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Sea Turtle Tattoo

For some reason the side of my foot looks green...

Had this done March 2009
The picture by me and Chan (tattoo artist)
Took 2 1/2 hours.
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Aug 23, 2010, 10:12:41 PM
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Thanks :D, it's supposed to look like it's climbing over my foot. I like to make tattoos kinda go with wherever they're located. I drew a picture of Don for my TMNT tattoos which has my forearm cut open, and he's replacing my innards with robotics XD
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lol thats awesome :D

as far as tattoos go I always get like, cultural beliefs and images, like gods of different religions. Like egyptian stuff and other stuff.I end up drawing a lot of tattoos too, I have to draw a tattoo of a squid/octopus for my nephew, there are pics of my in my gallery but i dont know how many of them show my tattoos

and you remember the old live action turtle movies? i liked the first and second one, but the 3rd one was HORRIBLE, where they go to fuedal japan. Rather than having krain or whatever, or even shredder, or even anyone cool as an enemy, the turtles are fighting a samurai and some english dude who talks to birds. The turtles animatronics are all messed up and silly looking, and they make HORRIBLE jokes like "im a turtle and I cant get up" or where someone says, A TURTLE?!? and then one of them says YEAH... of the TEENAGE MUTANT variety! and one of the other turtles are like yeahhh you told him!

Horrible, I was let down because none of my favorite TMNT villains even made it to ANY turtle movies except shredder

then there was another thing, i cant remember what it was, the turtles look.... WEIRD like they do in the 3rd movie and they are rapping... hold on ill find it..

I FOUND IT lol >>> [link] <<<

lol, im 25 years old, so growing up the turtles were the THING, and I was ALL ABOUT some ninja turtles, I loved the ninja turtles, I still do, I liked the new CG movie

the movie was alright, the second one i believe, but i wished the fight with super shredder would have been better, there wasnt even a fight, shredder just beat the crap out of the dock he was on and it broke and caved in on him lol

and LOL whats with splinters cheesy jokes at the end of every movie? lol

except for the 3rd one in japan, it sucked, splinter was like bwuhahahaha *with a lamp shade on his head* and says "hahahaa its like elvis... blue hawaii" lol
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Holy crap long comment XD I do remember all of those movies because I have them :) I understand how you feel about the third one. I was reading through critiques of it and one critic said that a brain tumor would be better than watching it. It's like, they ran out of ideas and just put out something half-assed to make money off of, thinking that people will still love it because it's TMNT. Didn't work out so well.

I really liked the new movie. A lot of people didn't like the CGI turtles...but puppeted costumes just won't cut it in this millennium. The next one comes out in 2011 :). They've decided to take a different direction and do live action again...only in this movie the faces of the turtles will be CGI (and hopefully the costumes will be better too XD) Did you see the second Pirates of the Caribbean? Davey Jones' face was CGI. It'll be cool to see what they can do with the turtles.
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i liked the newer CG movie, but yeah T3 sucked, and in my opinion, i dont see HOW ON EARTH they were running out of ideas when they had a whole list of villains from the cartoon series that they never used, no krain, no technodrome, no bebop, no rocksteady, none of those lol
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Their brains must not work properly XD
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thats hollywood for you =P
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That's your foot? Neat...
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Thanks. I can't wait to get my next one.
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You're getting another one?
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Yeah I'm hoping to get 4...the ninja turtles. The designs will be up here eventually
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Thanks. That's my tattoo I told you about. In case you haven't guessed already, I really like turtles :D
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lol don't worry, I've noticed your turtle love :D
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