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Leela Airstar

This is Leela Airstar, a personal character of mine =)!  I originally designed her because I was really inspired to design a pink and white cyber girl!  This was a really old piece that I started a number of years ago (2009) that I finally fixed up and decided to finish.  I'm really happy with how far this piece came over the years!

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:star: Close Up :star:
Leela Airstar - Close Up by MichelleHoefener

- Photoshop

This artwork and the character, Leela Airstar, are (c) Copyright 2015 Michelle Hoefener.  Redistribution or reuse of the character, Leela Airstar, or this artwork in any way is strictly prohibited.  Cosplaying and fanart of Leela Airstar are welcome!  Please give me credit for the character if you post your cosplay photos or fanart online or display publicly.  I would love to see your photos and fanart!

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© 2015 - 2021 MichelleHoefener
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Oh, my! I love those boots! Nicely done.

fishman0422's avatar

Awesome work. Love those shoes!

Aliya-Flare's avatar

Love the high heels :3

Halstrom's avatar
Supercute, well done :)
remuko's avatar
vanBlood's avatar
lGreat and so... pink :D
Excellent detai
Paremuine's avatar
Commissions info link is dead for some reason.
arcmagezaln's avatar
Her look 8s very unique.
kmkibble75's avatar
Very cool design!
Evodolka's avatar
cool and gorgeous, i love the cybernetic look :D
Halstrom's avatar
Bladeninja76's avatar
Cute colors with interesting sci-fi design. Wouldn't mind seeing her in action.
jenii445's avatar
so amazing ;w;
Volnium's avatar
Wow! Looks very nice)
BlueStar-P's avatar
Could I have permission to create a 3D model?
Unlike my other work's however it will not be for download or purchase
it would strictly be a personal model
MichelleHoefener's avatar
Hi BlueStar-P =)!

Yes, you are welcome to create a 3D Model of her!  All I ask is that I be given credit for the character, Leela Airstar and link back to my deviantart page (…)! I would love to see your model when you're done with it =)!!

BlueStar-P's avatar
Thank you very much, I will be sure to credit when the project is finished
ScattyJester's avatar
I don't even know what to say. This character should be getting cameos in every game and anime ever written! She is beautiful.
SugarySweetChan's avatar
This is so beautiful OMFG.:D
We need her in LOL! Someone please suggest it! :heart:
rchella's avatar
i love the design! especially the shoes omg
violetthebat1's avatar
She's awesome. Nuff said. :3
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
Not really a fan of pink as a general rule, but I really like this!
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