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October 30, 2009
The amount of gorgeous details =Michelle84 has put on Iridezria - Concept Art is simply impressive. Not only the style and design are amazing but also the anatomy and colouring are clean and perfectly executed.
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Iridezria - Concept Art

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This is an upgraded version of my character, Iridezria. Iridezria is the super form or supreme evolution of my character, Iris. Since Iris has both elf-like and unicorn lineage, and has snow white hair, I wanted to give her super form even more of that color scheme. I also wanted her wings to be like feathered angel wings with a silhouette somewhat resembling swallow tale butterfly wings. I'm very happy with this new design for Iridezria :).

- Photoshop CS and wacom 6x8 graphire III tablet

This artwork and the character, Iridezria, are (c) Copyright 2015 Michelle Hoefener.  Redistribution or reuse of the character, Iridezria, or this artwork in any way is strictly prohibited.  Cosplaying and fanart of Iridezria are welcome!  Please give me credit for the character if you post your cosplay photos or fanart online or display publicly.  I would love to see your photos and fanart!

Iridezira Cosplays :-):

:star:… :star:

:star:Iridezria 1 by YongFoo-ds7:star:

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Bladeninja76's avatar
Pretty darn interesting concept. Stylish with a hybrid of angel and peacock. But dang that sword is too long for her to enter any building.
pantherxlt's avatar
It was cool because i just start drawing that as well
HimeUtau's avatar
Oliriv's avatar
this is amazing :DDDDDDD
I cant believe how much detail you put in her clothes 
Slahwrael's avatar
Hi,  I've been semi-stalking your artwork since about 2007, and I think this is still by far one of my favorites of yours.  I'm always glad to see more and more artwork by you.  :) (Smile) 
Barkindji's avatar
I didnt think there was a way out this really intrigued me I am headed right for the top no pressure just check it out
I had finally hit rock bottom this helped me back to my feet now there is no turning back no pressure just check it out
no more strict deadlines
Fatespectrum's avatar
I really adore this. All the lines are really crisp, and the colour selection is absolutely wonderful.

Admittedly, I cgot pulled in by her design specifically. But, oh geez. She is gorgeous.
Breakdawn-Avenue's avatar
this is really stunning. I like it very much!
linzeda's avatar
She looks awesome and ready to kick some butt. You have excellent taste in wardrobe designs.
Seraphoid's avatar
Elektra86's avatar
i'm love it!!! :heart:
hecatescrossroads's avatar
I would love to have the skills to make a outfit like that for cosplay.
o0-WarriorMaiden-0o's avatar
So what's the story behind her?
CuddlesTheOctopus's avatar
I really like the gloves!
ptitejoliskra's avatar
ouawww this is beautiful!!! <3 I love the gloves and the sword too!!!! =)
I've followed your work for years and it's amazing, just wanted to let you know!
Clock-Inu's avatar
this is pure gorgeousness! 8D

Fantastic work~
ElementalMutant's avatar
The design in this character makes me believe you're a genius! This is amazing!
Pinkkitty75's avatar
I love your work! Stunning details
FlowersOfSakura's avatar
O_O wow ce personnage ressemble incroyablement a Kanna, un de mes OC...
Ce dessin date de 2004
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