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Now I'm for three years on Deviantart. Unfortunatelly I never used it until April this year. Didn't even log in.

Lucky i finally did. ;-)

And THEN as soon as I did, I got totally amazed! :wow:
This community is incredible! So many inspiring and great artists! So many unknown and unseen pieces. Browsing Deviantart is like pure Candyness for eyes. Hope you enjoy this collection and give some favs and love to the artists. They really deserve it!
It's my first news feature, hope I did everything right!!! :blushes:

Oh, and i got my first DD on gold dust Gold dust by Michelle-Fennel :party:
I'm still totally overwhelmed, happy and surprised...: blush:
THANKS to :iconnaked-in-the-rain: Please check her out! incredible person - amazing photos!

So now: enjoy...

Traditional Art / Paintings:

MIZOU AND MIZA by LOULOUGSTP Hunting for fly agarics by Mar-ka shining Star by toinjoints white like snow by SybileArt Not thing by xnhan00 Seaweed by xnhan00 Blooming Flowers by leejun35 Garden Again PS by shirly90 Blossoming wood by Mar-ka Creepy and the Green Tea by Carhven


Eco Park IR by PeteLatham CoyoteLand by ColinHSillerud ROCK HEAVEN by EdwinMartinez Bass Harbor Head Light,Maine by Brettc the gate of sea 3 by 1poz Castle of Spirits by gummaid Taj by AshleyWatts-DA :thumb151023099: Scrabo Reflections R by Gerard1972 Imperial by Ashale
In my garden by Annie-Bertram Oni by igaboo winter warmth 2 by photoflake   dream..... by summer901 :thumb104473164:
.Music. by kinipelahh :thumb162717983: Pure and Green by Dredged :thumb157670635: Soulmates by ValentinaKallias
ugly beauty by MartinAmm :thumb166692642: :thumb165590449: U N D E R W A T E R by Healzo


:thumb117152898: girl at lakeside by phoenixlu :thumb159930481: Gloria by Vayne17 :thumb104092683:

I make Watchers journals - so here a few works of my watchers:

Lost In Colors by MarcoHeisler Lighting by junaidplaner :thumb165519630: Melting Away by Galanos-Orizontas :thumb162687377:

I make unseen artist journals - here a few unseen artists:

Black and White by Kiraan :thumb104118651: Cage by chuckometti Rin Kaenbyou,Touhou Project by peloli El Corazon by ColinHSillerud

Last but not least: a few works of amazing Pointgivers:
31 - flower. by Bucikah Wanna Piece of Me? by ThatOneNiko old hollywood by sbradleysmith :thumb164901072: The Village by Borruen Flower Hair Pins by CandyWeather :thumb149101030: :thumb166535321: :thumb150470333: kisses on the water by digitaltvirus
© 2010 - 2021 Michelle-Fennel
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ValentinaKallias's avatar
this is awesome ! Thank you so much for featuring me too !
desicloe's avatar
Thanks for the Feature! ^__^
Ashale's avatar
Hey mate, thx very much for the feature!!
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
glad you like it! you photos are incredible!
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
Borruen's avatar
thank you so much for the feature!!
it's really an honor !
congrats on the DD too =3
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
you are welcome =)
more to come...this is just the little teaser for your real feature ;-)
Borruen's avatar
omg I can't wait for that! x)
thank you very much again haha
THZ's avatar
Thanks for the feature! ;)
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
you ae very very welcome.
i soooooo heart your work! :tighthug:
ErinKerr's avatar
Wow...these are stunning!:love:
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
really happy you like it =)
gonna check out your page and favs..maybe i find something nice =)
ErinKerr's avatar

Waa...O//O Well, that's sweet of you. ^^ Dunno if you'd find anything nearly as good as the ones here though.
Galanos-Orizontas's avatar
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
you are so very very welcome!
DutchMacPhisto's avatar
Aaw wow what a beautiful selection! thank you so much for including my work :heart:
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
it's amazing work! totally deserved :hug:

(funny avatar by the way)
DutchMacPhisto's avatar
Thank you once again, and that avatar is me:P [link]
igaboo's avatar
yay! :) thanks for the feature!
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
you are very very very welcome :hug:

your works are so yummy
turbinedave's avatar
Michelle-Fennel's avatar
thanks =)
you may fav it ;-)
turbinedave's avatar
i faved this ages ago, maybe about a month maybe longer :-)remember its been in 2 features i have done now lol
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