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Here is the final art for POWER GIRL, a commission for Lisandro for my PATREON for October! =)!   I love paintings of comic characters, since they usually are illustrated more comic style =)!  This piece is available at my PATREON in October content release #2!

Bullet; Pink   I am taking commissions, you can email me for pricing at: mhoefener@gmail.com  (More info here: COMMISSIONS OPEN!)

Art by me, Michelle Hoefener
Commissioned by Lisandro
Power Girl is (c) DC Comics

- Photoshop

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First pic of power girl where her boobs look realistic
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Did she get a "Tifa" update?
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AsylumchildartHobbyist Digital Artist

Nice job :)

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Luzim-LukartHobbyist Digital Artist
I think there is missing a shadowlayer or more idk.
It still looks awesome but :D (Big Grin) , I remember there were more shadows befor you updated it.
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Absolutely glamorous take on PG!
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Excellent :)
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Almighty bust
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Very pretty, very nicely done
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Zapzzable100Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just I mean wow:wow:
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Maybe its just me, but this kinda has a tay tay(Taylor Swift) vibe to it! Either way, I love it!
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FURRHEHEHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I see that :D
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werolHobbyist Photographer
! wow
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Very Nice
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Could u make one of Black Fire from Teen Titans?
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TanokoHobbyist General Artist
So beautiful!La love 
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She looks absolutely incredible!
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i need to know, is the JSA and JLA occupying two universes? because at first i thought Power Girl was with an alternate JLA on an alternate Earth but the JLA appear to be with her along with the JSA.

i tried googling it but it wasn't clear to me
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Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Justice League and Justice Society existed on two separate universe's, Earth One and Earth Two respectively. The Latter was based off the Golden Age from 1938-1950 whilst the Former was based on the Silver and Bronze Age, 1956 - 1970 and 1971 - 1986 respectively. Both universe's had a Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as well as any other set of characters related to them. For instance, Supergirl and Power Girl are the exact same person, Kara Zor-El (On Earth Two the House of El is just the House of L), the former existing on Earth One and the Latter on Earth Two.
CoIE was made to bridge both these and every other continuity (such as Captain Marvel and the heroes of Charlton comics) into one single continuity as a way of both bringing in new readers and fixing what was a very confusing continuity (Not all at once mind you they'd still need to release both Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis to completely fix everything which is a whole other can of beans by itself).
After this it was explained that the Justice Society were the first Superhero team that existed back in the 30's to 40's and was then followed up by the Justice League (I'm not to sure when TBH).
It was still kinda confusing tho, when Post Crisis began Power Girl was brought in but her history wasn't changed to fit the new continuity (Although She did believe herself to be the descendant of the Atlantean sorcerer Arion), instead she was still the same exact person from Earth Two rather than a new revamped version, unlike the rest of the Justice Society who were all completely changed to fit Post Crisis.
Meanwhile, Post Crisis Supergirl didn't appear until 2004, where it was explained that she was in fact 20 years older than Superman, but her trip to Earth left her in stasis for 30 years before making it to Earth.
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Great eyes!
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So sexy!!!!!
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