
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Snipped. Im not very bright. This is the old one :D 
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RainbowPopPonyHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy damn your art skills are the best, what are your prices?
SaphireShear's avatar
SaphireShearStudent Digital Artist
Could you send me a note with your pricing information? 
deurk's avatar
Fantastic artwork. Would you mind sending me your commission prices?
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NodoxStudent General Artist
Would you kindly send me a note of your pricing ?  I am interested..  Thank you ! :D
ThE-TarNIshEd's avatar
ThE-TarNIshEdStudent Interface Designer
Are your commissions still open? If so I would like to talk to you about getting one! Thanks!
NeighborhoodNobody's avatar
Could I possibly get a note with pricing as well?
LekiDoodles's avatar
LekiDoodlesStudent General Artist
Hey hun, interested in commissioning you, but what are your prices? 
getrevenge's avatar
What is your pricing information?
kaaatiemaaarie12's avatar
If you get a chance I'd love a note with pricing!
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masuyoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Would you kindly send a note of your pricing?  I am interested..  Thank you very much!
Polk-Kitsune's avatar
I do love the art you make, and I'm curious on the prices too. I know it's quite a list, but I can be patient.
Kaoyi's avatar
May I know the pricing too please
mikeaarts42's avatar
may i have a note for the price-list of commissions ? I'm interested in such beautiful work . CM - For lpsamanda 
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actrrrr Digital Artist
Could you please note me the price list for your commissions? Thank you! :)
Sephiris's avatar
Hello :) Can I get a note on your pricing as well, please? Thanks!
xFervent's avatar
Hello! Could I also get a note with the price list?
Your art is stunning and it would be amazing to have you draw one of my OC <3
middlehouse's avatar
middlehouseProfessional General Artist
Hei! Could I get a note of the prices too? Thank you very much ! ^^
ReversiWings's avatar
Could I also get a note with the price list?
Thank you c:
LayDeDeadpool's avatar
LayDeDeadpoolHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to check out the price list, please and thank you 
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