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Okay, so I'm starting something new on Friday--which means I've been nervous since last week =3. 

I will be going live on facebook starting this Friday and starting a "show" to discuss books and writing and such. The name of it is Book Chat and it'll start June 1, 2018 at 5:30pm EST. After that, I'll go live every other Friday at the same time. To join in come to my facebook author page:

So if you ever wanted to see or hear what I sound like--and talk about books--stop on by. I want it to be an interactive experience so come ready to chat.

See you there.

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Dogs of War Vol. 2, the anthology my story, "My Brother's Shadow" was included in, is available on amazon now. My story is about Cortraire at the beginning of his military career who is being overshadowed by Marviot and how he comes out of his brother's shadow. It also explains why he and Annais are so lovey-dovey all the time and why he goes by his first name in the military rather than his last.

The entire anthology explores how anthro characters change war so it's all about military characters. I have no idea how appropriate the other stories are, but you know what my stories are like. Disclaimer, there is a wee bit of language ("hell") in mine. Again, I don't know how appropriate the other stories are.


PS: Here's the link:…
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Just a reminder, the re-release of Silver Foxes is available for free this week--the 12-16! Get it here:…

Pick up your copy, and tell everyone to pick up theirs!

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**UPDATE: The Silver Foxes re-release will be available for free March 12-16, 2018 (It's a Monday-Friday). Please download your copy during those dates and tell everyone about it!**

Hey all

You may have noticed that I temporarily removed some GN pages and some of the Silver Foxes story from my gallery. That is because I decided to enroll the re-release of Silver Foxes into KDP Select. And for that, I have to give Amazon exclusive rights to distribute the digital version of the book. It also means I won't be uploading any more pages until after I take it out. I plan to remove it after 90 days at which time I'll restore the pages and stories to my gallery. But why would I do such a thing?

One of the main reasons is because I can offer the book for free! That's right, you all can get the re-released Kindle version for free after I set it all up. I'll let you know when. 

I would like as many people as possible to be introduced into the Silver Foxes world, so when I announce the free days, please let everyone know about it. It's a free book--who wouldn't like that?

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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I started an instagram for my silver foxes sketches. It's a place for those sketches that I like but don't want to upload in a formal fashion here. For example, I posted two sketches for a short story idea that I'm trying to come up with.

So if you want to join me it's:…

Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

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Sorry, guys. It came to my attention that the one of the links (the one to the character interviews) was incorrect. So I fixed it. =)

***IT'S HERE!!! It's my release day! EEEE!

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon Cover by Michelay

You can get it here:…


Feb. 20, 2018
I've been referring to that date for a while now, so you should all know what's so significant about it. That's this Tuesday. And it's my release date.


My book will be appearing on different blogs that week to celebrate. So if you want more information, reviews, and such please check out these blogs:
Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
Character interview on:

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
Reviews on:

Blog Stops on:

I hope you will stop by. Only 1 more day to go!

-*heart* M.R. Anglin
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It's coming!

In one week, my book will release. To celebrate, here's a teaser:

So excited! Feel free to share it with anyone you think would be interested!

Trailer done by Videos by O . Love it!

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UPDATE #1: Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon

Only 4 weeks until my new book releases!

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon Cover by Michelay

Feb. 20, 2018! EEEk! So excited! Pre-orders are available on amazon:… . And it's a part of Kindle Select, so Kindle Unlimited users get it free!

This week I plan to put up a preview of the book on my website, so check on Friday to see that. Also, I'm thinking of starting some vlogs that will go into more of the world-building, backstory, and what I'm up to in writing. Not sure about that one yet though.

BTW: I have some--but not many--ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) available, so let me know if you want one. However, if you get one, you must promise to write a review when you are finished (that's what they're for). The review doesn't have to be positive; it just has to be honest.  

UPDATE #2: Silver Foxes Books

This year my plan is to release two Silver Foxes books. One is a re-release of the original book. I want to get that one out in May. The other will be book #7 in the series, Six Weeks. Don't have a timeline on that one, though.

UPDATE #3: Silver Foxes Comic

I've been back home for a few weeks now, but I've hit a snag with the comic. I was writing and drawing at the same time, but now I find that my revisions are going to start messing up the comic if I continue drawing. So I'm pausing drawing new pages until I finish the story. 

Not to worry, though. I did get some pages drawn while I was away, and they should be unaffected by the revisions. So I'll start inking them this week and get right back to updating them possibly next week. So look out for that.

Thus ends my updates. Thanks for all your support.

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and a happy new year.

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So here is the cover to my upcoming book.

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon Cover by Michelay

It's coming Feb. 20, 2018! Look out for it!

*so excited!*

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Hello, all!

I told you all about the anthology my story is included in. Well, Extinct? releases today! And you can get 25% off when you buy it from smashwords by using the coupon code: FW94X .

Here's the link to the book on smashwords:…

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Hey, guys.

Here's some news for you all! One of my short stories (not Silver Foxes related) is appearing in the anthology, Extinct?. Extinct? is a series of short stories that explores what would happen if dinosaurs and other ancient beasts never went extinct. My story, "One More Bad Decision," tells the tale of a guy who saves a baby dinosaur from a corrupt facility. It was super fun to write.

The anthology releases next Friday (11/17/17), but pre-orders are available. Get it here:

And please get in the habit of leaving a review on books you buy. Not just mine, but any book. Doesn't have to be positive, just honest. Reviews help authors more than you know.

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Feb. 20, 2018!

What's happening on that date?

My newest book, Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon will be releasing on that day! WHOO!

The book is being published by Clean Reads Publishing, and they have been phenomenal to me and my book. 

Anyway, more soon. Please visit my gallery here:… to see what I've uploaded on it so far. I'm super excited. It's not often you see a pair of black protagonists in a YA fantasy novel, so I'm excited to bring them to you.

I will try to post proper profiles and such in the future, but without a scanner it may be tough (I'm going out of town soon and won't have access to one). Please pray that my business out of town will conclude quickly so I can get back to sharing more with you. I'm also planning a few crafty projects to celebrate the release, so please stay tuned.

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*** UPDATE ***

I'm fine. Got through Irma okay, and I'm all good. Will be heading out of town next week, so . . . BYE!!!


Silver Foxes Graphic Novel is On Hiatus

So . . . I'm going to be putting the comic on hiatus for a bit. The reason? I am going to go out of town for a while. While out of town, I won't have access to my inking supplies or my scanner. But I do plan to keep working on the comic while I'm away. I won't be back till about New Year . . . so the comic will likely be on hiatus until then.

Hurricane Irma

Before I leave, I have to deal with Hurricane Irma. I'm not worried--I am prepped and ready to go--but I do want your prayers. It's a powerful storm so please pray for safety for people and property. I expect to lose power, so I may not be on for a while after about Sunday or so.

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon</i>

Now for some good news. I got the galleys for my upcoming book, Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. Galleys are basically the interior of the book, complete with formatting. I have to read it for typos and such and turn it in. After that, I will get a release date! YAY! This is the last time I will be able to change anything, so please pray that I find any typos and things. 

Thanks guys!

See you later, God willing!

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I am beyond excited for the eclipse today! Not only have I always wanted to see a total eclipse (alas, I am not in the area of totality, but I will get to see a partial one) but my upcoming book Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon features a solar eclipse as a plot point. It's too good a chance to pass up, so I'm going to be sharing my experience with the eclipse on my blog and maybe share an excerpt of the book. I don't have a release date yet, but I hope to be able to announce that soon. 

I've also been up to quite a bit in my down time. I've been crocheting up a massive project that I may post here. And I've been working on a book for my mom's church. Plus, a short story of mine is going to appear in the upcoming anthology Extinct! I can't wait to give you all the details.

Until later,

Hey, ya'll

Last week was really exciting for me.

1. I transferred my website to a new host. That was an interesting experience. In any case, it means my website has a new look. Go check it out:

2. Gods with Fur, the anthology that includes my SF short story "On the Road from Isofell" won the Coyotl Award for best anthology! Whoo!

3. A publisher has agreed to publish my manuscript, Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. YAY! I signed the contract on Wednesday and am in the pre-editing stages right now. I'll give more information as time goes on! I'm so excited about that!

4. I finished inking Chapter 3 of the Silver Foxes Graphic novel. On to writing Chapter 4!

So yeah. Big week!

First of all, thank you for the kind reception you gave the SF Graphic Novel. I really appreciate the support you've given me on this endeavor.

I started this project scared to death, but now I feel so much more confident. I've already written and am penciling Chapter 2 which is where things start going a little differently from the book. I can't wait to show you.

But enough noodling. The reason for this journal is to remind you that Celebrity Dish is out now! You can find it on my amazon page.



PS It just occurred to me that I never did upload a preview like I did other stories. Look for that tomorrow, God willing.
My plan is to start uploading the Silver Foxes Vol. 1 graphic novel I've been working on starting tomorrow (Monday). 

(Background Information--skip to last chapter for update schedule)
I've totally revamped the story--it's vastly different from the original--but the main plot stays the same. For example, you'll see how Celeste escapes from Terrance Claybourne in the second chapter, something I didn't show in the original.

(SPOILERS in this paragraph)
I'm revising the prose version as I do this, so by the time I'm done, I may release the prose version as an updated novel. But seeing as though I expect this to take a year or so to finish, don't look for it any time soon. And because this is a project that will take so long, I've split it into three parts. Part 1 deals with Xena as a kid and how Celeste meets Max. Part 2 deals with Xena getting kidnapped, and part 3 deals with J.R. getting her back. 

I plan to keep updating every Monday and Thursday while working on more pages behind the scenes. Hopefully, I'll get through part 1 before having to take a break due to lack of buffer pages.

Hope you enjoy it when it comes.


So I made the Celebrity Dish e book available for pre-order. If you order it now, it will be delivered on April 7 (at least, I think that's how it works).

Anyway, if you order, please leave a review online (good or bad) after you read it.