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Corset with Peonies

Since I have neglected deviant art for a while (6months) I thought I should share a work in progress that I'm a little proud of ....tell me what you think because I spent so many hours glazing the layers of paint in order to make it work with glow in the dark pigment, which makes me a little worried the painting of flower petals and vines is too wishy washy

Anyway... its been awhile and no I have not yet given up on my dream of being an artist who exhibits in galleries... if only I could find a gallery who would want me and my artwork. (the problem is I like to jump from straight painting to drawing to adding leadlights to incorporating fashion to using old furniture.) My art focus is too inconsistent for most galleries... but thats just how my imagination jumps back and forth while the paint is drying. 

Anyway    !!!!! Peony Corset yay or nay
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Oct 14, 2016, 1:17:04 AM
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Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia's avatar
wow that's beautiful!!!
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Awww Thank you so much for thinking so! It's now been transformed into a dress.... But it's still looking pretty cool... I like the glowing rendering when the lights get turned off on this artwork :D
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Awww thank you so much 😊 makes me so happy that you like it because it means all that work was worth the time and crazy effort... especially when it came to making it glowinthedark too! so glad that parts over and now I can just post photos and sew the dress part... sprry I tend to ramble when happy and on my first break of the day yay!
Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia's avatar
no problem! that's really nice tho, did you ever think about going into fashion
designing or anything of the sort? and don't worry, I like talking too ^^
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i would love to go into design but unfortunately all the designs that inspire me are too complicated for mass production and take way more time than anyone would want to spend money on them. Im not the best at sewing so it takes me forever and the designs are never as amazing as I would imagine. Theres also the fact that no company would want to hire me as I work from inspiration and what pulls me at that moment... I also dont take someone bossing me around well lol. thats why I teach because I get to boss others around 😅

If I had all the money in the world I would pay someone to sew my artwork so that I can paint it and envision it for fashion shows or hollywood movies.... unfortunately Im dirt poor and thus struggling artist with two jobs and an invisible art career is a sad reality lol, 

ps currently at my drone retail job jence the super slow response and grammatical errors 😭
Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia's avatar
aww, I'm sad to hear that you can't do that :( I wish you the best of luck!
Michelle-Kowalczyk's avatar
☺Thats okay 😒One day i will have the money to do something amazing as that.... for now its okay as long as i can paint after work. 😆 It makes me happy 
But thank you xoxo
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