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Horse Design Advent Calendar *CLOSED*

I decide to make an advent calendar with horse designs this year again :)

- you can comment which number(s) you want 
- first come first serve, have fun :la:
- you can decide Gender, Name and Breed
- you can change little things, but not the whole design 
- Credit me on the reference or first picture!
- they all cost 25 :points:
- as soon as the design was paid, it's yours! :)
- i reveal the designs at the accordingly day
(on the picture will be only the portraits, i will send you the full design)
enjoy (h)
*EDIT: i will also reveal the 4 left designs, if anyone will buy them, please comment :) *

1. :bulletred: Torro-Torro || Classic Champagne with blue eyes [Ee aa ChCh]
2. :bulletred: TreckyQueen || Dark Bay [EE AA]
3. :bulletred: Pluto-nium || Red Roan [ee Aa RR]
4. :bulletred: Xana-Akai || Blood Bay [EE Aa]
5. :bulletred: Skyfall122 || Wild Bay Appaloosa Blanket [EE Aa nLp]
6. :bulletred: TreckyQueen || Pangare Buckskin [Ee Aa nCr nP]
7. :bulletred: Luna-Bug || Silver Blue Roan [EE aa RR Zz]
8. :bulletred: Xana-Akai || Chestnut [ee Aa]
9. :bulletred: Roseepunch || Dark Cremello [Ee aa CrCr]
10. :bulletred: Drasayer || Grulla [Ee aa DD]
11. :bulletred: Shehy || Sooty Palomino [ee aa StySty nCr]
12. :bulletred: Karly14 || Golden Palomino [ee aa nCr]
13. :bulletred: Pluto-nium || Bay [Ee AA]
14. :bulletred: PonetteDeFeu || Smoky Black [Ee aa nCr]
15. :bulletred: horselady36501 || Black [EE aa] (
16. :bulletred: horselady36501 || Liver Chestnut Fleabitten [ee Aa] (
17. :bulletred: Xana-Akai || Flaxen Chestnut Leopard [ee Aa Ff nLp]
18. :bulletred: BRls-love-is-MY-Live || Perlino Dun Tobiano [Ee Aa DD CrCt TT]
19. :bulletred: CountryDreamStable || Grey minimal Sabino [ee Aa GG nSb]
20. :bulletred: Shehy || Seal Chestnut [ee Aa]
21. :bulletred: Casabi-Shay || Seal Black [Ee AtAt]
22. :bulletred: Tsuki-Taiyo || Silver Bay Roan [EE Aa ZZ]
23. :bulletred: WillkenasStables || Silver Amber Champagne Dun [EE AA ChCh DD ZZ]
24. :bulletred: Torro-Torro || Silver Buckskin [EE Aa nCr]

-> Thank you so much for this beautiful icons lazymau :hug:
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WillkenasStables's avatar
hast du noch die 23 ?? habe leider es gelöscht:(
michelle222's avatar
ja klar hab ich noch :) Kann ich dir gleich zukommen lassen Moment (: 
horselady36501's avatar
are these two still open for grabs?
15. Bullet; Green || FREE TO BUY -> Black [EE aa] (
16. Bullet; Green || FREE TO BUY -> Liver Chestnut Fleabitten [ee Aa] (

if so may i take them? :)
michelle222's avatar
yes they are still open (: Sure, you can have them :hug: I noticed it :)
horselady36501's avatar
michelle222's avatar
i will send you the Full designs tomorrow
horselady36501's avatar
michelle222's avatar
oh wow Thank you! (:
Shehy's avatar
Tut mir leid, dass ich bis jetzt nichts gesagt habe D: Ich wollte mich für die zwei Designs bedanken, sie sind unheimlich schön :love: Das erste hat bereits einen Namen :la: und ich bin ein großer Fan von dunklen Füchsen *-*
ich hoffe du hattest schöne Feiertage :hug:
michelle222's avatar
keein Problem,in der Weihnachtszeit hat man ja auch anderes zu tun! :)
Seeehr gerne, freut mich wirklich sehr, dass sie dir gefallen :la:
Dankeschön, ich hoffe dir auch :hug:
Xana-Akai's avatar
Can I have the 17? :'3 
michelle222's avatar
sure :) send the points and it's yours :)
Xana-Akai's avatar
Set! Thank you! 
michelle222's avatar
Thank you too! (: Have fun with him/her
Xana-Akai's avatar
Thank you to you! 
michelle222's avatar
you're welcome! :hug:
Casiro's avatar
I would love to buy Nr. 21. ^^
michelle222's avatar
yes sure, it's noticed (: Thank you! :)
michelle222's avatar
sure :) is noticed (:
CountryDreamStable's avatar
yeay when do you need the P ?
michelle222's avatar
you can send them now :)
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