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Melting Rose Chair



This Project came from the Hard Rubbish Collections. It's amazing what people throw away. This chair looked old, rotting used and abused... so I simply had to pick the damn thing up and take it home with me ;)
I spent the next two weeks attacking it with a sandpaper, a saw and a hell of a lot of filler. The chair hadn't been very well looked after and had weathered quite a bit. After getting it ship shape I spent the next week Painting on it :)

A lot of people simply throw the old out for the new because the new's well... new. This chair had seen better days, but a lot of the junk out there isn't actually junk. The sad thing is, people are materialistic and don't see the hidden gems for the amazing possibilities that they are. Thus I decided to save a little piece of junk and make it into my new project ;) Another persons rubbish is someone else's treasure .... Well, I think that's the saying lol. Hope you like my creative flair... FYI the chair is safe to sit on and to protect it from ever feeling the weather again, it has a thick coating of Glass Coat. ;)
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Absolutely awesome - beautifully done :)