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Hey guys =)!

I am currently open for commissions!  Below is what I am currently offering:

Line Art, and Full Color  -  Portraits, Mid Lengths & Full Bodies

Spider Gwen by MichelleHoefener LILITHA - Daughter of Darkness by MichelleHoefener The Koi Empress by MichelleHoefener Commission - Kasai 2015 by MichelleHoefener TRACER - 21 Days of Overwatch by MichelleHoefener

If you're interested in commissioning me, you can send me an email for pricing and inquiries to (!

I look forward to working with you on your commissions =)!

- Michelle


More Info about my Patreon, Gumroad & Commissions for this year below =)!

:bulletblue: Visit my Patreon here!  :star: Michelle Hoefener Art @ Patreon

:bulletblue: Visit my Gumroad here!  :star: Michelle Hoefener Art @ Gumroad


I am offering the following types of commissions:
pencil / ink / marker / digital / grayscale / full color / and more!

:bulletblue: I will be taking payments at the beginning of each commission via Paypal

:bulletblue: To inquire about commissioning me and pricing, email me at: :star:

Please use my email address above for commission and pricing inquiries instead of contacting me through DeviantArt, notes or comments.  Keeping all commission inquiries in one location will help your inquiry be read and responded to sooner.

Michelle Hoefener Art @ Behance:…
Michelle Hoefener Art @ Pixiv:…


© 2017 - 2021 MichelleHoefener
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Do you do male figures?
sixpathspony's avatar
Hello, are you still open for commissions?
Lycan-Queen88's avatar
Do u accept paypal??
That's all I can do
Fiction-Works's avatar
I'm inclined to hit you with a stick!

But really, how's everything?
BeckyAH's avatar
I wish I could afford to commission you or draw like you, my fave splash art your did for league of legends is probably heart seeker ashe, keep up the amazing work <3
LP4ever's avatar
how much does an artwork cost? ^^
MichelleHoefener's avatar
Hi =)!

You can email me at (
for pricing info!

Thank you so much!
TheTrueMarkyboy's avatar
I will looking foward, to commission you one day!
Nightingale122's avatar
Been looking at your updates, and you seen to be open frequently each month. Don't mean to be rude, but your watchers already know this update. Perhaps you can just leave it open, until you're ready to close?
MichelleHoefener's avatar
Hi =)!

No problem at all!  It is just a good reminder that helps people who haven't seen that my commissions are open, or those who have forgotten, to get another chance to have a commission if they would like one =)!
Sanna768's avatar
It is actually helpful. I didn't know you took commissions until I noticed it in the description of one of your recent pieces.
RBL-M1A2Tanker's avatar
Would definitely love to.  But, budgets. TT_TT
skorpionboy's avatar
League of Boobs <3
urusus82's avatar
 Is the commission still open?Sweating a little... 
girlkun's avatar
Do you do payment plans by chance? 
Lyzerne's avatar
If only you accepted WU as a payment option too! D: I love your pencil art more than anything else!
Karkull's avatar
Sent you an Email. 8)
victortky's avatar
Do we send a note to ask for the commission prices?
MichelleHoefener's avatar
You can send me an email at ( =)
victortky's avatar
Demon0082's avatar
What are the prices??
Amai-Yasu's avatar
Her prices range from 225 to 1738 usd ^^
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