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The Koi Empress

Hey guys =)!

Here is the finished version of the mermaid, Mei Shui, "The Koi Empress" =)!

:bulletpink:   I am taking commissions, you can email me for pricing at:  (More info here: COMMISSIONS OPEN!)

My background story for Empress Mei Shui:

Mei Shui is a mythical empress that once ruled China in a forgotten fairytale.  She is usually only seen in her human form, but is commonly referred to as "the Koi Empress", because it is said that her true form is a koi mermaid.  It is a rare sight to actually see Mei Shui in her koi mermaid form, swimming in the lakes near the palace.

Line Art
Koi Empress - Line Art by MichelleHoefener

Other Mermaids in my
(Going since 2006!)
Moonrise In Spring by MichelleHoefener  CALYPSO by MichelleHoefener

Full res JPG, step by step, layered PSD, video process and brushes for this piece are available at my Patreon:…


- 56hrs / Photoshop

Artwork and the character, Mei Shui "The Koi Empress" are © copyright, me, (Michelle Hoefener) :iconmichellehoefener:
- Photoshop

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She's a glorious one, as she is enthralling.

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Beautiful and regal.

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Wonderful colors and nice breast size on her!

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I love the colors.:heart:

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Beautiful mermaid
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Amazing! Fab choice of colours👌

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Akali decided to cosplay as Nami =P
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A good headstart on Mermay
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Now this is a blast from the past. One of the first pieces I added to my favorites, if I remember correctly....
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We need another.
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DeviantArt... An endless gallery of amazing eye candies !!
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ヾ(o´ェ`o)ノGOOD JOB!!
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