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Hidden Place


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"But careful, careful
There lies my passion, hidden
There lies my love
I'll hide it under a blanket
Lull it to sleep

I'll keep it in a hidden place (...)"

Music: Björk "Hidden Place"

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I love this piece! I feel like I have been transported back into a time of masquerades and nomadic traveling. I feel like there is a story behind this lonely mask. Was it dropped by a member of a traveling theater group? Was there a masked hero, lost in an unfortunate sword fight? How long ago, how many sweltering suns cracked the ground beneath this mask? So many imaginative possibilities, so many emotions!

That said, I wonder if maybe the mask should have experienced more weather, had it been left some time ago, or some wear and tear if it had fallen in a battle. Or was it gently left there, a symbol of a shed identity? While this feels almost perfect, I wonder if maybe I'm missing something from the story.

Part of me wants to see more color in the background, but more of me likes it as is. The blues are just beautiful.
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first i wanna thank you for you sweet critique and taking your time. :hug:

instead of my personal story with this mask and how it happened that i took this photo, i tell you about what i see in this photo, what it means to me:

in general i like pieces, that make you feel, make you think, make you stop for a little while. that people can think about it on their own, find their story, their meaning in it, figure out if it makes them feel or wonder or simply not. since you already are my thoughts:

in this one i enjoy most the antagonism.
"hidden place", a mask which is mend to hide or cover something - out in the desert, on a cracked dust bottom - where you can't find anything to hide. far in the back you can see a few mountains but until there is simply nothing - not even a tree or a house. it's all open it's all there. what noone sees in this piece: for me the mountains almost seem like they are the eyes in this mask. closed eyes. (hiding)

and also the antagonism of the clean, filigran designed, quiet elegant mask out in the dusty, dirty sand, an enviroment where nothing can survive.

the main crack in the front gives me a feeling of danger, things that happen in life from which you can't hide. but even though smaller cracks reach you - most of the time the big cracks in life pass us. it's like meteors which didn't hit the earth.

short: for me this piece represents life. life in its basic form. people wear masks. Quote:
“Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid or something?"
"Oh no. It's just they're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”
The Princess Bride

(things i thought about changing - (in case of postprocessing) - the front crack is pretty dominant...i might wanna reduce the intensity a littly bit so it doesn't drawn all the attention from the mask.)

thank you again!
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Absolutely lovely, and captivating. Well done!

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An amazing concept and composition!
Favorite among faves!
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Awesome dude.
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very nice! I like the perspective.
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very expressive and meaningful!!
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fantastische fotos!
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michelle you have to be one of the finest photographers i know.
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Amazing picture!!!
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so pretty pic :heart:

oh! i have a mask like that, but its red though and a little different pattern :dummy:

where did you get yours? :P
I love masks, and this picture.
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Ooooo...I really like this piece. Very nicely done :)
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love the colours and the idea!
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pretty interesting shot, and the colors are just amazing :aww:
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:clap:Lovely dev - a fave of course :wave:
:iconflowerthnxplz:I will back be soon - faves I make from the getwatchers I later put into the relevant fave folders (makes doing my journal features easier) and visit with more time than that viewer gives you
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this is amazing :wow: such great detail, contrast, and tones :nod: and the lighting is spot on.
very well done :clap:
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Love the colors and texture :heart:
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What an amazing photograph! I absolutely love the setting you picked out. It really complements the mask and lets it stand out. Also, the use of the blur to make a circle of light around the mask really grabs my attention. Amazing work here :)
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thats interesing, is it a mask of venize?
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i love the simplicity

nice work
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Always loved the texture of dry lake beds. Great image.
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