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no no no - don'T be sorry and please don't get me wrong. i'm very happy about critique and i appreciate yours. and as i replied and agreed already the first time i also thought about how to make the framing better by adding a bow ;-)

not exactely - that's just a part i really enjoy about this picture - that it looks like snow white and everyone feels reminded of childhood and fairytales - but it's not supposed to be snow white in the beginning. it's september of my calendar :-) if i would have taken that photo with another girl, noone would be reminded of snow white - and i think it's just a beautiful add to the photo itself. - like i said, i wanna make people feel and think when they look at my photos rather than anything else.

so originality is for me the concept how i shot, not that a girl is in the photo or that she is holding an apple. that's why i was a little shocked when you said it's not original. that a girl and an apple is not original i totally agree. - in that case i would say - i pretty much never see original photos, because pretty much every subject been shot a billion times.

i do thank you for your honest and direct critique :heart:
September - Calendar
but it isn't a parody, neither supposed to be snow white. it's for the calendar and because it is september she has the apple (like the march girl has snow drops and the may girl cherry blossoms). it looked a lot like snow white (because of her), not because it was supposed to look like snow white. since she already reminded of snow white i didn't wanna change it. so - the idea is not: be snow white. ok - maybe the idea of showing september with an apple is not that original either.

oh! so you are saying actually it doesn't look professional, you just ment the eqipment i used seems professional. so it looks unprofessional?

moving the framing (/camera) to the left would make the space on the right smaller - and wouldn't leave a huge empty space (on the right). - plus my version with three bows changes that too, because it makes a framing, the one bow doesn't seem lost and then the right upper corner has some "life" too.

yes i do enjoy and like it. it's and amazing photo - and obviously it won a couple of "best photo of may". i'm not sure if a photo can achieve that if it's really that unoriginal, unprofessional and bad executed. the way you are writing, i guess you don't like it at all. mh - that's probably personal preference, i guess.
September - Calendar
thank you so much for that critique :tighthug:

what i really liked - you mentioning the "more professional photo" - since i bought my first slr last year, started to lern photoshop in december (by books and internet, and experimenting) - so i guess that's quiet some improving =)

hui - you think it lacks in originalty!? - how so? have you ever seen a photo taken like this? the concept is in my opinion the best thing about the photo.

the blue hair - it increases the feeling of snow white what i find really appealing. i don't wanna change it.

the bow is not in focus because it doesn't need to be. (that's just how the lens works - i can'T set the eye on focus and the bow) it's a nice little playfull deatil add in a photo which is a little dark and a little alluring.

for my personal opinion - i think, the photo might would have been a little bit nicer, if i would have moved the framing a little to the left. i agree with you here - and i actually thought about adding one bow in the right upper corner of her hair next to her face. but - they are photographs and no photomanips so i'm not sure if i should do it or leave it as it is.

i think your critique is good and fair - but what i don't like is your checked lack in originality - that's not fair in my point of view. at least i haven'T seen photographs like those. - maybe i'm wrong?
September - Calendar
thank you for your critique.

as i already replied you to your personal message - i appreciate the thoughts you put into this.

i'm new to the world of fashion photography (just started this spring with it) and this was my very first lingerie photoshoot - so i can't speak of much experience.

first of all: the color of the lingerie hasn't been changed. it's the true color.

second: i chose this color for the editing because i found it simply perfect for the mood, atmosphere and feeling i wanted to create. i wanted it to be warm and soft. almost vintage but softer and not as edgy as many vintage photos appear like. i wanted it to have a warm inviting bordeaux color - this is how it also got its titel and thought it would be very charming. i don't understand what is wrong about that light so as you offered it to me - yes, you may sent me an image the way as you would color correct it. i would be curious to know what you meant. maybe you have even an more appealing vision of the editing.

thank you again for taking the time and all the thoughts you put into. i really love if i can get some advices since i'm fairly new and definitely have much to learn. especially in case of editing, but i also believe in other ways....