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Shooting Star Polymer Clay Charm by MichelleDoherty Shooting Star Polymer Clay Charm :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0 Mini Tentacle Polymer Charm by MichelleDoherty Mini Tentacle Polymer Charm :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0 Hand-Made Polymer Buttons: Oversized! by MichelleDoherty Hand-Made Polymer Buttons: Oversized! :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0 A Lighter Shade of Pale by MichelleDoherty A Lighter Shade of Pale :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 3 0 deviantART ID 2013 by MichelleDoherty deviantART ID 2013 :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0 Free Fella...After My Nap by MichelleDoherty Free Fella...After My Nap :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 2 2
Final Fantasy XII Haiku: Espers
A/N: This is much less tongue-in-cheek than the last set of haiku I posted.  I actually tried to write honest to goodness serious haiku this time.  Hope you like.  Enjoy!
I die, and am born
I'm the Walker of Life's Wheel
Prisoner of Fate
I am Absolute
Indomnitable in strength
Forever a child
I am the Seraph
Masterpiece of the Scions
Failure of the Gods
I am your treasure
The key to Giruvegan
Is in my four hands
Darkness took my heart
Bound to me, my lovely shield
Come with me to Hell
Man wields Evil's blade
It was I who taught them how
To destroy themselves
Holy Power for order
I spent myself for the War
My reward...the Pit
Hordes, come to me now
I was here to quell your wrath
Join me in hatred
Beauty past measure
:iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 1 0
Mature content
All For Lyna :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 1 2
Mature content
16: DAOA - Going Back to Bed :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0
Mature content
Winter's Touch 01 :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0
Mature content
15: Poopie Sad-Face Land :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0
Mature content
14: Dissidi...Huh? :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 1 0
Mature content
13: The Undying...Series :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0
Mature content
12: Materia Doesn't Go There.. :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 2
Mature content
11: Xenon Revelations CoE :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0
Mature content
10: Da Devas Do Didneyland :iconmichelledoherty:MichelleDoherty 0 0

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Life at the moment -
Last night Israel agreed and signed on a humanity ceasefire, which earlier today was even extended until 00:00 tonight. Yet even still, just now, Sunday morning here in Israel, Hamas has broken the ceasefire by shooting more missiles towards us. I can not tell you how terrifying the situation is for someone who actually live in this situation for 20 days of war, and more so, for years upon years of living under the constant threat of Hamas missiles (more than 12,000 rockets were shot towards Israel in the last 12 years!). At the same time I cannot explain to you the sadness I feel towards innocent civilians in Gaza who also live under the terror regime of Hamas, who constantly and deliberately using them as a human-shield and as leverage for its own propaganda!
How long can Israel hold its fire while living under this threat?
What would any other country do, especially when in ceasefire?
As an Israeli, I can tell you that we are NOT at war with the Palestinian people! We are at war aga
:icondavidkawena:davidkawena 18 40
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Art Thieves and Publishing Your Work
Originally published under :iconmangaacademy:, hence the focus on comics.
Beybladegal asked me: “I was wondering how safe this site is for original art work. I’ve been wanting to put some of my own character on here but I’m afraid to out of fear of having someone steal it. I was just wondering if you’ve had any problems with this kind of thing? Or if you do something special to keep them safe.”
I figured this is a question lots of people ask themselves (and I have too), so I’ll share my long-winded answer.
Art Thieves
1. Thieves are going to steal. We had our car broken into once and the thief took nothing. He couldn’t pry open the door so he just shattered the window to unlock it. We had nothing valuable, but we had to replace our broken window. I hope that a thief may wander into your gallery, see nothing worth takin
:iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 685 221
Simply Blue Journal CSS by SimplySilent Simply Blue Journal CSS :iconsimplysilent:SimplySilent 959 124 RainbOw by CupCakeMonsterCrafts RainbOw :iconcupcakemonstercrafts:CupCakeMonsterCrafts 29 22
Liana for Strat
I don't have a current selfie, but I'll share this anyway.
I don't care what comic books you read, what video games you play, with the exception of the elitist bastards (who are becoming a dying breed anyway), the geek community is awesome. We've been blessed with some truly amazing actors.
And I'll give a nod out to Christian Bale who played Batman, too, for him visiting the Aurora, Colorado, shooting victims.
:iconinuliana:inuliana 1 0
ffvi - redraw by spoonybards ffvi - redraw :iconspoonybards:spoonybards 112 12 Mythbusters by renegade21 Mythbusters :iconrenegade21:renegade21 79 14



I love the smell of polymer clay in the morning.

Journal Entry: Wed May 11, 2016, 8:35 AM

I'm up to my earlobes in half-finished sculpts, and I feel a little like dookie from antibiotics I'm taking for an infected tooth.  Today strikes me as a pajamas/hot chocolate/biscotti/Pirates of the Caribbean day.  :)  I'm the last person to argue with my gut instincts, now, so I think I'm gonna put a lid on work for the rest of the day.

  • Watching: Pirates of the Caribbean series
  • Eating: ramen
  • Drinking: Crystal Light


Artist Formerly Known As Kissy
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Thank you so much for supporting my artwork!it means so much to me :D
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It's my pleasure. :)
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Thanks for the favs!  :3
MichelleDoherty Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Professional Writer
As always, it's my pleasure.  I've been away from dA for what seems like forever, so it was nice to revisit my favorite artists' haunts and check out their new(ish) work.  Well, new for me, anyways. :D
KatimusPrime Featured By Owner May 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm one of those people who's taken to lurking every day, but only posting rarely.  I'm about to get my gigantic slab of art together soon.  I've dumped out my entire archive for re-organizing and once it's finished, I'm going to make a bunch of sketchdump images and redo the ones I really liked. :3
MichelleDoherty Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Professional Writer
Fantastic, I can't wait to see the new and redone stuff!  I sorta missed lurking on this site, too.
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Thanks for the watch :D
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My pleasure.  Your work is lovely.
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