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A True Hero

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Silver Fox Art

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Monster in My Yard 1


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Christmas in Space


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Pixel Art

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Gift Art

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A True Hero Preview

CHAPTER 1 High above the barren landscape of the Alferdale Desert, a Super Hero named Starlight, faced off against a foe clad in green and white. A shaky camera zoomed in on her. Her midnight blue, skintight bodysuit contrasted nicely with her golden belt, mask, and hand cuffs, and her platinum blue hair billowed out behind her. The Villain, in contrast, spurted black smoke from the jet pack holding him aloft, though his hands radiated some sort of glowing, neon green power. “I’m obligated to warn you.” Starlight let her fingers curl into fists. “If you do not surrender, I will have to physically harm you.” The Villain threw his head back in laughter. “Haven’t you been trying with those paltry attempts at attacks thus far?” “I’ve been trying to get you out of town.” Starlight smirked at him. “No collateral damage on my watch.” Her fists ignited with a dark purple—almost black aura. The Villain’s smile faded as he glanced around him. He probably hadn’t


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Celebrity Dish Preview

CHAPTER 1     Jessica’s new hit song, “Pay Attention to Me,” blared from a radio sitting on a shelf in a restaurant on the Boardwalk.     Xena had never related to a song more.     The teenage vixen sat on a wooden bench outside the eatery. She was supposed to be on a date with her boyfriend, a fox named Hunter; but instead he sat beside her with one foot on the bench, amber eyes glued to his laptop computer screen and his portable, palm-sized printer sitting beside him. Out of the printer came long strips of narrow paper that looked like credit card receipts.     Xena crossed her arms and glared at him. His long, sa

Silver Fox Writing

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Silver Fox misc.

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Lucas, Guardian of Truth cover

Lucas, Guardian of Truth

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Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon

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Amaela's Quest Book 1 c. 10-12

Chapter 10     Kiin Valley would be better described as a bustling town than a valley.  Amaela didn't even know why they called it a valley.  The mountains were pretty far away, but the ground did slope down from the forest before leveling out, and the town sat at the bottom of the slope.  A river flowed at one end of the town, and the buildings were clustered together.  Animals of all kinds rushed up and down the streets.     Amaela stood on the edge of the forest, looking down at the town.  "So this is Kiin Valley, huh?"     Virin nodded.  "It's one of the most important trading towns on this side of the Mouse Kingdom.  The river allo

Amaela's Quest

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Desimone and Sevrin

Dragon's Wish

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Water Borne

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Heart Quilt


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I love daffodils

Nightling Princess of Daelics

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SF GN 185

Silver Foxes Graphic Novel

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Story #1: Null Dragon

     Thatch peeked out from between the leaves of a bush growing on the bank of the dragon’s Nursery Lake. Through the spaces in the foliage he glimpsed three yearling dragons laying out in the sun on the shore of the water. One, a yellowish colored Mountain Dragon, camped next to a smoky grayish blue Frost Dragon. They were roughly the same size, though the Frost Dragon had fur like scales growing in over his feet and down his back. The third was also a Mountain Dragon, though he was twice the size of the other two. He had reddish-brown scales and spines starting to grow in down his back and tail. As Thatch watched, a fourth dragon, th

Life of a Dragon

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